Time for a new post:)   So….as it is vacation and the holidays and such, I have been spending lots of PRECIOUS time with my family; specifically, the three LOVES of my life Alexandra, Anna, and Luke, my sister’s “angelic” children.  This is of course until I have my own children to shower with my my love and affection. 

So… appropriately, I was going to write a nice post about our holiday adventures- which were very fun!  We went to the New England Aquarium in Boston, MA, brought them ice skating for their first times ever, had frozen yogurt at one of my favorite places, TCBY…and it would SURELY have been a good read,


I couldn’t stop thinking about Bridesmaids. 

Not in a creepy way! 

As much as I have loved all of my fellow women in crime over the years of weddings that I have been in, I am talking about the recent motion picture written by SNL cast members Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumulo.  It has changed my life. 

I wish I was lying. 

I can’t go through a day without at least ONE reference or thought of love about the movie.  Luckily, I was surrounded this week by people who have also developed a similar obsession- my awesome mother (you’re welcome Mom) and my older sister.  (There is my talk of family…now I feel better….:) 

My sister has a similar passion for remembering and reenacting, ad naseum… funny scenes from funny movies, (a la Napolean Dyamite…I will never forget her Napolean impressions) and she did not disappoint.  Going back and forth with her was one of my favorite parts of vacation.  I probably can’t say that for whoever happened to be around and had to listen, but its really all about me anyway, so…..

that takes care of that problem!

Well, its getting late, you all should probably go- but I’m going to miss you so much!!

(If you know immediately what part of the movie that is from, I love you and think we should be friends.  Call me!)

I really will miss you…but make sure you are “ready to PAR-TYYYY” (also from the movie…can you remember which part???) for New Years Eve tonight!!  Bring in the New Year right, whatever that means for you- family, friends, pets, TV, Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper watching the ball drop -I do love me some Kathy Griffin!  Whatever it may be, enjoy:)

And do yourself a favor- don’t make any resolutions, you’ll just break them.  Not to be negative or anything.  Unless they include a) being a funnier, better, more entertaining person, or b) sending a really cool girl who writes a Goodwill and life blog a present once a week.  Then by all means, please make and keep them.  In a fashionable manner.

Happy 2012!



Kerrigan in Training

Who of you did not want to be Nancy Kerrigan when you were 8 years old?  (Or whatever your respective age was when she was popular).  If you are a female, or a gay male, don’t lie, you know what I am talking about. 🙂 

Today brought me back to that time in my life, while skating blissfully at a rink with a couple of friends. 

A couple fast runs around the rink and….. 

Well, you get the gist.  I would put up a picture of myself as well…but that would really be a little redundant….

Ok. Just because you asked. 

I told you, redundant…

What’s that?  Oh, why am I not floating gracefully across the ice?  Well, I had just come down from a triple axle, it’s not my fault my friend’s camera wasn’t fast enough. :-/ 

I also left time for the fans…

I know, talented AND nice.  It’s tough being me.  :=) 

Ok, maybe those are my friends that I went skating with.  And maybe I am not Nancy Kerrigan.  A girl can dream.

However, these two do look pretty close here…

Perfect 10’s:)

What can I say, I have talented and nice friends.  I am a lucky girl. 

Ok, I guess I should make a Goodwill mention.  In the midst of all this skating fun and fantasy, Goodwill played a key part in keeping my hands warm!  Unfortunately, I do not at the moment have a picture where they make an appearance.

But lucky for you, I can describe them!  They are grey wool gloves.

Wow, that wasn’t hard. 

 I guess I can go further.  They were new from Target, because, in case you didn’t know, Goodwill will buy Target’s unsold inventory by the truckload, and resell it at their stores.  So a lot of times, you can get great Target merchandise and clothing at a great discount. 

In this case, it was a pair of Merona wool gloves for 1.99.  And they made my ice skating a MUCH more pleasant experience.  I know this because I experienced both, and skating with gloves was much more enjoyable.  This was due to the fact that my hands did not freeze.  I could therefore skate to my heart’s content.

And I did.

Now go strap on a pair of skates and let out your inner Kerrigan!!

Q:  What sports star did you want to be growing up?  Anyone’s dream come true?

It was the day after Christmas….

and all through the house, the creatures were stirring, to go to Goodwill? 

Haha, ok, maybe not, but I was!  I had been in CT almost five days now, and had only hit up one of the two  Goodwill’s in my home area. 

The first Goodwill that I had made it to is the one in my hometown.  It is a ‘Boutique’, because apparently a regular old Goodwill is not allowed in ‘wealthy town’, CT, so they slap the boutique label on it and call it a day!  This is the Goodwill where we brought my niece, and where my mom and stepdad more regularly go.  The second one is a town or two over, under 15 minutes away, and where I have made some good purchases in the past…

My favorite of these purchases was  a free-standing oval ‘easil’ mirror, I’m not sure of the technical name, several years ago.  I got this mirror for a STEAL at $10!  And all it needed was a paint job.  Fortunately, telling me to paint a piece of furniture is like, well…telling some one to do something that they really enjoy doing…ok, I’m not so good with the analogies:)  So I ended up with a beautiful glossy black free-standing mirror to go in my black and white room at the time, for under $20.  Money in my pocket! 


So off I go, quite tired and thirsty from my 5 mile run that morning (oh, did I not mention I am a runner?  Remember what I was saying about my seeming perfection…see picture taken from below in past blog….you’re welcome.  Now you can continue reading.  I’m currently debating my next half-marathon in Miami in January…any opinions?  I really need to remember to drink more water after my runs… ) Anyway, I drive up to the Goodwill and see THIS sign:

As my 4 year old niece would say, ‘What!?’ 

Is it Christmas or something?  (And do you notice the heavenly light shining down from the right?)  Now, in case you can’t read…and just because I like to reiterate a wonderful thing, that sign says,


Not “stuff that was brought in that no one in their right mind would take home to any house worth living in”…

Not “stuff that was made by my five-year old daughter that we didn’t even want to keep despite loving her more than anything in the world”…

and not “stuff my dog chewed a hole in so I can’t wear it but I thought some lesser person might be able to do without an armpit covering”…



Good stuff, good price, Goodwill indeeed.  I think I shall shop here.

Now if ONLY I didn’t have to fit whatever I bought into my suitcase to take back to Nashville, which we know is already 6 pounds away from being over the limit, I could quite possible have been at risk of being TOO happy.  (And yes, you can just pay if you go over the weight limit, but if you haven’t caught on yet, overpaying for anything is NOT the likes of something I am akin to doing…)  So, I would have to limit my Goodwill shopping craziness for the day.  Not a horrible thing to do every ONCE in a while….I did still find a few things…


I made three half-off purchases on this Goodwill trip, for a total of $11.17 US dollars.  Two of them were for family members, and one vintage 80’s top for me to wear and to hopefully sell on my etsy site, vintage4lf (sans shoulder pads…no one needs that ridiculousness)

# Uno- Black Patent Leather Paris Blues Flats, $3

Beautiful, right?  Unfortunately, they are a size 9.  I fall short at size 7.  No bueno.  But my mind will not let this great deal go.  Who do I know that could wear these?? Ding, ding!  My mother and my sister are both a size 9.  Surely these will fit one of them, and they can proudly walk around in these wonderful pointy toe black flats, a steal at $3.  Mission dress someone cheaply accomplished. 

#Dos- Lucky Brand Designer Bootcut Jeans- $4.99

These are great jeans, by a great brand- Lucky, and as I am tooootally a Lucky Brand girl, I was so excited to find them!  Not so excited however at the size 28 on the tag. 😦  I just miss the mark at being a 29/30.  Maybe I’ll run a little more in the next few days….

OR, maybe I could give them to my sister, who ALREADY runs more and is ALREADY a size 28:) (check out her running blog at Ding ding!  My sister is definitely benefiting today from Goodwill-aholic-ism. 

Unfortunately, she is also quite tall at 5′ 9/5’10, and these ended up being too short.  Oh well, maybe they will end up being my motivation to lose that last 10 pounds….

Unlikely:)  I like desserts waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much! =:-o

Chocolate Bread Pudding from Southend Brewery in Charleston, SC.  One of the many desserts that have met their match with me in recent history. 

#Tres- Vintage 80’s cropped top/blazer- $2.99

Not sure yet where I will wear this.  But I love all of the colors, and the fact that it is vintage.  So cute!  And it is a steal at 2.99. 

That wraps it up for today…or yesterday since I am publishing this a day late, my apologies:)

Now go get out there and support your local Goodwill, and your local shopping habit!

Peace and Love,


Q: What great gifts have you found at Goodwill for family members/friends that they were so excited about?

Some Christmas Necklaces

Christmas is coming to an end.  And I hope you all agree, this does not mean the spirit of Goodwill, cheer and generosity needs to end as well:)  So now that I have done a little soap box preaching, lets talk about fashion!

I thought it appropriate to share three of my FAVORITE Goodwill necklace finds, as they happen to be RED, GREEN, and GOLD in color.

The 3 stranded red beauty- $2.99


I fell in love with this necklace as soon as I saw it last May of 2010.  I have cared for it lovingly ever since, and hope to for many years to come.  One of my favorite things about this necklace is that if you latch it as it is supposed to be latched, it is a short necklace.  But I found you can also have some fun with it, and not latch it and make it into a longer necklace but putting one of the strands behind your neck, and letting the other two just hang in front.


Charming Green pendant leaf necklace- $5.99

This green beauty has been in my posession almost as long as, but not quite, the red one.  As if the beautiful green stone weren’t enough, the whimsical little leaf falling over it definitely is!  It was love at first sight as well.  This seems to happen with me and necklaces fairly often.  If only it were as easy with men.

I have mostly worn this necklace with black tops to give it a nice pop of color on my neck area.  Here are a few examples:

You have to enlargen it to see it well…if you can get by the mustacheod facades.

This picture is also a good example of the fact that my friends and I like to sometimes pretend to have mustaches.  This is because it makes us laugh.  Whether it should or not is perhaps debatable. 


And this is a good example of the fact that I like to hang out with people who wear black a lot….NOT!  Actually, I work at a restaurant, and we are all required to wear black.  In general, I tend to dislike wearing the color, hence the pop of green!

And last,  but CERTAINLY not leastly- the necklace of a golden hue- $2.99

Need I say- love, love, LOVE at first sight! 

Again, this has the whimsical leaves hanging around the locket type pendant.  Unfortunately it does not open as I would have hoped, but it still inspires that vintage feel of the past that I love and crave so much in my fashion and clothing. 

Who doesn’t love a good long locket necklace?  Especially for under $5.


With those little tid bits of Goodwill treasures, I leave you on Christmas day.  I hope all your days were filled with as much cheer and family and/or friends as mine.  And remember in the new year, any item you buy or donate to Goodwill helps a disabled person get a job and find work that may not be able to otherwise.


Have a blessed night!



A Pre-Christmas Dinner Get Together

This year, as my brother was scheduled to work on Christmas day in the ER where he is Physician’s Assistant, we decided to go out for dinner a couple nights beforehand instead so that I could see him while I was in town.  His wife Liz, and my older sister and her husband joined as well, and for our location we chose a new rooftop restauarant that just opened in my hometown.  First we tried the enclosed rooftop area, but it proved to be too loud and filled with bar guests, so we moved inside to where it was much quieter and conducive to conversation and where they luckily they had an open table.  There was no rooftop view, but we could hear ourselves talk and think.

What does this have to do with Goodwill?? you may ask.  Well, plenty.  Goodwill in fact, saved the evening.  Ok, maybe just my outfit.  But introduce me to a girl that would not equate a saved outfit with a saved evening, and I will not shop at Goodwill for a week.  I’m saying that would never happen:) 

So, back to the need for outfit saving.  In packing for Connecticut for ten days, I was bound to forget something.  The first item I realized I forgot (and I am only two days in, so I’m sure there are more to come…) (see Addendum A) was my favorite skinny leapord print belt that would pull my dinner outfit together.  What to do??  Surely not sacrifice a great outfit, and surely not spend close to $20 or more on a replacement belt!  Even at a discount store like T.J. Maxx it would be at least 12.99….

In steps my mother. 

“Go to Goodwill”, she says.  Now, my mother said this, but I assure you the thought would not have been far behind in my own head.  So down Main Street I drive, and into Goodwill I go (walking at this point, the driving did stop in the parking lot.  I get  excited, but I do still remember to park :-).  Straight to the belt rack I go, and am very satisfied to see the $3 sign I above it.  A perfect price point in my opinion.

After a mere five minutes of sorting throught them, I find two promising prospects (and one that had absolutly nothing to do with the outfit at hand, but was still very cute.  However I decided to pass on spending the extra $3- that’s one beer! as my friend Amy would say.  Wise words).  Both were skinny belts, one fake red leather, and one black with gold rimmed circles cut out along the length.  Neither would completely replace the forgotten belt, but at $3, I was able to buy both, have options and a red belt for some future outfit that would surely be in need.  

Here are the pictures you have been waiting for: 

One superb model

Skinny Red Belt - $3

And to answer your question, yes, I really am always this beautiful.  Ask my mother:)

Black Studded belt- $3

The black one ended up winning out, so that I could coordinatingly wear my favorite new mauve tank top underneath. 

I realize that taking a picture from beneath is not the most attractive angle.  You’d have to ask my sister why she did this.  I love her, but I do doubt her love for me sometimes.  Just kidding =:0   I’m pretty sure she was just trying to get the best angle for the belt, but that doesn’t sound quite as dramatic.  And anyway, the picture also works because in the future you may begin to think of me as perfect, and this picture will be here as a reminder that although seemingly true, I am not in fact perfect.  Just almost. 

In case you were wondering, the dinner was a smashing success, as I’m not sure it would have been if my wrap cardigan had sat there flapping in the wind the entire time.  The indian spiced sweet potato tots were my favorite appetizer, and my for my entree I chose a wonderful teriyaki salmon with roasted brusselsprouts (yes, I do in fact LIKE brusselsprouts!! And I was never even force fed them as a child) and asparagus as my meal.  It was finished off with bread pudding, one of my all time favorite desserts (it may be a fact that I say this about all desserts- but is that really a lie???), complements of the owner, who I happened to go to highschool, middle school and elementary school with. 

That wraps it up for the night.  Again, I hope you all have a Merry and Bright Christmas day, filled with family, food, fashion and cheer….and, of course, Goodwill. 

Yours always,  Jaime

Addendum A:

Socks.  I forgot socks.  Average temp while I’m here you ask?  30-40 degrees.  Socks may have been a smart addition to my 43.5 pound suitcase.  (46.2 pounds according to Ben who carried it, but who’s really counting).  I think I owe him a beer because he guessed so close.  

Q: What is something you without fail ALWAYS forget to bring on vacation??

A: Toothbrush, which I remembered this time!! 

What about you?

Passing the Goodwill Spirit On….

Nothing excites me more than passing my passion for shopping at Goodwill on to the next generation.  This includes, but is surely not limited to, my oldest niece at five years of age, Alexandra Grace Edwards.  Luckily, in my absence, as I live in Nashville, TN, my mother makes good headway; taking her on regular trips.  On my first day back for Christmas vacation, we didn’t waste any time, bringing her there immediately. 
Alexandra did me proud.   “Lift me Jaime, lift me!” she shouted, pleading with me to empty my hands of the goods she had already trustingly placed in my hands in order to help her find treasures that may be waiting just out of her diminutive reach.   It was my pleasure.  As if it wasn’t a good enought Christmas present to watch her pick up item after item like it may contain some secret pleasure that until that moment she wasn’t aware she couldn’t live without, seeing her push her limits to find these treasures surely was. 

Despite her need for me to be her constant personal shopping aide, I was able to escape her clutching hands long enough to find some gems of my own.  Like her, I dont know how I lived up to this day without them.   Here are some of mine, and her, treasures for your viewing pleasure.   I hope you can appreciate them as much as I.

 Belong on my two feet

I think Monet would be proud

Nine West Vintage Style Pumps- $7.99. 

Words can’t express my elation as I turned these heavenly shoes over and saw that lovely number 7 on the bottom, immediately making me Cinderella and these shoes my prince charming.  They left the store with me for a mere 7.99, and adorned my feet that evening for a lovely evening of chatting, eating and drinking with my sisters, mother and sister in law.  A wonderful start to any Christmas vacation.  And a beatiful red at that:)

Hat and Scarf Set for a little girl – $5
Alexandra knew when she saw this set (scarf included also, but not in the picture) that it was meant for her.  Her selling point was the mittens.  The top above the fingers flips on and off so she can use her fingers.  This is something I now know that  five year old finds quite valuable. 
Merry Merry Christmas everyone!  May your season be FILLED with Goodwill and Cheer!

Blog Purpose!

Hi Everyone!  I’m so excited to be here and be starting this blog, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I will.  So I am 27 year old girl who loves to shop at Goodwill!  And other thrift stores, really.  I have grown up shopping there with my mom, for money reasons (we had five kids in my family), and, as I got older, just for fun and for the thrill of the hunt, never knowing what treasure you may find next.

This blog is to show those treasures that I find to the world, and hopefully inspire a few more to shop/live the Goodwill lifestyle!