Passing the Goodwill Spirit On….

Nothing excites me more than passing my passion for shopping at Goodwill on to the next generation.  This includes, but is surely not limited to, my oldest niece at five years of age, Alexandra Grace Edwards.  Luckily, in my absence, as I live in Nashville, TN, my mother makes good headway; taking her on regular trips.  On my first day back for Christmas vacation, we didn’t waste any time, bringing her there immediately. 
Alexandra did me proud.   “Lift me Jaime, lift me!” she shouted, pleading with me to empty my hands of the goods she had already trustingly placed in my hands in order to help her find treasures that may be waiting just out of her diminutive reach.   It was my pleasure.  As if it wasn’t a good enought Christmas present to watch her pick up item after item like it may contain some secret pleasure that until that moment she wasn’t aware she couldn’t live without, seeing her push her limits to find these treasures surely was. 

Despite her need for me to be her constant personal shopping aide, I was able to escape her clutching hands long enough to find some gems of my own.  Like her, I dont know how I lived up to this day without them.   Here are some of mine, and her, treasures for your viewing pleasure.   I hope you can appreciate them as much as I.

 Belong on my two feet

I think Monet would be proud

Nine West Vintage Style Pumps- $7.99. 

Words can’t express my elation as I turned these heavenly shoes over and saw that lovely number 7 on the bottom, immediately making me Cinderella and these shoes my prince charming.  They left the store with me for a mere 7.99, and adorned my feet that evening for a lovely evening of chatting, eating and drinking with my sisters, mother and sister in law.  A wonderful start to any Christmas vacation.  And a beatiful red at that:)

Hat and Scarf Set for a little girl – $5
Alexandra knew when she saw this set (scarf included also, but not in the picture) that it was meant for her.  Her selling point was the mittens.  The top above the fingers flips on and off so she can use her fingers.  This is something I now know that  five year old finds quite valuable. 
Merry Merry Christmas everyone!  May your season be FILLED with Goodwill and Cheer!

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  1. deborah lane
    Dec 23, 2011 @ 14:21:26

    I loooove this blog!!!!!! definitely will be following…..


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