It was the day after Christmas….

and all through the house, the creatures were stirring, to go to Goodwill? 

Haha, ok, maybe not, but I was!  I had been in CT almost five days now, and had only hit up one of the two  Goodwill’s in my home area. 

The first Goodwill that I had made it to is the one in my hometown.  It is a ‘Boutique’, because apparently a regular old Goodwill is not allowed in ‘wealthy town’, CT, so they slap the boutique label on it and call it a day!  This is the Goodwill where we brought my niece, and where my mom and stepdad more regularly go.  The second one is a town or two over, under 15 minutes away, and where I have made some good purchases in the past…

My favorite of these purchases was  a free-standing oval ‘easil’ mirror, I’m not sure of the technical name, several years ago.  I got this mirror for a STEAL at $10!  And all it needed was a paint job.  Fortunately, telling me to paint a piece of furniture is like, well…telling some one to do something that they really enjoy doing…ok, I’m not so good with the analogies:)  So I ended up with a beautiful glossy black free-standing mirror to go in my black and white room at the time, for under $20.  Money in my pocket! 


So off I go, quite tired and thirsty from my 5 mile run that morning (oh, did I not mention I am a runner?  Remember what I was saying about my seeming perfection…see picture taken from below in past blog….you’re welcome.  Now you can continue reading.  I’m currently debating my next half-marathon in Miami in January…any opinions?  I really need to remember to drink more water after my runs… ) Anyway, I drive up to the Goodwill and see THIS sign:

As my 4 year old niece would say, ‘What!?’ 

Is it Christmas or something?  (And do you notice the heavenly light shining down from the right?)  Now, in case you can’t read…and just because I like to reiterate a wonderful thing, that sign says,


Not “stuff that was brought in that no one in their right mind would take home to any house worth living in”…

Not “stuff that was made by my five-year old daughter that we didn’t even want to keep despite loving her more than anything in the world”…

and not “stuff my dog chewed a hole in so I can’t wear it but I thought some lesser person might be able to do without an armpit covering”…



Good stuff, good price, Goodwill indeeed.  I think I shall shop here.

Now if ONLY I didn’t have to fit whatever I bought into my suitcase to take back to Nashville, which we know is already 6 pounds away from being over the limit, I could quite possible have been at risk of being TOO happy.  (And yes, you can just pay if you go over the weight limit, but if you haven’t caught on yet, overpaying for anything is NOT the likes of something I am akin to doing…)  So, I would have to limit my Goodwill shopping craziness for the day.  Not a horrible thing to do every ONCE in a while….I did still find a few things…


I made three half-off purchases on this Goodwill trip, for a total of $11.17 US dollars.  Two of them were for family members, and one vintage 80’s top for me to wear and to hopefully sell on my etsy site, vintage4lf (sans shoulder pads…no one needs that ridiculousness)

# Uno- Black Patent Leather Paris Blues Flats, $3

Beautiful, right?  Unfortunately, they are a size 9.  I fall short at size 7.  No bueno.  But my mind will not let this great deal go.  Who do I know that could wear these?? Ding, ding!  My mother and my sister are both a size 9.  Surely these will fit one of them, and they can proudly walk around in these wonderful pointy toe black flats, a steal at $3.  Mission dress someone cheaply accomplished. 

#Dos- Lucky Brand Designer Bootcut Jeans- $4.99

These are great jeans, by a great brand- Lucky, and as I am tooootally a Lucky Brand girl, I was so excited to find them!  Not so excited however at the size 28 on the tag. 😦  I just miss the mark at being a 29/30.  Maybe I’ll run a little more in the next few days….

OR, maybe I could give them to my sister, who ALREADY runs more and is ALREADY a size 28:) (check out her running blog at Ding ding!  My sister is definitely benefiting today from Goodwill-aholic-ism. 

Unfortunately, she is also quite tall at 5′ 9/5’10, and these ended up being too short.  Oh well, maybe they will end up being my motivation to lose that last 10 pounds….

Unlikely:)  I like desserts waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much! =:-o

Chocolate Bread Pudding from Southend Brewery in Charleston, SC.  One of the many desserts that have met their match with me in recent history. 

#Tres- Vintage 80’s cropped top/blazer- $2.99

Not sure yet where I will wear this.  But I love all of the colors, and the fact that it is vintage.  So cute!  And it is a steal at 2.99. 

That wraps it up for today…or yesterday since I am publishing this a day late, my apologies:)

Now go get out there and support your local Goodwill, and your local shopping habit!

Peace and Love,


Q: What great gifts have you found at Goodwill for family members/friends that they were so excited about?


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  1. deborah lane
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 00:05:43

    I once found a pair of True Religion practically new jeans that sadly my daughter ended up with because they suited her much better and because I’m a super great mom…anyway -10 dollars-half off! She was pretty excited to say the least….


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