Time for a new post:)   So….as it is vacation and the holidays and such, I have been spending lots of PRECIOUS time with my family; specifically, the three LOVES of my life Alexandra, Anna, and Luke, my sister’s “angelic” children.  This is of course until I have my own children to shower with my my love and affection. 

So… appropriately, I was going to write a nice post about our holiday adventures- which were very fun!  We went to the New England Aquarium in Boston, MA, brought them ice skating for their first times ever, had frozen yogurt at one of my favorite places, TCBY…and it would SURELY have been a good read,


I couldn’t stop thinking about Bridesmaids. 

Not in a creepy way! 

As much as I have loved all of my fellow women in crime over the years of weddings that I have been in, I am talking about the recent motion picture written by SNL cast members Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumulo.  It has changed my life. 

I wish I was lying. 

I can’t go through a day without at least ONE reference or thought of love about the movie.  Luckily, I was surrounded this week by people who have also developed a similar obsession- my awesome mother (you’re welcome Mom) and my older sister.  (There is my talk of family…now I feel better….:) 

My sister has a similar passion for remembering and reenacting, ad naseum… funny scenes from funny movies, (a la Napolean Dyamite…I will never forget her Napolean impressions) and she did not disappoint.  Going back and forth with her was one of my favorite parts of vacation.  I probably can’t say that for whoever happened to be around and had to listen, but its really all about me anyway, so…..

that takes care of that problem!

Well, its getting late, you all should probably go- but I’m going to miss you so much!!

(If you know immediately what part of the movie that is from, I love you and think we should be friends.  Call me!)

I really will miss you…but make sure you are “ready to PAR-TYYYY” (also from the movie…can you remember which part???) for New Years Eve tonight!!  Bring in the New Year right, whatever that means for you- family, friends, pets, TV, Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper watching the ball drop -I do love me some Kathy Griffin!  Whatever it may be, enjoy:)

And do yourself a favor- don’t make any resolutions, you’ll just break them.  Not to be negative or anything.  Unless they include a) being a funnier, better, more entertaining person, or b) sending a really cool girl who writes a Goodwill and life blog a present once a week.  Then by all means, please make and keep them.  In a fashionable manner.

Happy 2012!




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