Things from my Shelf

I made it to Goodwill today, a common occurrence when I work a ‘double’.  Thats restaurant lingo for working both the lunch and dinner shift.  A dreaded occurrence in most restaurant workers’ lives…or at least mine:)  So, to relieve some customer service induced stress, I moseyed on over to my local Goodwill on Charlotte, perused the aisles, and hopefully find some good treasures.  Today I found something for both work AND pleasure.

I found a button down black shirt.

Hold the phones exciting, right???  I know!!!  Ok, maybe not necessarily, but if you knew how hard it was to find one of these- a women’s long sleeve button down plain black blouse (which is what I am required to wear 35 hours out of every week, kill my colorful artsy soul now…) plain, with NO bells and whistles, then you would appreciate this find.  I swear it is like the Unicorn of clothing items.  I’ve heard of it, but have yet to find it anywhere.  And I got it for the cheap price of $4.29., and wore it to work this evening.  And even better, it still had the drycleaning tag on it, which we are also required to do….and which I never do…shhhh, don’t tell anyone….

No picture at the moment of the shirt, but I do have a picture of me at work today, because my work pants are ALSO from Goodwill, and they fit like a glove!

I know the lighting, isn’t the best, but hopefully you can get the drift…

I also found this cool wood filing cabinet…

If only I had a super important job or life where I had this much to file…I thought about using it for a dresser (now THAT, I have plenty of need for!:)  But, it didn’t fit in my little Civic, so I left it to find another loving home.  This, by the way, is the very reason I want an SUV for my next car.  So I can be more prepared at a moments notice to take cool finds like this home.  Not because I like to do super cool outdoors sports utility type stuff, which I do, but I mean, how much space do my sneakers and maybe a basketball or water bottle take up?? Hahaha, surely not the entire trunk of an SUV.

Now I’ve told you about the work purchase, I can show you the pleasure purchase…a pretty picture frame inscribed Live Simply, Laugh Often (I DO), and Love Much (I try to).  Good words to live by.  And to store on your shelf.  Inside I put a picture from my 24th birthday.  It pains me to say, that in one week, this will be exactly four years ago. Oy Vey.  Apparently I turn Jewish when I am feeling the angst of age.

This frame was 2.99.  And still in plastic wrap when I bought it.

Since I put this on my bookshelf/nightstand, I thought I’d show you some other Goodwill finds that have made their home there as well.  (I just used both versions of ‘their’ in one sentence.  That took some thought as to which was for which.  Thank you first grade teacher, now my bloggers and I are not confused.)

My lamp.  My lovely lamp.  I got this for 4.99 a year ago when I moved into my first apartment.  I love flowery, ornate vintage things.

Another picture frame:  I think this fits the ornate, vintage vibe well.

‘Look at them apples!’

I also have a great golden yellow ceramic coaster, that I got for .99, but the picture came out blurry:(  So you’ll have to take my word for its awesomeness.  Gotta work on those photography skills, and not jumping the gun quite so quickly.

And lastly, not for my shelf, but for my wall,

I can’t remember exactly, but I know it was under $5.  It is cloth based artwork.  For my wall.  They are now in love.

All in all, it was a good goodwill day.  I found my shirt and my frame in under 20 minutes.  Which I would say is pretty good.

Speaking of, I am proud of myself that I actually went to the gym FIRST on my break, leaving the Goodwill trip for just in case I had time.  Thats being a good marathon training girl:)  But, lets be honest, I was gonna make the time.  Who needs that third set of curls, isn’t two sets quite enough??   So, once I got there, I didn’t have a ton of time to lose myself in the aisles, but enough to make two proper finds.  (You couldn’t hear it, but that was said with an English accent).

Happy Goodwilling!! Come again soon.

What are some of your favorite finds for your room or living space??  Any cool artwork that you have found there?

What are some of your favorite times to go to Goodwill?


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