Sunday Funday:)

Ok, get your coffee, get your newspaper…I mean, no newspaper, but brace yourself, cause I FOUND some stuff today!! 

And I’m showing it ALL to you!

Today was Sunday, which meant church at Crosspoint (, this amazing church in Nashville, TN that I love so much, and then Goodwill after.  This tradition began when I was living with my mom and stepdad….after college:) when I was 23/24.  We would make a little trip after we left church, and this worked out because Sunday was .99 day on the color of the week. 

This is a cool thing Goodwill does.  All their clothes and items’ price tags are color coded with five or so different colors.  Each week, the oldest color goes half off, and Sunday the items are .99.  This is a genius way to move inventory.  Another reason I love me some Goodwill:)  So smaht they are.

So I leave church, and head down the street to Goodwill.  Literally down the street about half a mile.  I always seem to make my life very convenient, and live within about a ten minute drive from anywhere I may need to go.  Works for me.

So I pass McDonald’s on the way and stop for an Iced Coffee.  I am addicted to Iced Coffees, and dont like to think what my monthly expenditure on them may be.  Lets just say Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman wouldn’t probably not approve.  I don’t care:)

I do prefer my Starbucks.  They are a tad more expensive, but I’m not one of those people who acts like its completely overpriced.  Its about .80 more, but I think it really does taste better.  But McDonald’s was on the way.  McDonald’s it was! 

I have to mention though, when the lady handed me my coffee there was no ice in it:)  I pointed it out and she said, you’re right!  And put ice in it.  I’m not saying it goes as smoothly as Starbucks.


Coffee in cart, ready to go!  Watch out people!  Jaime is in the store! 

Did I mention one of the workers greeted me by name when I walked in?  I’m not saying I’m VIP…but I kind of am…

First sighting:

Two cute green lamps.  12.99 Each.  I considered them.  But I already have a lamp.  Also from Goodwill.  (See, ‘things from my shelf’ post).  So I passed.  I’m sure they will make somebody else very happy.  I have a feeling about this. 

Then I made my way back to the dresses. 


I.N.C. by Macy’s animal print dress.  Wonderful, beautiful.  Size small:(  That sad face means I am not a small. 

Who’s that you ask?  A friend I went shopping with? 

No.  That is the competition.  Similar age.  Similar style.  No, she will NOT get to the cute stuff before I do!  Its on!

I told you I had a competitive streak.

Clearly, she lost.  These were still sitting on the shoe rack when I got there.  Or maybe she has huge, ugly feet that wouldn’t fit into these cutie booties.

$7.99.  Size 7 1/2.  Be still my beating heart.  Well, not literaly, it would kind of take the fun out of finding them if I went and died right after.  Anyway, these literaly have NO brand label, but they look really quality made.  And they’re cute, and they fit.  That’s all that really matters, and the fitting part is even questionable.  Let’s just be honest with ourselves.

And literally two pairs down from that just hanging out were….

these black boots.

I have actually been needing a pair of these.  I have brown ones, but nothing to wear when I need black.  These are by the brand Bamboo, which I almost just purchased at the boutique Apricot Lane in Nashville before Christmas for at lesat $40.  I would say the price on that little orange price tag of 9.99 is a little better:)  Call me a math wizzzz!  No, really, you should call me that. 

Then I decided to peruse .99 racks.  Yes, Goodwill is so great that it actually gathers all the .99 stuff and puts them on racks all by themselves for us to look through. 

Now, Goodwill can also be decieving sometimes.  A) the hanger says XL.  Now, this could have been the end, because thanks to LOTS of running, seeing that size tag at G-dub no longer warms the cockles of my heart, I prefer more of an ‘M’ these days, but I wouldn’t let it go, so I checked the tag.  M- just right.  and deception letter B) I found it on this rack:

Now, that means it should be .99 right?  No, thanks to fourth grade art class I’m pretty sure that this tag is not yellow:

Meaning its also not .99:(  Eh, 4.49 is still not bad for such a lacy piece of amazingness, and helping me look like this:

And I even get to use my cool green flower pin to keep it together.  Problem open cardigan resolved. 

After I finished dodging Goodwill’s deceptions, I remembered a blog I recently found where the girl modeled a blazer she found in the…..kid’s section!  It looked so good on her.  I have always prided myself on my bargain huntng abilties.  I regularly shop in the kids’ shoe section at Target because of my small feet.  My favorite brown boots are a kids size 5 becuase the are $7 cheaper!  Never has it crossed my mind to look in the kid’s section at Goodwill….

Maybe it is because I am a 5’7″ twenty- eight year old? Maybe…

But she did it, so can I.  So here I went…

NOT a preteen. 

Someone who is not good at making awkward faces, yes.  Preteen, No.

I found nothing.  Surprise of surprises!

After that awkward attempt at being 15 years younger again, I decided to make my way to the dressing room with my overflowing cart and get to work to see if any of this stuff would actually make its way home with me:

Don’t worry Iced Coffee, I’ll save you!!

Police!  There’s a jailbird on the loose!!

Oh, no, thats just Jaime, shopping at Goodwill again. 

I love this awesome black and white striped sweatshirt, with lowered shouler seems, and it had an orange tag.  the lucky color of the week, meaning it is half off.  Ding Ding!  That makes it a mere 2.14. 

You may notice a white smudge on my leg.  I looked at this picture when I got in my car and literally searched my jeans to find out if I had white paint on them, thinking I must have painted in my sleep without realizing it?  And then I realized, it was a mark on the mirror:)  I said I graduated elementary school, too bad they dont teach common sense. 

And look at that, now I have black boots to wear with it:)

Ok…I think this post has gotten long enough, so I will leave you in suspense until tomorrow with the rest of my ramblings story about my finds today…please, try and get some sleep.  I know it will be hard.

Hope you all had a great Sunday. 

Blessings and love!


Are you a competitive shopper? 

Do you love boots as much as I do?



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Corrie Anne
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 04:40:10

    Hahaha. I LOVE that you spotted your competition. I’m so not competitive with my shopping… probably because I’m really big into the online shopping.


  2. lane
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 11:37:52

    I like kicky boots….


    • mygoodwillfinds
      Jan 23, 2012 @ 16:39:11

      Well, now that I know what kicky boots are, I would have to say these fit the description:) I will being doing many involuntary kicks of joy while doing other things while wearing them. People should watch out. I think I should watch out.


  3. mygoodwillfinds
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 16:26:49

    I guess it would be hard to be competitive online…unless you use ebay…those bidding wars can get dangerous for me:)


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