Goodwill and the Dragon Tattoo

After weeks of trying, and I’m ashamed to say months of ME trying to read the book (it really never picked up my interest!!), Ben and I finally made it to see the Girl with the Dragonfly Tattoo.  Man, did she impress.  I would say I want to be her, but I KIND of don’t.  And at 10:20 on a Wednesday night, I had a good feeling we would be the ONLY people in the theater.  My feeling was correct:

That’s me.  Alone.  In the theater.  We did our best with our phone technologies in the battle of Android Vs. Theater Level Darkness.

This was a first for Ben, having the theater to himself, and he felt the need to document it:)  Fine with me and my blogging tendencies.  Too bad he couldn’t be in the picture as well for all you fine folks.  Now, this could have been really romantic, right?  All alone, theater to ourselves.  Well, its too bad we weren’t seeing the lates Nicholas Sparks novel brought to life on screen.  No, my two words to describe this movie are


And distubing, and suspenseful, and sometimes hard to understand the swedish accents.  (I thought the 50% swedish in me might put me at an advantage.  Heck, I half thought about seeing the original Swedish version with no subtitles simply due to my heritage.)

I could barely make it throught the accents.  Lets just say its a good thing I made it through as much of the book as I did.  I got to sound smart and explain to Ben.  He hates that. 

The story line wasn’t horrible, and the acting was superb.  (Way to go dragonfly girl, you rock!), but I have don’t think I have ever been so disturbed by a movie viewing experience in my life.  At least I had Ben there to freak out to.  He handled it like a champ. 

I also had these great Goodwill earrings on to keep me safe and ward off all danger:

Who could hurt me with these beautiful earrings on?  I’m pretty sure whoever tried would stop and ask me where they were from and then immediately head to their local Goodwill instead.  That may just be me.

The second picture may not have been completely necessary, but I thought it was cool with the mirror in the background. 

It ended, and I fled walked calmly out of the theater, with images of Katherine Heigl’s next feel good movie, coming out shortly, playing in my mind. 

All in all, it was a good experience.  As I told Ben, one of my FAVORITE  things on this green earth is seeing books brought to life on screen:)  I feel a list coming on!!!….E.g.

 The Nanny Diaries (lackluster imo)

The Help (!!!!!awesome!!!!)

Confessions of a Shopaholic (who doesn’t LOVE Amy Adams?)

Twilight Series (need I even mention…..although I have yet to see the latest one…)

Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

That is all I have right now.  But I do hope to see some of my favorites coming to life sometime soon.  Cane River or Fortune’s Rocks would be at the top of my list, if any publishers happen to be listening/reading:)  And I try and make it a point to read the book before I see a movie that was a book first, because then you can be that really cool person that says,

“The book was sooo much better”. 

Preferably say it while holding a biscotti and tea, and in a snotty manner, for increased effect.  Just my two cents.

That’s all for toooooday!  I’m off to the torture room gym for a nice dose of endorphins, and then some homemade cooking by and for Yours Truly. 

Happy Goodwilling. 


Q: Are you generally disappointed with ‘books brought to life’ as I like to call it?  Or happy either way?

A:  I’m pretty happy either way.  You may have noticed this about me by now.  It doesn’t take much.  Just say some words from the book and assume the setting, and I’ll be good.

Q:  What is your favorite bold color accessory to wear?

A: Turquoise has been making me VERY happy lately. 



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lane
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 22:35:11

    I think they did Rapunzel justice with Tangled and Tiana in Princess and the Frog was very believable…..


  2. rachel
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 01:08:43

    I still think Anne of Green Gables is the best book made to movie! 🙂 And I love the way you write. you are cute. 🙂


  3. mygoodwillfinds
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 03:35:30

    YOU are very right:) Chronicles of Narnia was pretty impressive as well. Now for books that don’t relate to BJ…:)


  4. msfitrunner
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 14:02:20

    LOVE the new layout….loved that movie too. davey and I had seen the swedish version first, so we knew what we were in for, but pretty disturbing. I LOVE all of your finds…jealous I didn’t get the goodwill hunting gene;-) ha! lol:)


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