The Goodwill Instinct- Use it or Lose it

“We need to get one of those key holder things to hang on the wall” says my roommate Kristen the other day.

This comment is prompted by two days of me borrowing HER keys, because when I came home the other night from the lovely dragon tattoo movie, I put my keys down……


and they have yet to be seen since. 

Maybe Lisbeth Salander has them.  Maybe.

Now, ya’ll MAY remember what the ONLY item was that I passed up on purchasing on my Goodwill trip this past Sunday….

Oh, look at that, it’s a key holder! 

And this is where it should be, mocking me everyday as I walk by….


It says, “You could be about to use your remote entry key fob, but no, you didn’t buy me.  So now you have to walk UP to your car, stick you’re lone spare key in, twist and remove like normal, unmagical folk.  Maybe next time you will listen to your Goodwill insticts.  (or the goodwill hunting gene as my sister calls it:)

I sure hope so.  The Goodwill instinct is a gift, and it must not be wasted, or it will be lost.  This will serve as a good reminder, sen sai.

However, in a pathetic attempt to redeem myself, and a bad case of too little too late, I stopped by Goodwill the other day, hoping it would still be sitting there with a wise smirk on its face saying,

“Lesson learned?”

It wasn’t there, but lesson still learned.  Don’t pass up a good, cute adorable key holder when it is staring you in the face.  Because three days later you will lose your keys. 

On a sidenote, my roommate found them yesterday.  She had accidentally put them in her purse:)

Also, I thought I’d mention, that I looked up the Melie Bianco purse I found for 7.99 the other day online and…

Look at that beauty.  Mmmm.

I found it on for $88!!!

That is a discount of….. 91%!!!  Granted, there are a few signs of wear, but well worth a 91% discount. 

Hopefully that makes up the key holder incident to the Goodwill Gods and I’ve got a few more lives still left in me:)

Q: What are some items you knew you should get, but didn’t and really regretted it later?

Q: Do you lose your keys on a regular basis?

leave me some love! xoxo


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