Giving back is good too

It may seem like all I do is deplete Goodwill of their wonerfully amazing finds, but I do my fair share of contributing as well.  With as much as I buy there, I’ve got to rid myself of some detritus, for fear of being the next ‘contestant’ on TLC’s hoarders….great show, great entertainment….not something that I aspire to be. 

My lovely little pile, a common view in the back seat of my Civic.  There is another bag on the floor as well, out of sight.  And my closet is happy with a little more room to stretch.   

That green item peeking out is a project failed.  Fuller view:

Its clearly trying to run away from my seamstress attempts. 

What?  It’s not the 1980’s?  I know. 

I bought this with intentions of turnng into a shorts romper, and cutting the sleeves off to make it sleeveless, cause I fell in love with the pattern!  BUT, I have no sewing maching, and have yet to do anything about my sewing aspirations since I have bought this.  So this is gonna have to go back to G-dub, and I’m not buying any new clothing projects (this lovely green jumper wasn’t the first to go by the wayside…) until I have mastered  “being seamstress-y” 101. 

Any tips?? A local clothing exchange store had offered classes where you could bring a project, and they would help you with it, but they stopped offering them after I bought that item:(  Just my luck.  MY advice to myself is jump right in!!  But I’m willing to take some more!  Kinda the best way to do everything in my opinion…and what I did with this blog- so far enjoying it!

I started this post a couple days ago, and sadly, the bags are still in my back seat.  Its on my list of things to do…which I am slowly working on today… 

Now I will share with you a few pictures of the past couple days:

Some great mussels I had the other night at Rumba in Nashville.  They were served in a curry sauce with pita bread.  The head chef Joe is a friend of mine, and I think he has created the most amazing menu at that establishment.  But all this running for training for the (half?) marathon has made me QUITE hungry, so I fattied it up and ordered these AND my favorite item there- an Ahi Tuna sandwich with avocado relish, and edamame salad on the side.  Mmmmmm delicious!

And yesterday, it was a balmy 65 degrees out, so me and this boy:

what can I say, it was a candid picture. 

went to the park for some goose watching and such:

Look at that little bugger.  He’s really going for that seaweed.  Maybe he would’ve enjoyed some of my mussels of sandwich.  Or are they vegetarians?….hmm.

hanging out on the stone wall.  I am glad to report my new Iphone 4S did not meet the water that day.  Stuck with taking pictures of it.

And we walked the loop around this….

Yes, that is a true to life remake of the Parthenon.  In Nashville, TN. 

I love it, dont get me wrong, but I have no idea why it is here, and not in Athens, Greece.  Just one of those things I guess.

It’s been soo nice here!  This winter has been insane, and I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t mean a just as equally hot summer, the summer’s here are already unbearable, in my CT opinion. 

Have you bought many projects that never ended up happening? 

Does it take you a long time to make it to the donation place with your donations?

Leave me some love!  Or if you’d like to get this lovely blog in your e-mail when I post something, click follow on the lower right hand corner and you can!  Magic! 

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lane
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 01:49:12

    so I see the apple doesn;t fall far from the tree on your blog as well as your sisters ;-)…. I have THE cutest dress hanging in my closet- 10 dollars from the greatest little vintage shop shop from one of our trips. Needs some “updating” and it will be perfect….hmmmm. And I also have a donation bag in the back of the car for how long now? Dunno…. you are spot on baby….and can I say a quick butts up to the goose?


  2. rachel
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 02:52:58

    I have many an unfinished project myself and I am definitely someone you could classify as “seamstress-y” so don’t be too hard on yourself. Also, I visited that lovely remake of the Parthenon with my family when I went to Nashville in High School- I mean how could you expect this homeschooling family to miss out on a history lesson like that?? 🙂


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