Flowers for Spring, and Other Fun Things

I bought some flowers the other day because I have some very important people, VIP’s if you will (I’m pretty sure I just came up with that), coming to visit in twooo days!!! I can hardly believe its already here!  Well, I kind of can, I’ve been counting down the days since I went to go visit them in CT for Easter.  Its been 15.  Two more.  For all you math majors out there that adds up to…17!  On the edge of your seats wondering who??  I know you are.  It’s my family!  Well, not all of them, that would take a whole plane, almost.  It’s my wonderful, beautiful Mother, my wonderful, beautiful sister, who is also a mother to two wonderful, beautiful little girls who are also coming along.  Secret is, they don’t know it yet.  My smart sis didn’t want to hear them ask for a month straight when they were leaving to go see the greatest aunt on earth to visit Nashville, so she is going to tell them on the WAY to the airport.  Love it!  On the way.  You dont’ know them, but they’re gonna flip!  Well, you don’t have to know them, they’re 5 and 4:)  I only wish I was there to see their faces when they find out.  The oldest niece kind of figured it out when I was home, but we did our best to thwart her smartness, what with us being 20 plus years older than her, I think we did okay. 

Long story short, trying to make the place look fresh and purty, I thought a lovely bouquet from my favorite store of groceries, Trader Joe’s, would do the trick.  And guess what I had at home to put them in?  An awesome green glass milk jug I bought at Goodwill two years ago when I moved into my first apartment of my own.  Here it is:

The books also from Goodwill, the top one I got just the other day hiding out in the drawer of my coffee table, also from Goodwill.   

That entire picture’s content is Goodwill.  Thought that should be mentioed.  Cause I kinda like it.  Well, more than kinda.  Really.

Ok, so I have a couple newer finds as well, as in within the past month that I’d love to share:

A bright yellow purse.  I dont’ think you can ever really go wrong with this.  And now I finally have one.  I can’t remember how much!  Forgive me for I have sinned.  I know it was under $10. 

In case you can’t read it, the brand is axcess.  Also, not real leather, but that is fine with me.  That way I can’t rub ink from my shirt all over it.  (In case you didn’t read that post, that happened with the last real leather purse I got at goodwill.  Don’t worry, I removed it with hairspray.  Good as new.)

Oops!  How did that one sneak on there??  Not from Goodwill:)  He’s from the Nashville Humane Association.  And he is 3 months old.  That’s my new pup, Baker Jones.  I’m a new mom.  Kind of.  He feels like a baby would at least.  Waking me up in the middle of the night and what not, but then breaking my heart with how adorable and helpless he is!  Can’t wait til he’s grown and I can take him on many an adventure.  Dog parks and what not.  Kidding, it will be MUCH more exciting that that:) 

Anyway, I do have a dog collar for HIM that I bought from Goodwill when I thought I was getting a girl dog….so its pink leopard print…I feel kind of bad using it on him, that’s not okay, he doesn’t have any older sisters to make it okay, so I’m gonna buy a new one to replace the one he got at Humane.  When I find one at Goodwill, of course. 

Happy Goodwilling everyone!  Make some finds and wear/use them well, and support a great cause in the mean time.  All good things.


Are you an animal lover?  Enough to have your own, or just adore others’ passing by?

Enough to have my own…and I very much have enjoyed the awes and attention Baker has garnered while out.  Gotta admit.

Do you always have fresh flowers out, or just for ‘special’ occasions and visits?

I wish the former, but definitely more the latter…


More Dresses for Jaime :) Oh, and the greatest coffee table EVER


 A girl can never have too many dresses, right?  Well, if you look at my closet you will know that the answer is No.  Capital N.

I got this one at Goodwill a couple weeks ago:

7.99, Origially Old Navy, animal inspired print navy blue shirt dress.

Necklace: Plato’s Closet.   Strappy Wedges: Target.

And then you can put this great khaki fitted blazer over for a different, more put together, maybe a little warmer? look.

Oh, yeah, the blazer is also from Goodwill, 6.99.  Does that surprise you?  Origially from Target for I think over $20.  My sister was’t happy when she saw mine.  Yeah, she got it at Target in black for the regular price.  I still love her though.

And also this one:

Ann Taylor Loft, also, 7.99. 

Boots: Nashville Flea Market, 5.00

From some grown up store Ann Taylor Loft.  But I can still sass it up with red cowboy boots and my chunky yellow necklace from Plato’s closet, Ann Taylor Loft or not.  I will admit, I am guilty of loving a purse, seeing it is Liz Claiborne or some similar other ‘old lady’ brand (sorry Liz), in my opinion at least, and immediately putting it down:/  No questions asked, not further inspection of the product.  Not for me.  I am not ashamed to admit that.  I am glad I didn’t do that with this dress.  Although it is harder to do this at Goodwill when most things are under $8.  If I like it, it could say Dress Barn for all I care, and I’d still buy it.  Well, that may be going a little too far. 

I like the waist pleats on this dress, and the cap sleeves.  So cute. 

Oh, you want to see the greatest coffee table ever?  Or the top three… as my boyfriend says.  He may be right, but I’ve never seen the other two.  Remains to be proved.  Like most of our arguments:)

Here goes…

No idea where this is originally from, Heaven?  🙂 But it was $35.  I would’ve paid twice that, for the look, the storage, the stylish legs, the rustic look….oh, let me count the ways.  

Oh, I almost forgot, the top flips up to reveal more storage inside, in addition to the droor on the front:

Clearly, I am already making use of it:)  This is a great way to just put everything you would throw on TOP of your coffee table, inside it, and creat the illusion that you are perfectly neat, clean, put together person:)  Everybody will be jealous.  Everyone you get to come to your house at least.  Which by that point, they’re already pretty impressed with you anyway, right?  Okay, now you see how my rambling mind works, and what I live with everyday. 

And it came with this great vintage Reader’s digest condensed book inside the front droor:

Not to be unclear, it is the book on top.  I may have seen that this was in the droor before I purchased it, but I just thought I’d assume it was a package deal, and not tell the Goodwill folks.  I knew it would look perfect on top of my new table:)  The other two are books that are currently on my reading radar, All He Ever Wanted by Anita Shreve (I’m pretty sure I have mentioned how much I love her several times by this point) and a book that I think was supposed to make it to my grandfather for christmas, along with several others, The Birth of Modern Politics, but I think it looks pretty interesting, so I’ll just hand it over next time I catch up with him:)  (If you’re reading this Bubs, now ya know!)

I think that is enough to leave you with today, I wouldn’t want you to burst with impressed-ness.  That should be a word.  Goodwill has me for at lesat another month, in which I’m sure it will amaze me once again, and hook me for another month…and so on and so forth. 

In case you forgot, Goodwill is known for helping and hiring people with disabilities, so they do really good work!  Your money not only gets you great finds, but goes to a great cause!

So go out and see what you can find!  And show me!  Until next time, live life, and love life:)



Its Summer Time

…and I don’t care what the calendar says.

$8 beach chair, origially $20+ from Target.  

On March 31, I got to lay out in this pink beauty in 84 degree sunny weather. 

Excuse the GIANT sweat marks… I do sweat when I sunbathe, but not that much.  I was particularly sweaty because I had just worked out at the downtown Y in these fine shorts:

Yellow Nike mesh short shorts, 4.29, also from Goodwill.

Sorry about the blurriness of the second picture, but I had to get the side view to show you those neat white stripes….and I dont mean the band:)  Jack White is not hanging out on my shorts.  As awesome and weird as that would be.

These yellow shorts complete the outfit with my bright orange top wonderfully, don’t ya think?  If the gym decided to have brightest workout outfit contest, I’d surely win with this.  And I can sleep well knowing that. 

You can also see that I moved my gym picture taking into the bathroom this time.  I don’t want to get a reputation…  unless that reputation is ‘girl that wears the brightest oufits’ of course:)

Now I would have loved to have laid out at the rooftop pool after my workout, but something I don’t get about Tennessee is they regularly do not open most outdoor pools until Memorial Day.  This would be appropriate in my home state, of Conecticut, but not in TN!! It has regularly been 80 degrees by the end of March since I moved here 2 1/2 years ago.  I don’t know if the pool keepers and powers that be are shocked and surprised each year when this warm weather ocurs, but I would really appreciate to maximize my sunbathing at the area pools, and they are not helping that cause:)

So, I worked out, laid out, and….ate out?   Well, no, I ate in, but it was still delicious:

The top picture is my whole wheat Trader Joe’s pita filled with turkey, spinach, avocado, hummus, and tomatoes:)  Mmmmmm heaven. in. my. mouth.  And stomach.  We’ll stop there:)

 The bottom picture is my instagram sponsored snapshot of my gobbled up pear and sandwich.  Which was sitting next to me in my beautiful pink beach chair. 

And that, my friends, is my recipe for a healthy, beautiful, Goodwill sponsored “summer” day. 

What are your plans for these warm, summer months?  Extra activity or extra relaxing? 

I say a little bit of both!!