Give Goodwill a Chance

I got ‘let out of school early today’ (i.e. I left after nap time began) to ‘get stuff done’ before I leave for vacation this Saturday…to be honest, I did run some vacation related errands (picked up some road trip snacks and groceries to take with), but somehow had just enough time left to make a quick stop at Goodwill.  I had to see what .99 Wednesday had to offer.  It had a few things. 

For one,

this amazing framed wall art for &7.99, in perfect condition. 

If you all don’t know by now, or are just joining this fun blog, I. Love.  Flowers.  If I went to count the number of flower related art that I have hanging around my apartment right now, well…it would be high.  That’s really about it.  I have a lot of it, and this adds to my collection quite nicely.  A nice bouquet of yellow flowers to display on my wall morning, noon, and night. 

Continuing on with the home goods theme, I found this interesting piece of furniture…

and since I couldn’t put my finger on what it was supposed to be (a wall hanger to hang coats, etc, a shelf…), I decided to make it a bench to put at the end of my bed. 

It will be covered with pretty pillows and what not, and probably some shoes beneath.  Construction phase has not been completed, or started, yet.  I plan to take the knobs off that I am guessing are meant to hang stuff with, and refinish the painting, but I wanted to share the item just the same.  A finished version will come soon, I’m sure.  With my defnition of soon being very loose, hooker-esque if you will:) 

And as far as .99 wednesday goes (the color of the week is .99 on Wednesdays and Sundays), I found four items.  Here is my favorite of the four:

A light pink cropped jacket from Forever 21….0.99.  I think I already noted that, but hey, the $0.99 price tag can’t really be noted enough. 

I realize the above photos are not in prime viewing position, but my computer has been acting up, and this is how you are going to see these items.  It’s a-better than nothing.  And better than me screaming at my computer. 

All in all, I would say it was a half hour well spent.  Which, on that note, I would like to add an argument in favor of shopping at Goodwill.  Often, in my discussions with some people, whose names shall remain….nameless, about shopping at Goodwill (which not so surprisingly happens in discussions with me), they will say “yeah, if you want to take time to look through the racks.”  And I say, “I beg to differ” (except in a much cooler way).  This shopping trip proved my point marvelously.  I would like someone to show me where they can get wall art, a bench for the end of their bed, a cropped jacket and two short sleeve shirts in just a half an hour (and for $24 I might add, if we’re even going to include price in this discussion).  It doesn’t take long.  Yes, you have to look through racks of clothes you may not like that much in order find two or three that you do, but you have to do the same thing at department or ‘regular’ stores.  It’s just not as glamorous.  The difference is, in malls, you have to walk from one store to the other; at Goodwill, you get hundreds of different brands all in one little package.  You’ll have to get your walking in elsewhere. 

So, don’t come to me saying, “yes, Goodwill is great, if you have the time to look”, cause I will wholeheartedly disagree, and will probably, if I am feeling like myself at all, give you many examples to back that up.    

Happy shopping!! (at Goodwill)


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