Goodwill gets Baptized

My boyfriend does me proud.  Every now and then…you know, he buys me things, treats me right….and, he shops at Goodwill and makes a great find like this:
A great fitted suit vest than can be worn as part of a three piece suit, or just over a nice button down, as he has done here.  Or, as I would like it, over a quality and nice t-shirt and jeans for a dressed up yet casual look.  He says he’ll never do this.  It’s the style I tell him.  He doesn’t care.  He will not wear this suit vest unless it is over a nice button down, or under a jacket, with or without a tie.  But hey, he can do what he wants when it turns out looking like that:).  How coukd I argue with that face?  Turns out, pretty easily, haha. But that’s just because I am always right, and he refuses to accept that.  :)-  But that is besides the point, back to Goodwill fashion.
Ben picked up this steal at my Goodwil in CT when he came to visit my hometown with me last month.  And he sported it yesterday morning at his first nephew’s and Godson’s baptism in Troy, MI.   A ‘fitting’ occasion.  He wore it over a nice white button down, with his favorite blue tie.
I am somewhat ashamed to admit that nothing I am wearing in this picture is Goodwill, not to say that I still didn’t get everything for a pretty good deal.  The dress alone was free; a gift from my mom for my last birthday in January.  I paired it with a $13 Steve madden brown belt that I have gotten way more than $13 worth use out of, I LOVE it, and gold strappy NY&Co.  Sandals, that I have also gotten more than the under $15 worth that I paid for them.
More goodwill finds to come!  Until then, keep shopping and keep spreading the love, however and wherever you can.

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