A Flowery Shirt and the gods of Goodwill

Hi.  It’s me.  I know its been awhile.  I apologize.  But suddenly I got an irresistable urge to share with you this flowery Forever XXI top that I recently (recently including the entire past month) obtained at my local Goodwill.  For $4.29.  It’s quite lovely if you ask me.  And by reading this, you did:)  Bet you didn’t know that.


There I am.  Modeling the heck out of it on a sunny Monday afternoon outside a local sports bar, Jeds, in Nashville.  I’m sure I didn’t get any strange stares.  Actually, I really am, there were about three other people outside, and I looked at them as I did it just to make sure.  There were some stares, but I was pretty sure they were out of jealousy at my poses and not at wondering of what I was doing.

Anywho, I paired this top with muted red jeans from t.j.Maxx, and a brown undershirt, also from T.J.Maxx, several years ago.  I pulled this tank from the bottom of the tank drawer to wear with this shirt, and was quite happy with the lace detailing on the straps.  I thought it went well with the flowery whimsiness of the shirt.  However, it now gives me a reason not to get rid of any clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in awhile despite the 6 month rule (if you haven’t worn it in 6 months or more, throw it out).  (And by throw it out of course I mean donate it to Goodwill.)  I can assure you it had been more than 6 months since that tank had seen the light of day.  But little did I know, it was just waiting for this shirt to come along and give it a reason to shine.  You may not agree with me on the shining.  But trust me, it shines:)  And now I’m gonna use the little brown tank that could as a reason to keep any other items I’m unreasonably holding on to.  Great.

Keep shopping at goodwill and share some finds with me!

Addendum:  (I love having an excuse to use that word!)  I almost forgot.  If you scroll back to my older posts (as I sometimes do after I publish a new post…something some may call narcissism or something…) specifically from the end of April, you will see a post containing wonderful coffee table that I fell in love with and took home immediately from Goodwill.  In case you were wondering, it is still alive and well, a couple scratches worse for the wear, but still holding up, but I digress.  That is not what I needed to say.  I of course never knew where the coffee table was from, I assumed Heaven, but something told me this may be incorrect.  But that all changed recently, when my roommate recently had a friend over, and he said “My sister has that coffee table!”  I said, “No way!”  (or something like that)  He said, “Yeah, Ashley furniture?”  I said “No, Goodwill!  But yay, now I know where it came from!”  (So it wasn’t Heaven like I originally assumed)  So I wanted to let you all know about this update, I love finding out where things are from when I get them at Goodwill and don’t know their origin.  The Goodwill gods I feel bring people into my life that have this information for me.

For example, a few years ago, I was working at a clothing consignment store when my manager walked in wearing the exact shirt that I had recently purchased at Goodwill.  Unfortunately, the tag had been cut off, so I had no idea where it was from.  I loved the shirt, but still always wondered of its origin.   (For this reason I try to never cut tags off of my shirt.  I don’t want anyone in the future who may someday be its owner to be deprived of the information held there.  The coffee table on the other hand, I can’t be angry, they generally don’t come with tags, and so that owner is off the hook)  I immediately asked her where it was from, and she told me, Old Navy.  Ahhhh, relief.  Just another example of the Goodwill gods smiling down on me.  Repaying me for all my faithful shopping, and supporting of their mission.

I love when after I buy something at Goodwill, they say, “Thank you for supporting our mission!”  I always want to respond with “Thank you for supporting my shopping habit…”  But I usually just leave well enough alone, for once.

Addendum over.  (Any excuse to use that word, I tell ya)