Great Jeans!!! (if I do say so myself…)

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Disclaimer:  I did not get all items pictured above.


One World maroon tuxedo long sleeve shirt, half off for $3.00

J. Crew grey tuxedo ruffled 3/4 shirt, gift for Mom, half off for $4.49

Flowery/Green see through hippy shirt, $3.99 (did not purchase)

Amazing awesome but heaviest dresser I have ever met, $35 (surprise- also did not purchase, as it would take 5 men to lift it from the store)

Ann Taylor Dark Wash Boot cut/Flare Jeans, $5.99

The shirted listed as ‘for my mom’, I must admit, I wore it for a full half hour, AFTER buying it, before deciding I would actually still give it to her as a gift.  Parting is such sweet sorrow:(  But when it goes to such a lovely lady, its not that hard.  The shirt is a size small, and no one has ever accused me of being a size small at J. Crew, but like Eve, couldn’t resist just one bite…or one try on, just to see, and I kind of loved it.   I originally did pick it off the rack with my mother in mind, whom people have accused of being an xs, and eventually gave in to my origianl desire.  But not without a fight.  God forbid I actually be a good person:)

The jeans I am particularly excited about because they are long enough for me to wear a couple inch heels with and not look like I’m waiting for a flood.  This is a hard thing to find for me at 5’7″.  Everyone has their trouble with jeans shopping, but I am just tall enough that regular length just hits the ground, but if I try to get size Tall to wear with heels, I am swimming in extra fabric.  These are perfect, and looked like brand new, but didn’t have a tag still attached to prove it.  Also, I am kind of an Ann Taylor fanatic and even applied to work there while I was in college.  Denied nonetheless.

I passed on the green ‘hippy’ shirt because it was a little worn, and well, it wasn’t half off.  I’m becoming quite a half off snob.  And if I keep finding such good stuff that is the color of the week, then I’m afraid it just might continue!!

Lastly, the piles of clothes sitting on my bedroom floor will tell anyone I am in need of a second dresser (in addition to my closet:-)…  This one was LOVE at first sight!

Until I tried to quickly lift up ONE end, and my herculean strength didn’t even budge it!  I had to give up on that dresser owning dream pretty quickly thereafter.  The search continues.  And I’m sure you will be notified when it ends:)

Happy thrifting everyone!  Come again soon!



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