First DIY (that I’m sharing)- Picture Frame Earring Holders And….First Giveaway!!!!

I have found the secret to making earring organizers/holders/hangers by yourself, out of old (but still awesome) picture frames, wire mesh and super glue, and that’s it.  And I am going to share it with you.  You’re welcome.

And trust me, if I can do it, y’all can.

I am common sense challenged in this life, and the littlest hiccup in a project will send me reeling and having no idea what to do.  I have succesfully made three of these and they have been functional on my wall for going on four months now.  I would say that means I did it right.  And I will do my best to explain it to you.

Obviously, you’re going to start with your local Goodwill (or another just as awesome thrift shop) for some old picture frames of your choosing, suiting whatever your individual taste is.

These are the three that I have already turned into earring holders, and I will share my two newest frames, soon to be DIY’d, later in this post:


Did you think I wouldn’t give close ups?

065 066 067

They go from smaller to larger left to right, although it is probably hard to tell.  They are 3×5, 4×6, and 8×10.  The one on the left stands as well, but I choose to hang it cause I don’t have the largest dresser top.

And thank you, I know, I have an earring problem.  I love jewelry.  I’m a girl.  Duh.

Some of my necklaces hanging on hooks below the frames…


So that is the great thing- there are so many different style frames out there to choose from, that it completely changes the style and look of each item without having to do any additional work except picking it up off of the shelf.  Pretty easy if you ask me.  You will see the three that I have are all different but each one great in itself.  But depending on your style, you could go industrial looking, plain wood, colorful, vintage…the options are really endless.

So the first step is done, you have found your awesome beautiful frames that will look great hanging or standing somewhere in your I’m sure lovely bedroom (or closet for those really lucky ladies), now you need to buy wire mesh for the hanging part.  I bought literally window screening at my local hardware store, the smallest amount they sold.  I’m not a factory…  They had two options, matte or shiny.  I chose the shiny.  Matte silver tends to just look dirty, and no one wants their earrings hanging on something that looks like its covered in dirt.

Choose said frame that you would like to start with, take out everything from the frame- glass, cardboard,etc, all you need is the outer frame piece, and place the wire mesh over the back and cut out a piece big enough to fit.  Pretty basic.  I think we all started doing similar things in Kindergarten/first grade.

THEN, you take the hot glue gun and put glue around the edge (on the back of the frame where you can’t see), and then press the wire mesh down into the hot glue.  I used my fingertips to press, you have to do this because the wire mesh doesn’t grab to the glue easily because it is so holy.  Then, voila!  You wait for it to dry and then you hang your earrings on it.  And I hung them on the wall with thumb tacks.  Pretty simple.  If you want to stand the frame up, then you can put the back back in that will make it stand, otherwise, no backing is necessary and this leaves more room for the hooks to go in.

If something can’t hang on my wall with thumb tacks, I don’t buy it.  Period.

I hope this is informative, I didn’t have a ton of pictures for each step, I apologize.  I did them like four months ago:)  Just thought I’d share what I could!

Here are my next victims:

073071 070 068

Again, they are both so different, but still so me, and so pretty in their own unique way.  Just like each one of us right? 🙂

I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

But alas, if you don’t have the time/patience/skill level/materials to do this yourself, these are for sale!  Just comment for details.  I guess if I was a really good blogger, I would do a giveaway or something…ok, there you go!  I’m doing a giveaway!  I like to let people see my train of thought as well.  Makes me seem “real”.  haha:)

But the giveaway can’t start yet, these are actualy currently for sale on ebay, so I wouldn’t want to promise one and then have them all sell.  I will notify you on my next post if they are/which ones are still available for the giveaway, and then start it.  Keep your eyes peeled!

I will let the winner choose whichever one they would like (of the three that are finished already)…when it happens, the rules are:

You’ll need to comment on this post.

(Feel free to start commenting in the mean time as I’m sure I will have one or two still available, but just know there is a chance they won’t all be)

That’s it.  I’m not much for rules.

I will randomly generate a number, and the commenter who was that number will win!  Pretty easy, and then if you don’t win, you can still follow my blog and get awesome thrift store finds and stories a couple times a week in your e-mail!  And hopefully have some entertainment along the way:) A win-win really.

Lastly, on a totally separate subject, I have been getting compliments like woah on my latest green purse purchase for $8 (obviously from Goodwill).  It seems like everywhere I go someone tells me how much they love it.  It just proves, you can shop cheap, help out a good cause, and look good doing it!  And people will never know the difference.  It’s a great world.  A ‘good’ world if you will:)  And I will.

Peace and love and happy thrifting!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thriftcouture19
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 01:31:33

    These are fantastic! My boyfriend made me these exact picture-frame earring holders for our anniversary. Except he bought four of the same frames which were around 8 x 10 and put hinges between two so that they formed a V and could be stood up on my dresser. He also stapled the mesh instead of gluing. I really want more though so I might pick up some frames at the Goodwill next time! 🙂 Great post!


    • mygoodwillfinds
      Feb 18, 2013 @ 03:39:30

      On my gosh, that sounds awesome! What a creative boyfriend and what a lucky girl you are 🙂 If I can ever figure out how to do hinges I will definitely try that that sounds really cool. And yes if you want a little bit more unique looking frames definitely try out Goodwill! Again, props to your bf!


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