Girls Night at the Sounds





I have been waiting to wear this flowery frock since I bought it in CT last fall for $4.49.

A nice Springtime baseball game with my ladies (who needs martinis and dresses on ladies night out?) last Thursday was the perfect opportunity.

There’s not much I like more than an outdoor minor league baseball game on a beautiful spring night.

The loud fun music, the fans, the friends, the blue sky fading slowly and seemingly unnoticeably to black before you know it leaving the bright lights shining, the hot dogs and the unshelled peanuts, the strikes, foul balls, home runs, fly balls, quick plays, stolen bases, funny fan games between innings and ups…

And the beer.


$2 beers nonetheless for Burger King’s throwback Thursdays at the Nashville Sounds.

I love all of it.

My Gap trouser jeans are not from Goodwill, but I got them at another thrift store in CT called Saver’s for $9.99.

Making the whole outfit under $15.

Go and enjoy a night/day out at your local minor league team- I promise you won’t regret it:-)

Until next time,




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