Ann Taylor Boatneck Striped Shirt

Ann Taylor Boatneck Striped Shirt

If one has a Goodwill induced heart attack over excitement at a deal found at Goodwill, WILL Goodwill pay the medical bills?

This is just something I am concerned with and may research. I came close on my last trip.

I found this without tag but seemingly unworn and in perfect condition striped boat neck 3/4 sleeve shirt from Ann Taylor. This shirt is in such good condition and so my taste, I can’t believe it was only $4.49. Ensue heart attack.

I also found an awesome floor length dark green jersey knit skirt by Arden B. for $0.99! It was a little worn, but I decided not work enough that if I had been the original owner I would have gotten rid of it, and would still be wearin it. Does that line of reasoning make sense. If not, it was basically free, so who cares:)

On the same trip I also found the outfit you will see in the ‘Plaid vintage top’ post. Ensue bigger heart attack. It was almost too much for me, and these three finds also show I may have multiple personalities. Those being that of trendy and hipster and then also completely prep. It’s fine and I like all of them very much.

I had to do separate photo posts from my phone because due to major storage issues in my life right now I wasn’t able to load these pictures from my phone and do one big one, so you get two for the price of one because I don’t know how to do a regular post from my phone yet!

I also want to add a bit of life/blogging advice onto this post, and that piece of advice would be: Do you.

Obvious and maybe cliche, but couldn’t be more true. When striking out on a new adventure or in everyday life, it is tempting to see what others who have been or are successful are doing and want to copy it. But that just leads to stress because you are not that person, you are you. So due to the obvious laws of science and physics, you cannot be someone else. Trying will be a stressful and futile effort and a waste of your precious energy. The world needs exactly what you have to offer, and realizing that every day will free you up in so many ways. And no one else can give what you have. So don’t deprive us, and ‘do you’. Plain and simple. Less stress for you (me), more happy for us (you all- I hope).

Anyway, I’m done with that little rant. But when I come up with an encouraging bit, it’s hard not to share it, and one of my passions in addition to thrifting and fashion is encouragement and life advice. Cause we’re all in this together:)

Thanks again for stopping by- go out and support your local thrift stores, and of course- Goodwill!




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