Who Kidnapped Me?



And replaced her with a lady who says “I”m not actually going to get any of this.”

When ‘any of this’ is $4.29 a piece.

In the words of Jack McFarland, “Ex-squeeeeeze me?!!”

(Love him)

I don’t know who did it, but I want him or her to return me to me, after they learn to buy a good deal when they find one.

Because I would have loved to have had this green top and purple skirt.

Alas, neither of these items went home with me, but here is there info:

Gap Purple Skirt, just my size 8, $4.29

Lauren Conrad Ruffle Olive Green T-shirt, $4.29

To be honest, I couldn’t think off of the top of my head what I would pair the purple skirt with, out of clothing I owned or didn’t own and would then search for on my next trip… This made it a tad easier to turn down as I didn’t have some magical outfit pictured in my head that would never happen without that purple piece of heaven in my life.

I would pair these two colors together… but not their styles.  Each piece of clothing, both the shirt and the skirt, would require the piece worn with it to be simpler and more form fitting.   The shirt is too loose to wear with the skirt and vice versa, or else if not, I”m pretty sure the pair of  ’em would’ve ended up in my closet.

I was excited on this trip (I mean I”m always excited on a Goodwill trip, but anyway….) because I got to go to a Goodwill 20 minutes outside of Nashville that I never get to/choose to go to.  But I got the chance last week because my boyfriend is house sitting for a friend 5 minutes down the road.  Cut to me arriving there early one Thursday morning ‘ready to shop’.  Or apparently ready to find great things and then say no.  Either/or.

Are you every now and then a responsible shopper, or always, or never???

Do you like the color block trend/fashion style?




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rejoice For The Day
    Jul 08, 2013 @ 12:40:51

    Sometimes I think I am too often a responsible shopper. I love the color block trend and I like these two colors together, but you are right about these being paired up. Window shopping can be pretty fun sometimes!


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