Weekend Wisdom 1: Only Look Back to See How Far You’ve Come


I decided I am going to start my first weekly topic post called ‘Weekend Wisdom’, and I reserve the right to change that title and/or time of week at any point.  I will notify you if this occurs.  The subject of the post will be some time of wisdom (surprising right??) dealt out on the weekends (again- did you see that coming???) giving me two possible days to post it instead of one.  See I thought this through.

It is very late, but we will consider it still Sunday, and this will be the first one.

Get ready to be wiser.

One of my many passions in life is running and fitness, and on my 2 miler the other day, on that particular path, I end on an uphill climb.  Always fun.  Always a good time.  And when I say uphill, I mean uphill.  Its a doozie.  Usually I allow myself to stop at some point on this hill.

But today.

Today, I thought. I need to finish it.

I’m never going to get better if I don’t be better.

Makes sense, right?

So I ran to the top, forcing myself most of the way.  At a point very close, I thought, I wonder how big the hill behind me looks from here.  Immediately, I remembered how people say that it’s not good to look to the past or behind you, but always to the future.  And I agree with not letting the past hold you back and dwelling on what you can. not. change.  Not that I ever do such things.  Not someone wise like me:)  But in this case, I thought, well I only want to see what I have accomplished.

I want to see how far I have come.


“Only look back, to see how far you’ve come.” 

Mindblowing, huh?  Looking backwards I have found is usually counterproductive and generally discouraging because you can’t possibly change it.  Unless you are simply admiring how far away you have come and how much you have developed since whatever event it is you are looking at.

It also, like climbing a mountain, inspires you to do just that- go far.  You can’t see how far you’ve come, and admire that view, unless you actually go somewhere and be a better you.  So be better, and then enjoy admiring the path.

I found it personally very inspiring, and wanted to share it with you, along with this wonderful photo taken from said run.

Be inspired.

Be you.

Be better.

Be forward moving, but also never forgetting what you have strongly come through.


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