Coffee Date & Pendant Necklace

Coffee Date & Pendant Necklace

Wore this oldie but goodie from Goodwill that I got for $2.99 a few years ago to grab coffee with a new friend and get some music advice and good steps to take.

Oh, and I curled my hair. And that’s always exciting 😉

Gonna add some advice in here. Pursuing a career in music is no small thing, and can be, trust me very overwhelming when you (I) think of all I have to and should do. So on the way to coffee, this nugget of wisdom dawned on me-

“When there are many things to do, do one.”

Seems obvious right? But at least tomorrow, that one thing, or that 1/10 of one thing will be done. And in a couple weeks, it may be completely done. And we’ve got a lot of couple weeks in our lifetime. So think of all that can be done.

Oh the possibilities. :). Especially when you’re wearing an awesome thrifted necklace, from Goodwill or elsewhere.



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  1. functionallyfrivolous
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 00:11:28

    I just discovered goodwill (rediscovered I guess) I’ve been there before but never really given it a chance. So glad I popped in again, I’m addicted!


    • mygoodwillfinds
      Aug 06, 2013 @ 07:00:16

      Haha yeah, it doesn’t take much:). I have accepted my full blown addiction and went ahead and started a blog about it! Lol. It helps that it supports a good cause at least ;). Thanks for stopping by!


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