If at first you don’t succeed…A little cameo and owl earring action

If at first you don't succeed...A little cameo and owl earring action

So if the other day was SOMEWHAT of a thrifting fail…yesterday was a thrifting WIN. And at Salvation Army for a change. I haven’t shopped there much, but the few times I have haven’t yielded much luck.

But did you SEE that cameo ring and beyond adorable owl studs??


The ring was a mere $1.99 and the earrings set me back twice that at $3.99…but I couldn’t put those adorable guys back.

I could stare at those owls forever. So cute and relaxed. Unfortunately I won’t be able to. They’ll be on my ears. Physically impossible. But I’ll let other people. And try and remember that that is why someone may or may not be staring at me and try not to get too freaked out. Thems owls is cute.

Now lets talk about the cameo. I’ve been wanting a cameo piece of jewelry for awhile, and how I haven’t found one yet is beyond me, they are so popular, but clearly I hadn’t found one yet cause I didn’t have one! But now I do. And it’s on top of a pretty pink stone. On top of a ring. On my hand. I like. And it will go well with most of my clothing items too. Which is good.

I wore both jewelry items out the door of the store, in addition to the $4 gold bangle I got and $2 purplish pink sunglasses. If I could have drank out of the two earth toned oversized ceramic mugs that I got also, I feel like I probably would have used them too:). They just weren’t serving coffee at the exit of the store that day ;).

I was glad I got a good thrifting trip in while I was still hanging with my Mom. She enjoys good finds as much as I do, and joy loves company just as much as misery does I have found. So her company was appreciated. She bought a dress I liked and said she’d mail it to me after wearing it a few times. We’ll see. It may work as TN stays warmer a little longer than CT does. Now I’ll have a dress share going on as well as the shoe share I am supposed to be doing with my friend in Utah.

Happy thrifting and vacationing and living! I can’t wait to get back to my Nashville home base today, as much as I have enjoyed vacation, it’s always good to go home. And to see my puppy son 🙂



Tampa Bay Meetup Thrift Trip

Tampa Bay Meetup Thrift Trip

So I met up with my mother in Tampa the other day…

Wait. Whose blog is this? That sentence doesn’t belong in my blog. That is not my life.

Well, apparently it is. That happened. A random mess of occurrences made it so that my mom (dwelling in CT) and myself (dwelling in TN) could be in Tampa Bay, Florida at the same time and so then visit for a bit.

What did we do first?

Thrift, of course. I hit up the first Goodwill I could find on my trusty GPS and went in to see what we could find.

I was not impressed at first. No .99 cent Sunday. Not even a color of the week! :/. I felt very out of my element, and honestly, a little tricked. Forcing myself to carry on, I still looked through the all too organized and stocked with too many name brand racks (you would think these both positive things, but nay, where is the thrill of the hunt if its all laid out there for you?). Very out of my element was I, but I still managed to pair these two lovely items together for a navy blue-burnt orange outfit of sheikness.

Wouldn’t you say?

5.26 for the Old Navy navy blue shift dress, and 5.26 for the orange purse.

And where did they get these prices from? Somehow the 4.29 I’m my hometown is much more normal….no…you’re right, it’s not really any different. I’m just being a sour puss.

I walked with neither item, as the dress was a size Small and hugged my Medium curves a little more than a ‘loose’ shift dress like that should. And the purse, well, I had it at the register, with every intention of making it my Fall *itch:) (for lack of a better word…?), ok, my fall purse, and I chickened out at the last minute. Visions of my bank account setback at this last minute ‘meetup’ in Tampa Bay stopped me full force. $5.26 or not. Didn’t do it.

My off white H&M purse find from a month ago would have to do. Tie a little scarf around it and call it a day.

Which I did. Using a scarf I did decide to purchase from that day for $2.49. Pictures to come. It’s beauteous I assure you.

And now I must get back to resting up for the last day of vacation.

I hope you all are or did already, for those of you back in school, enjoy and make the most of the summer months coming to an end. Fall and winter will be here soon enough.

Happy thrifting!



Weekend Wisdom 2- How well do you love?

Weekend Wisdom 2- How well do you love?

I realize I missed last weekend of weekends wisdom. I hope nothing unnecessarily stupid happened this week in all y’all’s lives because of it. You can blame me.

I don’t call it a fail missing one, BUT maybe just not a win. I’m back this weekend.

I’m so excited, I downloaded this new app called instatusapp and I’m about to try out instaquote app. I think that one may be better, but don’t tell the instatus guys that. Just let them be happy with their inferior product 😉

This was one of the lines in the sermon outline that hit me the most this morning, and I thought I’d share it will you all. It’s pretty self explanatory. But basically the pastor said that in Seminary they teach you how to arm people with knowledge and then that will help them be spiritually mature. But he said in the bible, Jesus really measures it by how well you love your fellow human being. And that really hit home.

If you call yourself a Christian, or even if not, how well are you loving? And not the easy to love, but the hard to love are why matters. We all have them in our lives. Let that be your challenge for the week, month, and years to come.