Weekend Wisdom 2- How well do you love?

Weekend Wisdom 2- How well do you love?

I realize I missed last weekend of weekends wisdom. I hope nothing unnecessarily stupid happened this week in all y’all’s lives because of it. You can blame me.

I don’t call it a fail missing one, BUT maybe just not a win. I’m back this weekend.

I’m so excited, I downloaded this new app called instatusapp and I’m about to try out instaquote app. I think that one may be better, but don’t tell the instatus guys that. Just let them be happy with their inferior product 😉

This was one of the lines in the sermon outline that hit me the most this morning, and I thought I’d share it will you all. It’s pretty self explanatory. But basically the pastor said that in Seminary they teach you how to arm people with knowledge and then that will help them be spiritually mature. But he said in the bible, Jesus really measures it by how well you love your fellow human being. And that really hit home.

If you call yourself a Christian, or even if not, how well are you loving? And not the easy to love, but the hard to love are why matters. We all have them in our lives. Let that be your challenge for the week, month, and years to come.



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