Tampa Bay Meetup Thrift Trip

Tampa Bay Meetup Thrift Trip

So I met up with my mother in Tampa the other day…

Wait. Whose blog is this? That sentence doesn’t belong in my blog. That is not my life.

Well, apparently it is. That happened. A random mess of occurrences made it so that my mom (dwelling in CT) and myself (dwelling in TN) could be in Tampa Bay, Florida at the same time and so then visit for a bit.

What did we do first?

Thrift, of course. I hit up the first Goodwill I could find on my trusty GPS and went in to see what we could find.

I was not impressed at first. No .99 cent Sunday. Not even a color of the week! :/. I felt very out of my element, and honestly, a little tricked. Forcing myself to carry on, I still looked through the all too organized and stocked with too many name brand racks (you would think these both positive things, but nay, where is the thrill of the hunt if its all laid out there for you?). Very out of my element was I, but I still managed to pair these two lovely items together for a navy blue-burnt orange outfit of sheikness.

Wouldn’t you say?

5.26 for the Old Navy navy blue shift dress, and 5.26 for the orange purse.

And where did they get these prices from? Somehow the 4.29 I’m my hometown is much more normal….no…you’re right, it’s not really any different. I’m just being a sour puss.

I walked with neither item, as the dress was a size Small and hugged my Medium curves a little more than a ‘loose’ shift dress like that should. And the purse, well, I had it at the register, with every intention of making it my Fall *itch:) (for lack of a better word…?), ok, my fall purse, and I chickened out at the last minute. Visions of my bank account setback at this last minute ‘meetup’ in Tampa Bay stopped me full force. $5.26 or not. Didn’t do it.

My off white H&M purse find from a month ago would have to do. Tie a little scarf around it and call it a day.

Which I did. Using a scarf I did decide to purchase from that day for $2.49. Pictures to come. It’s beauteous I assure you.

And now I must get back to resting up for the last day of vacation.

I hope you all are or did already, for those of you back in school, enjoy and make the most of the summer months coming to an end. Fall and winter will be here soon enough.

Happy thrifting!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Two Thumbs
    Aug 21, 2013 @ 18:23:27

    I got excited for a second when you said Tampa Bay… but you being there apparently is not a regular occurrence… lol


    • mygoodwillfinds
      Aug 21, 2013 @ 20:23:56

      Haha is that where you are?? Jealous if so:/. And no, it hasn’t been regular- but I may make it now. My friend drives down there to visit family every now and then…and I fell in love with it. St. Petersburg…Sarasota…I could go on. Let me know of the good thrifts in case;)


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