Morning stroll on Lakeshore in Oakland

Morning stroll on Lakeshore in Oakland

Scarf- Buffalo Exchange, San Francisco, $8

Shirt- Goodwill, (Old Navy), Nashville, TN, $2.15

As I have mentioned, I am on vacation right now in the lovely Oakland, CA. My friend and I are staying with her sister here, but we are spending most of our days traveling into or around San Francisco, which is a quick trip across the bay.

Yesterday evening we drove into the Haight and Ashbury district (these are also two actual streets that intersect) for dinner and walking around. This is a very progressive/hippy kind of area of town and I loved it. Plenty of consignment and second hand shops and 3 piece bands playing on corners or outside music stores. And then obviously beautiful architecture and apartments, like everywhere else in San Francisco.

My friend in TN had told me about a store called Buffalo Exchange, and so when we walked by one here I had to check it out. Despite the cashier saying they were closed :/ I pleaded like any good (or bad?) shopper would do, to just look at the jewelry and scarves real quick! I picked this one out in under two minutes and paid. Or maybe it was under 5 min. I really was quick I swear! ūüôā Wish I’d had more time to check out the statement necklaces cause they had some good ones!

This scarf will do, for sure.

I wore it at dinner immediately after I bought it, with a shirt I also bought last night at a vintage store. And I put it on again this morning to walk down lakeshore blvd.

I don’t live in an area where I can walk outside my house to a street of shops, restaurants and coffee shops, so when I am somewhere that is like that I like to take advantage. Three other mornings I have gone for a run, also amazing:) but today I decided to take a stroll for coffee and donuts to bring back.

Sweets are my WEAKNESS!!

Anyway, I threw my scarf on with this bright green short puff sleeve old navy blouse I recently got at goodwill for $2.15, and off I went.

Nice and bright colors for the morning walk. Why not. Wake people up as they pass by:). I’ll consider it my civic duty for the day. You’re welcome people.

Do you enjoy a good donut as much as me?

Why are they soo good???


Peace Is Looking Out On The Pacific

Peace Is Looking Out On The Pacific

Stinson Beach, California

Yellow lightweight cotton hoodie, The Gap, from Goodwill, 4.99

Brown khaki shorts No-Boundaries/Wal-Mart, from Goodwill, .99

I saw the Pacific Ocean!!!!!

Breathtaking. There are no words.

But this is a blog, so I shall try.

The coast line is majestic and grand and awe and peace inspiring. Hundred plus foot cliffs jutting out of the water for as far as you can see. I imagine it is close to what the coast of Ireland looks like. something I’ve always wanted to see. And then blue sky and water for as far as you can see next to it.

We drove up from Oakland to Stinson Beach yesterday, where this picture was taken, about and hour north of San Francisco, after hiking at Muir Woods National Park among the Redwoods. I felt like a midget in a fairyland for a day. They were so big.

I’ll never forget the drive up the windy Rt 1 (and not just because of my car sickness) along the Pacific and my first sighting of those cliffs and the ocean.

And I was glad Goodwill was there to keep me clothed and fashionable while doing it.


Representing Goodwill in San Fran

Representing Goodwill in San Fran

I did wear quite a few Goodwill staples out first day walking around the city, so. I guess I should post those as well! ūüôā Hopefully each picture shows up!

The scarf I got when I was in Tampa a month ago and went thrifting with my Mom, it was $2!

The boots are from Goodwill from Target, and I got them last year in CT.

The bag is from Goodwill in Nashville on Charlotte Pike. It’s oversized off-white from H&M and I got it for $5.99.

Now about the pictures:).

The first is of me putting some photography skills to use on Grant St, with the beautiful church on Washington St. in the background. My friend snapped this for me.

The second, nice full body shot with all items in view (didn’t even plan that:) is going down the steps of the coit tower. This tower offers amazing views of the bay with sailboats and blue water galore, the bay bridge, and the quaint city dotted with beautiful architecture. Also, the walls on the main floor are covered in a mural by none other than Diego Rivera of the city’s main spots and hustle and bustle from years ago.

The last picture is of me standing in said tower. Being a tourist and loving it. In my Goodwill scarf.


On Vacation- San Francisco Treat :-)

On Vacation- San Francisco Treat :-)

So I wanted to just write a quick post to let everyone know I am on vacation (since Wednesday) until Tuesday in beautiful Oakland, CA and San Francisco. And when I get back I will start sharing lovely finds again, but until then I’ll try and post some pictures from this trip. The only problem is that from my phone I only know how to post one picture at a time, so I will painfully have to choose one! Most of them are on my Canon, but I do have some awesome ones on my phone as well- it’s San Fran!! Beautiful out here.

This picture is of Lombardy St. I’m sure all of you know of San Francisco’s hilly reputation (it’s crazy!!!) well it’s true. This street is SO steep that they had to make it windy so cars could drive down it. They filled the area between each twist and turn with beautiful gardens, and that with the city and the bay and bay bridge in the background is just breathtaking.

This is the ‘view from the top’.

From here we walked back down to Fisherman’s wharf, which is another great little touristy area. There we saw a seal hangout area- so cool! At least 50 of ’em congregated bathing in the sun or trying to stir up trouble with some other seals. The way they can throw their huge bodies just right up out of the water onto a dock or rock is amazing! I could watch those guys for hours.


Giveaway Reminder! Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Tee

Giveaway Reminder!  Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Tee

Hey all! If you’d like this lovely polka dot puff sleeve tee by Xhilaration from Target, size XS, simply comment on my last post ‘lotsa stuff…’ by next Friday! Leave a kind word or just say hi, or maybe say what you would do for a tee like this:). And I will ship it off to a randomly selected winner post haste!


Lotsa stuff this week and last…Coca-Cola Lady, Anthropologie, J. Crew, Home Decor and more and a Giveaway!!

Where to start.  Me and Goodwill have been busy the last week and a half.  I guess I will just start with the homegoods, and then move on to the good stuff.  The clothing.



Vintage coca-cola tray, 1.99

Who doesn’t want this lady sitting on their coffee table, drink in hand, ready to hang out.


dresser for a troll.  Or jewelry, $4.99

No, I don’t have a troll moving in.¬† It will be interesting to see what¬†a mini dresser will look like sitting on an exact same version of a larger dresser.¬† ‘Twill be nteresting.


brooms for witches.  Or to sit in my hallway or hang in my kitchen and be decorative, 1.99 for a set of 3.

Apparently I have a fairy tale theme going on so far.  Trolls and witches galore.


Ceramic flower vase, 4.99

This is just pretty.¬† that’s all I have to say about that.

IMG_4814 IMG_4813

Light brown pillar candle holder, 4.99

IMG_4827 IMG_4824

toy chest/future DIY project/Window seat, 5.99

A little paint, maybe some stencils, and some¬†pillows thrown on top, and this will be sitting¬†in front of¬†my front window.¬† Hopefully to be my dog’s new resting place, instead of the couch that me and my friends hang out on.

Last, but certainly not least,

IMG_4822 IMG_4821

large brown box, 19.99


Manhattan desk, new in box from, 19.99

List price online, 129.99

I like 19.99.

Sometimes Goodwill scares me.¬† It’s like someone (God…?) puts exactly what I am looking for and what I need there when I come in.¬† It’s weird.

I was looking for a desk today, and knew I probably couldn’t fit an already put together one in my Civic, but I went in hoping anyway.¬† Is that what faith is?? ūüôā¬† And lo and behold, here is one all boxed up and ready to be taken away in my Civic.


I see productivity in my future.¬† Can’t wait.¬† Many good things will go down at this desk.

And now, on to the good stuff.





Chelsea & Violet shirt, sold at Anthropologie, half off for 2.25!

I love the drapey style of this shirt.¬† It’s a size small, so I bought it with the intent of maybe reselling it beacause it is a great brand.¬† But after getting home,¬†I couldn’t help trying it on, and voila!¬† It fits.¬† It’s not going anywhere now.¬† Except out into the world on MY back.

Warm weather wear was not forgotten…Fall IS my favorite season…

IMG_4805 IMG_4804

J. Crew light weight off-white sweater, 3 buttons on each shoulder, 5.99

IMG_4811 IMG_4810

Annalee + Hope chunky burnt yellow sweater, 5.99

I’m not sure who annalee and hope are, but I think I would like them and want them to be my friend.¬† This sweater is great.

My favorite part of it, other than the burnt yellow amazingness (that is pretty much my favorite clothing color of the moment) and the fact that it apparently likes to say the plege of allegiance, is the shorter in front than the back style.  It makes what could be a shapeless unstyled chunky sweater somewhat stylish and fun.  And still warm.  Stylish and warm.  Golden!




Brown Old Navy wrap sweater/cardigan, 5.99

I love the fitted ribbed sleeves and the way you can leave it open or wrap yourself up in it nice and warm and cozy.¬† ‘Twill come in handy.¬† ‘Twill is definitely one of my new favorite words.¬† Using it ALL the time.¬† ‘Twill.

Definitely paid full price (at Goodwill) for fabulous for all these sweaters, but at a full price of 5.99¬†it’s still pretty darn randy.


Lastly, I had some luck last Wednesday on .99 day in my area.  Meaning the half-off color of the week is sold for just .99!  Some pretty good stuff falls through the cracks and makes it to these racks somehow.

For example….

the items below:

IMG_4767 IMG_4768IMG_4766 IMG_4765  IMG_4763 IMG_4762 IMG_4761IMG_4764

Old Navy striped top, ruffle tuxedo detailing

РXhilaration polka dot top puffed sleeve tee

– Forever XXI plaid babydoll tank shirt/dress

-Xhilaration spaghetti strap flower dress, cupped bra top

As I said, pretty good week for Goodwill and me.

One of these items is an XS.

The polka dot Xhilaration top to be particular.  I am not an XS.  Small at best.

But it was .99 for a whole lot of cuteness and I couldn’t say no.


I will be doing a giveaway.

If you would like this shirt and will fit in it, or just want to have it to stare at, whatever floats your boat, simply comment by next Friday,October 4!  l will count the number of comments and pick that number out of a hat, and that number commenter is the lucky winner of this great t-shirt!

Happy thrifting and living!  Have you been having as much luck lately as I have???  I hope so!


And Those Who Can’t DIY…Buy? Rolled Magazine Paper Bowl DIY!


IMG_4776 IMG_4775 IMG_4758  IMG_4754

Rolled Magazine Paper bowl, .99, Goodwill

how to(and other fun crafts):

Well, not normally in my case, but for .99 at Goodwill, yes.

This was such a find for me.

I love the DIY/Craft look, especially when I don’t actually have to do it myself…so I’m a cheater ūüėČ

I mean, ya know I love a good craft, but I don’t always have the patience skills¬†time.

This looks pretty difficult actually.

I am not sure if someone else made it, and I am going to would never take credit, or if it is store bought.¬† I don’t see any label on it, but it could have come off… (Detective Jaime at work here, watch out.¬† She comes out every now and then.)

Either way, it’s fabulous and I can’t wait to display it in the new house I am moving into next month in my FAVORITE area of town.

Since I didn’t actually make this one myself in order¬†to show you how to, I found a lady who did, or at last has¬†a link to how to do it.

So here is my link to a link to create your own rolled up magazine paper basket, and it’s actually¬†two slightly different more fun versions of it.

The blog is, and this is the page with magazine paper projects, including two bowls and one frame.

I’m telling you, if Pinterest was more like this blog, I would be addicted to it just like everyone else.

I couldn’t stop looking at her posts once I found this one.¬† Each craft and DIY was so cool!

I want to do every one.

LIke now.

One was¬†making¬†a necklace out of an old t-shirt by cutting it up and using the fabric.¬† I like necklaces!¬† I don’t like spending money!¬† I can find plenty of old cheap t-shirts at Goodwill!


…another was turning old mason jars into cool ones with words on them using a hot glue gun and spray paint.

I have all of those supplies!!!

And on my reactions went….

until I decided to start paying attention in class again ūüėȬ† but nevermind that…

good student award here.

So you should check it out and find some cool projects, in addition to the DIY magazine paper bowl one.  Let me know if any of you try it and are successful!!  Looks like so much fun!

Unless you find one at Goodwill first like me that is. ūüėČ


Those Who Can’t Buy, DIY





 IMG_4687 IMG_4684

original bureau, $14.99, Goodwill

stencil, Michael’s, $10.99

Get it?¬† It’s cool cause it rhymes…


I have history of buying fixer uppers at Goodwill….and not fixer uppering them…

cough, cough

but times have changed.

And I have fixed up.

The above bureau to be exact.

Whatcha think?

I like it quite a bit.

I started with the white paint.

And then was at Michael’s getting supplies to make something for my new niece Summer Jane, and saw the stencil I used above¬†and knew I had to get it.

The example the stencil packaging had on it was of¬†a bureau just like mine, same exact doors and everything, so I can’t take too much credit for seeing the stencil and thinking of my bureau.

It was pretty much laid out for me by Martha.

Martha Stewart.

I then tossed the idea up of either doing one in the center of each panel door, or two on each, like I have above, kinda.

I went with doing two, and then decided that was ‘two’ much¬†ūüôā and did not do any on the bottom panels.¬† I think it works.

I’m in love with the stencil.

Adds just the right amount of elegance and whimsy.

And competely recreates the bureau.

I had wanted to do a nice refinishing of the wood, but that was much more work!  Apparently.

Baby steps.

My friend said the wood on top was not a quality wood like the doors to be refinished and would be very difficult.  And I had paint on hand, and then a stencil appeared in my life, so this is what happened.

Happy thrifting and DIY’ing,


Speaking of lamps…and “A Friend Loves At All Times”





lamp- Goodwill, $4.99 several years ago

cross sign- Goodwill, .99 last Saturday

A bed is NOT a bed without a lamp beside it.  How are you supposed to read?  Or blog?  Or write?

Or stare for an inappropriately long time¬†at your puppy while he sleeps? ūüėČ

I can’t help it.

One needs a lamp.  Or else you get completely comfortable and have to do the dreaded walk to the door to shut off the lights.  No one wants to do that.  Or you fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night and do it then.

Neither good options.  Enter, lamp.

Thankfully I just got back my favorite lamp from the house I left it in when I moved back to CT last September.¬† (And then returned here in March for those of you not up. to. date.)¬† Somehow I didn’t bring it with me when I left.

Well, I shouldn’t say somehow.¬† Somehow is that I had a broken ankle and both my friends and my boyfriend (bless their amazing hearts) had to ‘help’ me pack, (follow my stressed out orders)¬†and I had to fly out before all my belongings were even safely in my car.¬† Hence the lamp going missing.¬† I would say that has something to do with how.

Sidenote: Moving with a broken ankle/tibia IS NOT FUN.  In the realm of fun and not fun.  It is definitely not fun.

Fortunately, the lamp was still in the same place that I left it, and in one of my many visits to my old place/their current place, I finally remembered to put it in my car.

And then on my nightstand.  Next to my bed.

It is coincidentally one of my favorite Goodwill purchases ever, and I bought it before I started this blog, but I think I have shared it once before.

I don’t think I can share it enough.

I also love the cross I purchased last Saturday for .99.  A steal.  And a good reminder.

A friend loves at all times.

Or should.  We all make mistakes.

And I will leave you with a picture of me once again enjoying my ‘sanctuary‘ on this first absolutely lovely day of fall like weather.¬† High of 77.¬† Nowhere near the 90+ temps of late.¬† And I am loving it.


happy thrifting and living,


Who’s Ready for Fall??? Go get your boots on!

IMG_4598 IMG_4617 IMG_4591 IMG_4593 IMG_4615 IMG_4588

My satisfied face.  Mmmhmmmm.  I found a good one.


Sweater- Forever XXI, $5.99

Boots- Blowfish, $5.99

Flats- daniblack, $2.99, half off color of the week

Wallet- $2.99, no brand name

Me. I am.  Always.  All year.  I love the colors.  The crisp cool air.  The scarves.  The boots.  The accessories!!!  The feel of things ending to make way for new beginnings.

All of the above.

But who is ready clothing wise?

I am just a little bit closer thanks to my trip yesterday to Goodwill.

The sweater is the perfect neutral palette for me to spice up with scarves and hats and such, which I have plenty of.¬† I also love the sleeve style where it is loose under the armpit area.¬† Who doesn’t like a little extra breathing room right there? (Does anyone know what the correct term for this style is?¬† I’d love to know)

The boots are great because they slip easily on and off, are comfortable, and not too high of a heel.  I also have one other or blowfish shoes, they are open toed flats, that I got for about $20 at DSW a couple years ago, and I get compliments on them almost every time I wear them.  So I felt good about another blowfish purchase.

The ‘wallet’, or credit card holder, has a see through pocket for my ID on the other side, as well as a zipper pocket for change/cash.¬† The perfect little size.¬† And I saw my friend use one just like it the other night, and thought that I would like to look for one, and there it was.¬† Good timing as always Goodwill.

I love my new Fall Essentials.¬† And can’t wait for it to be just cool enough to use them.¬† It’s still holding strong at 90+ here in TN at the moment.

My trip to San Francisco in less than two weeks may just be the perfect time.

And…an item I passed on ūüė¶¬† The right shoe was just too loose, as they were technically a size too big.¬† Technicalities.¬† Foot size shmize.


Forever XXI Ballet flats, $4.99

Heartbreaking, huh?

And, in a not so Fall manner…I may have put a cheap box of light blonde Revlon¬†on my hair last night…


…NOT so fally…but I’m glad it turned out alright.¬† Not bright orange or green.¬† These are plusses.

I’d love to go dark for the fall/winter, as¬†they recommend,¬†but anytime I do, it turns a reddish brown, not just straight brown.¬† Someday I’ll figure it out.¬† For now, blonde will do.

And lastly, thanks Martyna over at for reminding me to look for Fall essentials, or else I may just have never found these wonderful items:)

happy Fall thrifting to all of you,


Are you as excited to wear scarves again as I am?

Not that I completely stopped over the summer months…

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