Representing Goodwill in San Fran

Representing Goodwill in San Fran

I did wear quite a few Goodwill staples out first day walking around the city, so. I guess I should post those as well! 🙂 Hopefully each picture shows up!

The scarf I got when I was in Tampa a month ago and went thrifting with my Mom, it was $2!

The boots are from Goodwill from Target, and I got them last year in CT.

The bag is from Goodwill in Nashville on Charlotte Pike. It’s oversized off-white from H&M and I got it for $5.99.

Now about the pictures:).

The first is of me putting some photography skills to use on Grant St, with the beautiful church on Washington St. in the background. My friend snapped this for me.

The second, nice full body shot with all items in view (didn’t even plan that:) is going down the steps of the coit tower. This tower offers amazing views of the bay with sailboats and blue water galore, the bay bridge, and the quaint city dotted with beautiful architecture. Also, the walls on the main floor are covered in a mural by none other than Diego Rivera of the city’s main spots and hustle and bustle from years ago.

The last picture is of me standing in said tower. Being a tourist and loving it. In my Goodwill scarf.



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