Peace Is Looking Out On The Pacific

Peace Is Looking Out On The Pacific

Stinson Beach, California

Yellow lightweight cotton hoodie, The Gap, from Goodwill, 4.99

Brown khaki shorts No-Boundaries/Wal-Mart, from Goodwill, .99

I saw the Pacific Ocean!!!!!

Breathtaking. There are no words.

But this is a blog, so I shall try.

The coast line is majestic and grand and awe and peace inspiring. Hundred plus foot cliffs jutting out of the water for as far as you can see. I imagine it is close to what the coast of Ireland looks like. something I’ve always wanted to see. And then blue sky and water for as far as you can see next to it.

We drove up from Oakland to Stinson Beach yesterday, where this picture was taken, about and hour north of San Francisco, after hiking at Muir Woods National Park among the Redwoods. I felt like a midget in a fairyland for a day. They were so big.

I’ll never forget the drive up the windy Rt 1 (and not just because of my car sickness) along the Pacific and my first sighting of those cliffs and the ocean.

And I was glad Goodwill was there to keep me clothed and fashionable while doing it.



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