How to Thrift and Not Get Frustrated

How to Thrift and Not Get Frustrated

I follow these two lovely gals on Instagram at @onceuponathrift. They find great feminine pretty things all the time, honestly I have a food bit of old fashioned jealousy towards them…but that’s for another day.

But they give tips every now and then, most that I agree with and know, but one that I LOVED was to have patience and that things will not always be laid out for you.

It can seem, when you look at people like me, onceuponathrift, or other thrift bloggers that we just stumble upon this stuff easily and it’s right in front of our faces like it is when you see it.

We don’t. And it isn’t.

But then where would my therapy that I find in sifting through the endless racks, each item completely different.

You have to have patience. You have to sort through junk. It ain’t all pretty. While there are many treasures, and while someone’s trash can be another’s treasure, not everything at the thrift store is worth writing home…or to y’all…about:).

One thing I learned early on, and when I find the best stuff is when I do sort piece by piece through the racks. Touching and looking at each item, even the ones you don’t want to, because you never know what’s hiding in between. If you just glance, you’re not gonna find anything, most of the time at least. This may seem time consuming, because it isn’t all laid out for you like in a normal store, and this can cause people to say they ‘don’t have time for thrifting’ bla bla bla. But as I have said time and time again, this is no excuse, and isn’t really true. How often do you go shopping and spend 30-45 min and maybe not get a thing? I rarely spend more time than this (although I can!) at a thrift store, and pretty much always walk out with something great, at a great price.

Trust me, you can thrift. You just need patience, and a belief in yourself, just like pretty much anything good and worth it in life, wouldn’t you say? :). Coincidence? I think not.

And remember, it ain’t gonna be all laid out for you nice and pretty like you see it on the blogs…but soon enough it will be as easy as it looks.

Happy, and patient, thrifting.

Til next time,




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