Paisley Coasters Anyone?

Paisley Coasters Anyone?

These were my bonus item this morning.

I went specifically to get some low cost polos for a new job I am starting tomorrow (yay!) teaching lovely (I hope) 4 year old pre-kindergartners in a suburb south of Nashville.

We have a uniform. Cue tears.

I’ll be fine…really….really….I’ll be fine…

but anywho, I need to bring polo t-shirts in to get the logo printed on, and so of course, I went to Goodwill. I did attempt another thrift store first that was closer, and found nothing.

Why do I stray?

But I found 3 excellent condition in perfect preschool colors- white, navy, and light brown polo shirts at Goodwill.

I also got just my size city fit khaki trousers, second part of said uniform, for $4.49.

$15 total new uniform expenditure.

Could be worse. Much worse to be honest.

Add on $4 to that for 2 lovely paisley covered ceramic coasters (at .49 each) and a maroon wrap knit sweater ($3!!!). Casualties of going into Goodwill. You’re just gonna find SOMETHING for yourself.

That you MUST buy.

Lastly, not as exciting, but I got a ziplock brand plastic container with lid, the perfect size for a large salad, which I plan on bringing for lunch day 1, for .99. Gotta inspire healthy eating in those kidlings :).

I can’t wait to set my first drink down on one of these babies, which will be soda and/or juice for my mom’s reading purposes, and most likely a glass of red wine for the rest of y’all. One less water ring in the world.

Goodwill once again did not disappoint.

Happy thrifting and living.




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