Who runs the world…thrifters. Who runs this motherf…


I have to share this blog post because…well, I REALLY couldn’t have said it better myself, and even maybe gave me a little insight into why thrifting works so well with my personality, which is an artist (musically).  I also love the part about persistence, not being afraid to tackle a challenge, and finding the beauty/possibility in everything (a saying I actually am planning on getting tattooed on me).  I guess that was more than one part.  Ok, it’s great.  The whole thing is great.  Good job, thrifteuse, y’all read on!

Who runs the world…thrifters. Who runs this motherf….

More than just home decor and vintage tops…

More than just home decor and vintage tops...

I have been known to acquire workout/activewear at the Goodwills as well from time to time.

A list for you of my winnings:

2 long sleeve workout tops, one with a hood
1 pair running shorts
Danskin zip up hooded jacket
And now…

A new with tags fitted sportswear jacket by Lucy.


If this means nothing to you at the moment, no worries, that’s about as much as it meant to me. The original $89 price tag still attached (and the great fit and make of course) however, meant quite a bit. So for $5.99, I scooped it up.

My size, and I workout regularly, why wouldn’t I?

When I mentioned it to my mother when I came home for Christmas, she had a little different reaction:


K, maybe she MIGHT know a little who Lucy is.

And like maybe she wished it had been in her stocking that Christmas….(The thought had fleetingly crossed my mind) Well she can just get over it, because she still made out pretty with two great Goodwill tops- a burnt yellow one and a maroon sweater (I just realized I imposed my favorite colors on her) by Mossimo.

Anyway, I now have two wonderful workout jackets, because in my stocking was a wonderful purple one with all kinda of fun patterns and textures all over it, perfect for my ADD fashion personality.

She also gave me a ring that she had thought hard about keeping, so clearly, she comes out as the better person in both these situations. K, got it.

Well, now y’all know, I am the proud owner of a Lucy jacket, for just $5.99.

How bout them apples?

Happy thrifting!

Do y’all buy workout wear at thrift stores?

-Jaime ❤


Candle holder? Or junk holder?

Candle holder?  Or junk holder?


I got this this past Friday when I was at my local goodwill searching for fun photo booth props. (An idea I learned about from a DIY goodwill blog I get in my email.). Their idea was to buy a cool sheet or something, use it as a backdrop, and get some empty big frames to pose behind, add some cheap scarves, hats and sunglasses and voila! Fun photo booth evening ensues.

But while in the home goods section, this gem of a homegood caught my eye and then came home with me, after the following conversation in my head:

My initial reaction, as it is a container of sorts, was to use it as a junk holder, classy I know, but, I dont really need more junk on display in the house. So my brain pushed on outside of its comfort zone and actually had a nice decorative idea- put a candle in the center!

Which, lucky me, I had this lovely brown candle lying around, most likely from a past goodwill trip.

Candle with no holder, possible holder with no candle; it was a match made in Goodwill :-).

Not to mention, now our bare dining room table has a nice centerpiece of sorts.

Happy thrifting! Thanks for stopping by!

What are your favorite home finds lately?

-Jaime xoxo


Killing at .99 Sunday

Killing at .99 Sunday

Coat- Goodwill (forever 21)- .99
Scarf- Buffalo exchange, San Francisco
Trouser Jeans- Savers (The Gap)- 9.99
Headband- Walgreens- 4.99

Ok, not an actual killing, but headlines sell right?:) I mean a killing the likes of “High prices were murdered because I got 6 GREAT things for 5.96.”

I mean GREAT.

Pictured above is a cropped, burnt yellow (if you have read this blog for any period of time, you should know I love any color with the work ‘burnt’ before it- mostly yellow and orange) puff sleeve blazer/jacket from…Forever 21 for the win! I can’t believe this made it to the .99 rack.

For those of you who don’t know how the Goodwill pricing and sale system works, .99 day isn’t just a random day where they sell randomly chosen items for cheap, they are the items that have been there the longest that NO ONE has taken for theirs, just yet. So when something this good, along with the other 5 items I purchased, are still available on .99 day, it amazes, and excites me.

This cropped yellow coat is just perfect, other than the fact that it doesn’t really button…details, but throw a scarf and some jewelry over that (something I may have more than enough of) and you can barely notice it. For .99, I’ll take it.

As I mentioned, I got a few other items, that I’m sure will be shared in the near future, and that I have already worn, just since Sunday.

Happy thrifting, and make sure to make it to the sale days in your area for extra special deals!



Army Green ‘Surplus’ Coat, Orange Tee, Under $10!!!

Army Green 'Surplus' Coat, Orange Tee, Under $10!!!

I love coats like this and it is so the Nashville style (something I try to encompass daily), so when I found this for just $5.99 about a month ago at my local Goodwill I was beyond excited.

This is me wearing it on a whole ‘nother shopping trip at Goodwill the other day. Wearing Goodwill while shopping at Goodwill, wonderful. And looking good while doing it. How I’m not their spokesperson yet I’ll never know.

I wish I could post more than one picture, but I still haven’t figured out how to do that from my phone yet, and my computer is still having issues lying to me about storage space available on him. It’s a he. Until he can get his behavior issues figured out, I will settle for posting one picture at a time, instead of nothing at all!

Lucky me, I can kill three birds with one stone (or picture) here because the shirt underneath this jacket in the picture AND the jeans are also Goodwill. An all Goodwill outfit, I love when this happens. The bright orange plain good fitting tee is from Forever 21 for $2.24. Paired with a statement necklace from Burlington, that I have gotten well over the $10.99 worth that I paid for it, and my NY&Co jeggings that I got at Goodwill last year for 7.49, and you have a great Nashville church outfit. At least for my church. This is what I wore on Sunday. Looking like you rolled out of bed is high fashion in Nashville, but people still spend $300 to look like that. Unless you’re me. I get set back a mere $20 or so. It’s good to be me, I agree.

Hope you enjoyed the outfit as much as I did wearing it!

Happy thrifting, I’ll be back soon!!