Candle holder? Or junk holder?

Candle holder?  Or junk holder?


I got this this past Friday when I was at my local goodwill searching for fun photo booth props. (An idea I learned about from a DIY goodwill blog I get in my email.). Their idea was to buy a cool sheet or something, use it as a backdrop, and get some empty big frames to pose behind, add some cheap scarves, hats and sunglasses and voila! Fun photo booth evening ensues.

But while in the home goods section, this gem of a homegood caught my eye and then came home with me, after the following conversation in my head:

My initial reaction, as it is a container of sorts, was to use it as a junk holder, classy I know, but, I dont really need more junk on display in the house. So my brain pushed on outside of its comfort zone and actually had a nice decorative idea- put a candle in the center!

Which, lucky me, I had this lovely brown candle lying around, most likely from a past goodwill trip.

Candle with no holder, possible holder with no candle; it was a match made in Goodwill :-).

Not to mention, now our bare dining room table has a nice centerpiece of sorts.

Happy thrifting! Thanks for stopping by!

What are your favorite home finds lately?

-Jaime xoxo


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  1. upshabby
    Jan 20, 2014 @ 02:03:13

    I love walking into thrift stores as you just never know what you’ll find! Very cute. Rattle can it!


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