Thrift Hunters on Spike TV- two men after my own heart

Thrift Hunters on Spike TV- two men after my own heart

Who has heard of this show before, and how have I not?

I’m not sure how long this show has been on the air, but scrolling through the tv listings and seeing the title, it didn’t take me more than a second to say ok to switching to this. I mean ‘thrift hunters’…’mygoodwillfinds’- they’re pretty much the same thing.

This show is about to two men hunting for treasures to resell for profit on eBay. I think they need to add a girl to their team…

*ahem, ahem*

You may think this is different than me. ‘You hunt for the thrill of it, and for finding stuff for yourself’, you may say. True I do. I have however, on occasion, been known to also look for items for the purpose of reselling.

My major in college was business, and while I have quite felt like this major was off the mark, I can’t deny I have a decent business side/saviness to me, and I would honestly be thrilled to own my own business someday, after the songwriting career takes off. 🙂

The closest I’ve gotten to having my own business (which isn’t bery close) is buying and reselling items I’ve gotten at thrift stores, on ebay or at consignment stores. It’s exciting, to quickly and easily turn even just $5 into $15, just because you have a good eye for treasure…

I also, 9 times out of 10, as I have mentioned before, buy furniture at Goodwill for cheap when I need it, and simply resell it when I move, if needed, generally ending up for a profit. This isn’t my goal, but I get it so cheap, and it’s usually worth so much more, that it happens easily.

Last July, I sold my matching set of two end tables and a coffee table for $60, when I paid either $20 or $40. You can search ‘ikea at goodwill’ to see the post on that find. That’s a $20-$40 profit.

I also, just today, sold my new in box desk from Target for $60, and I paid $20 last September. I did have to assemble it, but that is because I used it for several months. $40 profit.

The list could go on.

If I had more time and wasn’t focused on songwriting, I may make this more of a business. But until then, I’ll live vicariously trough Thrift Hunters and maybe learn some lessons from them.

Tune in on Spike TV to check it out if you haven’t!

-Jaime ❤


Coordinated Throw Pillows- 3/$9

Coordinated Throw Pillows- 3/$9

How cute are all three of these?

The two obviously match, but the third purple one is separate I think, but it went so well!

It was a struggle, but I had to pass.

I will be hopefully getting my own place soon, I have a roommate now, and can’t wait to decorate, but if I got these, then I’m kind of stuck to that color scheme. I think I want to do a more bright/funky/fun feel. We’ll see. But I’m gonna try and wait til I have a decorating plan and look for stuff to match that, rather than the other way around. Which I’m sure ill have no problem finding what I need when I come up with a scheme.

Would you have bought these lovelinesses?

Happy thrifting and decorating,

Jaime ❤


How to do a color pop- Teal Felted Flats from Urban

How to do a color pop- Teal Felted Flats from Urban

Teal Felt Pointed Flats- $3, BDG from Urban Outfitters. $18-20 at the store.

Well, it’s pretty simple, wear all neutrals and then ONE nice POP of color somewhere on your body. Scarf, earrings, bracelets, pants, etc. just one piece of a nice bold color. I like to do it in a nice flat, which is why I scooped these up immediately for $3 when I saw them at Goodwill on a half price Saturday. It was a ‘be still my beating heart moment’, for sure.

They are size 8, I am size 7 (or a child’s size 4/5 if the occasion and/or child’s shoe department calls for it), but thanks to some wide feet, sometimes I need bigger or at least can fit into a bigger size flat or heel because of my width. Flats and heels tend to run a little tight. So this is one of the times I am thankful for a little foot girth.

Thanks to it, I can have a fun teal color pop when I want.

Here I paired it with an all off white (key word ‘all’- no other color in the shirt to make a color pop work) and pair of skinny dark blue jeans, that have seen better days, if you ask me. But I loved these so much when I got them, it’s hard to accept they’re fading. (Jeans are neutral and not considered a ‘color’ for this method).

So…the only color on my body is a nice teal shoe. The eye is drawn there, and they are showcased, as they should be. They’re lovely, AND comfortable. And $3.

I don’t have earrings in, but if I did they would be a neutral. Possibly shiny, but no color.

I would also do this outfit with a black top as opposed to tan or off white, still a neutral/color-less technically.

So glad it’s becoming spring (at least here in TN) and I can start wearing my lovely flats again!!

Happy thrifting and popping,

-Jaime ❤


A Marriage of Sorts

A Marriage of Sorts

What happens when you put two .99 items from Goodwill together??

Awesomeness of course.

Yes each item was .99 at Godwill on one of their .99 color of the week sale days.

The dress is originally old navy, and the blazer is forever mine…I mean forever 21.

I have posted about each of these items separately before, but I thought a post of them together, happily ever after, a post all their own, was deserving. A love like that needs mentioning.

Happy thrifting and fashioning,

Jaime ❤


My Latest Pinspiration

My Latest Pinspiration

Dress- Goodwill, .99
Boots- Goodwill, $10/20ish
Scarf- Plato’s closet, $6

I recently mentioned I have finally started using pinterest, mostly because I finally found a specific use for it.

Things in life like Pinterest tend to daunt me because I don’t know where to go first, so something like pinterest, that most people would assume is right up my crafting alley, I just stay away from.

Until a few weeks ago.

Until I was unable to figure out how to coordinate all the wonderful items I had accumulated in my closet, largely thanks to Goodwill.

Pinterest to the rescue

A quick type of ‘outfit ideas’ in the search box, and voila. Hundreds of outfit ideas at my fingertips, literally. So I scroll quickly through, looking for two things- outfits I like, and items I already have in my closet. It’s kind of fun.

The only dangerous part is finding too many only part a’s ;). So far I’ve stuck with focusing on both and using just what I have!

As you can see, I will add my own little twist, but for the most part this outfit was a direct copy- large cardigan sweater, short black dress, brown belt, brown boots. I wore a scarf and leggings because, well, it was 9 degrees when I woke up this morning. I think y’all will forgive me 🙂

The dress I got last summer for .99….yeah, at Goodwill, and the boots last winter for $10-20, I can’t completely remember, at Goodwill.

What do you do to get out of a Fashion rut/block??

-Jaime ❤


Dance, Love, Sing, Live- Blank Journal

Dance, Love, Sing, Live- Blank Journal

Blank Thick Quotable Journal, $1.00 (half off of 1.99) from

I may argue about the order of those events, but all in all, good advice. I would say I’m good at two out of the three at the moment- singing and living. Dancing may be a list cause, but I and we all can be better at loving.

When I first saw this I assumed it was a book of some sorts, and was excited to get it as a coffee table book (I have been obsessed with coffee table books asking as I can remember). So when I opened it to see it was a blank journal, I was a little disappointed. It’s kind of big for me to use a journal in my everyday writing life, and also kind of strange to have a blank journal on your coffee table. But I decided it was too cute to pass up, and now it sits on my coffee table, still blank inside, but with such a good message on the outside, it really doesn’t matter.

Hey, maybe I’ll use it as a guest book or something and people that stop by can leave a kind word or memory for me to look through in the future. I kinda like that idea.

Dance, sing, love, and live,

Jaime ❤


Of course it’s his…

Of course it's his...

Chair- $10
Throw Pillow- $1.99
Dog- $110 and lots of headaches

As the subtitle of this blog says, “the LIFE of a fashionable goodwill-aholic”…and not much more can sum up my life than my dog/puppy :-), Baker Jones (he has two names, mostly for something else to yell at him when I am mad- also it makes him sound like a jazz musician- it happens and he knows his middle name well). I love him more than I probably should or is healthy, but you would too if you had a run in with him, I promise. He has that puppy dog face down to a science. It helps that he is still kind of the size of a puppy too, he never quite made it to the full grown I was expecting, but I still love him anyway, clearly.

So it is/was really no surprise to me when I brought this chair home (you may recognize it from a few posts ago) that it quicly became his. Helped in part by the fact that I immediately directed him to climb up on it and find it very comfortable. Why beat around the bush here.

You see, I have a roommate, and the very pretty off white couch (a color I stay very clear away from…and one pillow may have been flipped the week I moved in due to a clumsy glass of red wine that could just not sit still in my hand- it’s always the glass’s fault) is hers, and she doesn’t want him on it. Understandable. Black fur. White couch. Not the look she’s going for. Then I will buy a chair, (brown, a much more Jaime friendly color) and let him…tell him, to rest on it as much as he wants. Heck, at $10 that chair was cheaper than any dog bed I could buy or have bought for him anywhere.

So he has had no problem making it his own, and can be found on any given njght curled up in the center into the impossibly tiny little ball he forms when sleeping, right next to the also impossibly adorable little double sided of cuteness throw pillow I got from Goodwill sometime ago (months…years…I honestly can’t remember). It’s all a blur at this age.

Side note, I really do love this pillow, and you should make sure you can see what little of it is in this picture. If I had my chose/designing skills/money, my whole apartment would embody the spirit of this pillow. I think you get the picture. I have no idea where it originally hails from, but it came into my life at Goodwill.

Happy thrifting~
-Jaime ❤

Do you have pets that you treat as children too?


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