Thrift Hunters on Spike TV- two men after my own heart

Thrift Hunters on Spike TV- two men after my own heart

Who has heard of this show before, and how have I not?

I’m not sure how long this show has been on the air, but scrolling through the tv listings and seeing the title, it didn’t take me more than a second to say ok to switching to this. I mean ‘thrift hunters’…’mygoodwillfinds’- they’re pretty much the same thing.

This show is about to two men hunting for treasures to resell for profit on eBay. I think they need to add a girl to their team…

*ahem, ahem*

You may think this is different than me. ‘You hunt for the thrill of it, and for finding stuff for yourself’, you may say. True I do. I have however, on occasion, been known to also look for items for the purpose of reselling.

My major in college was business, and while I have quite felt like this major was off the mark, I can’t deny I have a decent business side/saviness to me, and I would honestly be thrilled to own my own business someday, after the songwriting career takes off. 🙂

The closest I’ve gotten to having my own business (which isn’t bery close) is buying and reselling items I’ve gotten at thrift stores, on ebay or at consignment stores. It’s exciting, to quickly and easily turn even just $5 into $15, just because you have a good eye for treasure…

I also, 9 times out of 10, as I have mentioned before, buy furniture at Goodwill for cheap when I need it, and simply resell it when I move, if needed, generally ending up for a profit. This isn’t my goal, but I get it so cheap, and it’s usually worth so much more, that it happens easily.

Last July, I sold my matching set of two end tables and a coffee table for $60, when I paid either $20 or $40. You can search ‘ikea at goodwill’ to see the post on that find. That’s a $20-$40 profit.

I also, just today, sold my new in box desk from Target for $60, and I paid $20 last September. I did have to assemble it, but that is because I used it for several months. $40 profit.

The list could go on.

If I had more time and wasn’t focused on songwriting, I may make this more of a business. But until then, I’ll live vicariously trough Thrift Hunters and maybe learn some lessons from them.

Tune in on Spike TV to check it out if you haven’t!

-Jaime ❤



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