New ‘Vintage’ Graphic Tee

New 'Vintage' Graphic Tee

Volkswagen imitation vintage graphic tee, 2.14, Target.

I’d like to say this is one of those times that I thought to myself, “I’d like a cool vintage graphic tee”, and I went to Goodwill I found one. But it’s not, unlike many other lucky times, this took a good six months. And it’s still not completely right. I was hoping for a real from the 70s vintage tee with a cool graphic on, it one-of-a-kind. This is cool, from Target not the 70s with a cool graphic on it, not so one-of-a-kind. But for $2.14 (it was half off), I’ll settle, at least the graphic is pretty cool. I mean it’s a Volkswagen.

And it was sitting right on the end of the rack for me, on show, I didn’t have to search for it or anything, And it fits pretty well.

I’m still holding out for a true vintage one sometime, and I have faith it will show up, whenever it’s supposed to, who am I to question the goodwill gods’ timing?:). This is what I am meant to have for now, and I’ll take it, and I’ll wear it, under a nice jean button down, and my new skinny jeans that I’m in love with, designer for $23 from Burlington coat factory. I have two other main pairs I was wearing and it was getting close to bye bye time for them.

Happy thrifting and patience:)
-Jaime ❤



3-in-1: Such a Handi-Woman Am I

3-in-1: Such a Handi-Woman Am I

Ok, maybe not really.

This 3 in 1 tool is the only tool I own, since losing the nice tool kit my stepdad (at goodwill coincidentally) got me a few years ago when I moved out of state.

The handle of the hammer unscrews into a flathead and a Phillips head screwdriver, for 1.99 at Goodwill.

And, it’s pink 🙂

I have used it for many a unscrewing lightbulb fixtures to change…the light, so far. I’m sure it has more adventures to come, but it’s nice to not feel so completely helpless and tool-less since losing my first tool box.

And it’s pink 🙂

Happy thrifting,

Jaime ❤


Playing music out in American Rag…brought to you by Goodwill

Playing music out in American Rag...brought to you by Goodwill

If you are new to this blog (well first, welcome:-) and second, I am by trade an aspiring singer songwriter (more so writer than singer, although I would say I’m pretty darn good at both or at least getting there). It is the reason I moved to Nashville from CT four blissful years ago, and have never looked back.

Well that is actually quite untrue.

I did look back.

Even more than that, I MOVED back:). For last winter. (Wrong season much???)

Missed my adorable awesome beautiful large family 17 hours away too much I couldn’t stand it and went home. Then 6 short months later I realized I still belonged in Music City where my heart beats, and moved back. For good. And since THEN, well, I haven’t looked back.

Hey, at least I got it right the second time.

Anyway, I play out at a Nashville phenomenon called ‘writers nights’ quite often. A writers night is when writers play strictly and solely their material, and play it in a round where 2-4 songwriters take turns playing their songs, in a type of round. Nashville is home to more than 20,000 songwriters so these nights are prevalent across town.

My last one was at the Millenium maxwell hotel, quite fun, and I wore this Goodwill top by American Rag that I had purchased a few days earlier. I feel like I got it at half off, but can’t be certain because I know I would have been willing to pay the full price of 4.29 for a great American Rag top like this. It was missing one half of the attached fabric belt/string, but I got home and said ‘no problem’. A little snippy snippy and the remaining half was off and I used my own little braided belt to create some cinching instead. Worked like a charm and people were happily seeing my waistline all night long:) Although when you’re sitting in a chair playing guitar I can’t say that it matters much.

Anywho, the night was a success, I played my best yet, and the people I invited to play had a blast, and I think it’s safe to say we can attribute at least 70% of that success to this shirt. At least. 30% to the long hours practicing and writing the material.

Til next time, happy thrifting and living ❤


Ps if you'd like to hear my music it is at You can download songs for free!

Also, if you want to help further my career, you can vote for my song that is a finalist in a national competition (go me!!!:) at, and hear some other great writers as well.


Vintage Suitcase Side Table/Nightstand

Vintage Suitcase Side Table/Nightstand

You know what Goodwill has a lot of. . .that I have always wanted to buy, but in practicality just really wouldn’t work for me- old suitcases. (Imagine lugging them around the airport?? I’ll take mine with wheels, thanks)

So when I saw this photo on pinterest the other day (yes I am learning to love it!) I was happy to discover another use for them and therefore excuse to now go perusing the endless suitcase thrift supply.

These are very pretty indeed, but I will not put it last Goodwill to have some very pretty ones waiting for me one of the next few times I stop in. Never doubt the Goodwill gods. I may just check one of the other several thrift stores very close to me as well, for such an item(s) as this.

What a cute bedside table idea? Did you also notice the mirror tray on top?

Do you love pinterest? Used any particularly great ideas from it?

-Jaime ❤


Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple

Sweater- Goodwill from Ann Taylor Loft, $3

I have been told that purple is a great color on me with my new-ish brown hair. In this sweater, I’d HAVE to agree.

I got this sweater at half price, along with my perfect arm chair, last Saturday. The first glorious Saturday of every month in my area, the entire store is half off. Furniture, books, jewelry, home goods, children- just seeing if you were paying attention :). It’s great. .99 day is cheaper…but it’s not the whole store- kind of a trade off.

Anyway, I like it especially for sweaters because all sweaters are 5.99 in my area, which I think is a tad bit much, and I have to SUPER like it at that price to take it home. But half off for $3 is a pretty easy peasy decision.

Especially for a basically new, perfectly fitting purple v neck sweater from Ann Taylor Loft. See above:) I’m talking the extra button and ‘remove before wearing’ sensor were still attached. Steal.

I wore it to church the NEXT morning with a great green statement necklace I got at platos closet for $5 around a month ago.

NOBODY would look at that sweater and necklace combo and think, “I bet she paid $8 for all that.” But I did. Trickster am I 🙂

Even if they do, I feel worth much more than $8, and that’s all that matters. A good outfit can change your day, even your life. Trust me.

(Right Stacy and Clinton??).

If only Stacy and Clinton had taken clients to Goodwill on their show….

Happy thrifting and styling,

-Jaime ❤


Which one are you?

Which one are you?

Leather chair- $20 at half off Saturday
Fabric Vintage Chair- $10 at half off Saturday

I’m gonna hope by now, that if you have been reading this blog for a bit, then you know which chair, both great in their own rights, that I chose.

If you picked correctly right away, then you know me better than I know me.

Because clearly, I’m the one that’s been loved and that has character and quirks and is really comfy- but sometimes I think I should be wanting the shiny and new and leather and impressive one (the one on the left). So that’s what I did. I picked that one first. I took the tag off and was gonna buy it, and then did a little soul searching. Did I really want that one? Or was I trying to be impressive to God knows who? It maybe impressive with its stateliness, but I like a little more ‘come sit on me and everything will be alright, I’ve been doing this for awhile’ kinda chair. A chair with experience.

So I put the tag happily back, and with a peace in my soul, removed the tag from the other chair (coincidentally saving me $10), and bought that one.

Obviously, I’m not just talking about the chair, I’m talking about life. The goal doesn’t always have to be the shiny new item, and ‘making it’ doesn’t mean possessing these things. If you like old and used and comfy, then go with it, and be happy.

So I did, and now she sits with two throw pillows purchased in past years sitting stop her, making her even more comfy, and pretty, the best combination.

I’m sure that leather one will find a happy home somewhere, but not with me.

And if its with you- that’s fine. If that’s what you want 🙂

Happy thrifting and living…
-Jaime ❤


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