Sick Day –> off to Goodwill for .99 Wednesday

 Brown button up tank- Gap, .99

Green Jeans- Hermosa, .99

Capris with ankle zipped- Old navy, .99

Ok, I have to share this unrelated silliness first, as I just typed the word ‘Wednesday’. On Facebook last night I saw one of those hilarious pictures of a serious man with a saying on it that said “I don’t always write the word Wednesday, but when I do, I think ‘Wed-nes-day’.” And I did. And now it’s spelled correctly for you. Hahaha.

Anyway, I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning, nothing day stopping, but when you’re supposed to record a vocal for a demo of a song you wrote, it kind of puts that on hold, so I had a little free time to go around the corner to Goodwill. It was .99 wed-nes-day after all. Why would I go to my other job early? Nope, I’ll go there as when expected, and shop at Goodwill in the meantime.

I also was going going looking for some items to sell on the electronic bay, eBay if you will. And I found a couple anthropoligie dressed…luckily a size XS and S so there is no temptation to keep. I’ll post a picture of them and you can head over to place your bid if you’d like! They are sundresses by Lilka.

But the .99 color of the week had a few things for me as well.

Like these great green pants. .99 by hermosa. (That means pretty or handsome in Spanish, if you don’t know. That dawned on me while I was typing that.)

And this great button up sleeveless blouse from the Gap for .99 was sitting in the dressing room I went in. Thank you.

Also, I got some great light blue jean capris, with a small zipper on each ankle hem (my favorite part) for .99.

Coincidentally enough, or not so coincidental in my case, the flats pictured are also Goodwill, from another trip. I was so happy when I found them because they resembled some Steve Madden flats I had once Upon a time that I either stupidly got rid of in a cleaning spree, or lost in a move. But one day realized I no longer had them. But now I have these.

Not pictured for .99 as well are some boot cut jeans from Old navy. Not amazing, but do the trick. And I’ve been needing some just comfortable throw on jeans to go to the dog park or what not in. Happy about that.

It was a good Wednesday trip and I can’t wait to share my other finds with you soon enough, they’re good!

Happy thrifting,




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  1. jesuswasaprimate
    Mar 06, 2014 @ 09:40:46

    Great finds!

    Whenever I hear of people buying Gap or Old Navy Jeans, I share this article

    Not that the pair you bought will give you mom butt, but good solid information 😉


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