Fun in New Orleans

Fun in New Orleans

I had the pleasure last Thursday-Saturday of spending a couple days in New Orleans with some of my favorite gal pals.

Oh my! Those two last words rhyme. Wouldja look at that.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned liking Nashville’s location so much because there are several cool cities within driving distance, New Orleans being under 8 hours.

My friend knew someone who owned…i mean owns…we didn’t break in on who currently lives there now- a condo in the French Quarter, so we stayed there free of charge. It was nice.

We were walking around the Garden District, as it is called, on Friday, and as I walked by this red door I couldn’t pass up the photo op. it would have been a sin.

And surprise of surprises, my outfit that day (minus the sandals) was entirely Goodwill. I have posted about both items already, the green jacket with hurricane collar ($5.99), and the old navy ankle zipper light blue jean capris (.99. yes you read that right). Underneath the jacket, not visible to the naked, or just the absolutely normal, eye, is a blue flowery loose (flowery. loose. favorite words) racer back tank I got in CT last year for…cheap. Silly me was not thinking about this blog and to unzip the jacket before the picture so y’all could see it!

Still worth a post though.

The girl is my good friend Rion, who has been the photographer a time or two for pictures for this blog. So there she is. Photog extraordinaire.

New Orleans was beautiful and quaint and there were beads everywhere:). I would go again for sure. And not just to model my Goodwill clothes.

Happy thrifting and traveling!




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