Lotsa stuff this week and last…Coca-Cola Lady, Anthropologie, J. Crew, Home Decor and more and a Giveaway!!

Where to start.  Me and Goodwill have been busy the last week and a half.  I guess I will just start with the homegoods, and then move on to the good stuff.  The clothing.



Vintage coca-cola tray, 1.99

Who doesn’t want this lady sitting on their coffee table, drink in hand, ready to hang out.


dresser for a troll.  Or jewelry, $4.99

No, I don’t have a troll moving in.  It will be interesting to see what a mini dresser will look like sitting on an exact same version of a larger dresser.  ‘Twill be nteresting.


brooms for witches.  Or to sit in my hallway or hang in my kitchen and be decorative, 1.99 for a set of 3.

Apparently I have a fairy tale theme going on so far.  Trolls and witches galore.


Ceramic flower vase, 4.99

This is just pretty.  that’s all I have to say about that.

IMG_4814 IMG_4813

Light brown pillar candle holder, 4.99

IMG_4827 IMG_4824

toy chest/future DIY project/Window seat, 5.99

A little paint, maybe some stencils, and some pillows thrown on top, and this will be sitting in front of my front window.  Hopefully to be my dog’s new resting place, instead of the couch that me and my friends hang out on.

Last, but certainly not least,

IMG_4822 IMG_4821

large brown box, 19.99


Manhattan desk, new in box from target.com, 19.99

List price online, 129.99

I like 19.99.

Sometimes Goodwill scares me.  It’s like someone (God…?) puts exactly what I am looking for and what I need there when I come in.  It’s weird.

I was looking for a desk today, and knew I probably couldn’t fit an already put together one in my Civic, but I went in hoping anyway.  Is that what faith is?? 🙂  And lo and behold, here is one all boxed up and ready to be taken away in my Civic.


I see productivity in my future.  Can’t wait.  Many good things will go down at this desk.

And now, on to the good stuff.





Chelsea & Violet shirt, sold at Anthropologie, half off for 2.25!

I love the drapey style of this shirt.  It’s a size small, so I bought it with the intent of maybe reselling it beacause it is a great brand.  But after getting home, I couldn’t help trying it on, and voila!  It fits.  It’s not going anywhere now.  Except out into the world on MY back.

Warm weather wear was not forgotten…Fall IS my favorite season…

IMG_4805 IMG_4804

J. Crew light weight off-white sweater, 3 buttons on each shoulder, 5.99

IMG_4811 IMG_4810

Annalee + Hope chunky burnt yellow sweater, 5.99

I’m not sure who annalee and hope are, but I think I would like them and want them to be my friend.  This sweater is great.

My favorite part of it, other than the burnt yellow amazingness (that is pretty much my favorite clothing color of the moment) and the fact that it apparently likes to say the plege of allegiance, is the shorter in front than the back style.  It makes what could be a shapeless unstyled chunky sweater somewhat stylish and fun.  And still warm.  Stylish and warm.  Golden!




Brown Old Navy wrap sweater/cardigan, 5.99

I love the fitted ribbed sleeves and the way you can leave it open or wrap yourself up in it nice and warm and cozy.  ‘Twill come in handy.  ‘Twill is definitely one of my new favorite words.  Using it ALL the time.  ‘Twill.

Definitely paid full price (at Goodwill) for fabulous for all these sweaters, but at a full price of 5.99 it’s still pretty darn randy.


Lastly, I had some luck last Wednesday on .99 day in my area.  Meaning the half-off color of the week is sold for just .99!  Some pretty good stuff falls through the cracks and makes it to these racks somehow.

For example….

the items below:

IMG_4767 IMG_4768IMG_4766 IMG_4765  IMG_4763 IMG_4762 IMG_4761IMG_4764

Old Navy striped top, ruffle tuxedo detailing

– Xhilaration polka dot top puffed sleeve tee

– Forever XXI plaid babydoll tank shirt/dress

-Xhilaration spaghetti strap flower dress, cupped bra top

As I said, pretty good week for Goodwill and me.

One of these items is an XS.

The polka dot Xhilaration top to be particular.  I am not an XS.  Small at best.

But it was .99 for a whole lot of cuteness and I couldn’t say no.


I will be doing a giveaway.

If you would like this shirt and will fit in it, or just want to have it to stare at, whatever floats your boat, simply comment by next Friday,October 4!  l will count the number of comments and pick that number out of a hat, and that number commenter is the lucky winner of this great t-shirt!

Happy thrifting and living!  Have you been having as much luck lately as I have???  I hope so!


You see a tie…

I see a headband!

IMG_3491 IMG_3492IMG_3470

(you all should know, while taking this picture I had my camera turned towards me and got accosted by a salesperson because my phone was facing outward and she thought I was taking a picture of the general store.  something that apparently is not allowed, and upset her very much.  i hide the trauma well, I know)

You’re welcome ladies.

Now I have given you something to do with a whole new section of the thrift store that was, until now, as relevant as a landline telephone to you.

Put ’em in your hair.

And tie ’em in a bow.

And be pretty.

Just make sure it’s a somewhat girly pattern.

Or not.

Whatever floats that boat.

So it is somewhat noticeable that it is a tie…and not a scarf or actual headband dear me…

but trust me this is good, because then you can get people who will come up to you and say,

“Is that I tie?  That’s so cool!!  What a good idea!”

It’s already happened.  Once.

So I like compliments and attention.

Why do you think I started a blog??


Pick one that is

a) not very stiff so that it ties easily and

b) is somewhat skinny so it is also more tie-able and it won’t awkwardly peek out to say hello from behind your head quite as much as wider one will.

We get the attention.  Not the tie.  It must reck’nize.  (too far?)

At the register, I had to choose just one of these lovely patterns as she sadly informed me only clothing was half off.  Apparently a tie is not clothing, its an accessory.  I couldn’t bring myself to pay the full $2.99 for both, when expecting to happily pay half that.  So of course after making sure she really thought a tie wasn’t clothing…I requested the her opinion and we settled on blue.  I love the brown one, but the blue does bring out my eyes.

But so does brown.

Ahhh, I had to make a decision or leave with neither.

I’m gonna leave you with some action/outfit shots of the burnt orange life in progress shorts I recently purchased and shared with you two posts ago:

IMG_3499 IMG_3497

Do ya like my color pop necklace?

Tank, Old Navy, Beaded Necklace, 2nd Chance Shop in Glastonbury, CT

I wore this outfit when my friend stopped over for some heated up Trader Joes homemade dinner the other night and I decided to throw something on other than gray cotton shorts and a tee, and be a proper host.

Also, I like to look good.

So go out and find your own tie headband and show me what you come up with!  We gotta find a use for all these old Father’s Day presents that none of them really needed.  Who really needs another tie??

Well, your head does:)

Peace and Happy thrifting,


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Excuses excuses…another use for a placemat!

IMG_3485 IMG_3486


Sometimes one Goodwill purchase begets another.

Am I right?

Not that I ever ever ever need an excuse to go to a Goodwill and look around, but I had an excuse the other day when I decided that I am actually not going to be painting the armoire I found just yet (soon, I swear), and so am in need of a cloth type thing to cover the top with.

So I walked in the store, not sure where I would look for said cloth type thing first, but smartly walked back to the linen section.

sometimes that thing taking up space in my head comes up with some pretty good ideas.


Some cool patterns…but may be kinda weird.

Place mat?

Yes!  Ding ding!


 A place mat would be the perfect size for the center of the top of the bureau.  And look at these place mats galore!  All ready to beautify my somewhat in need of love armoire at home.

I narrowed it to a few patterns, and then I thought about gathering a crowd and maybe turning it into an American Idol vote type situation on which would be the winner.  People could pick favorites and each week we could narrow it down by one.  And some of the placemats would get to visit Hollywood….fun,

But then I just decided to pick one, and this made the final cut:

IMG_3467 IMG_3466

0.99 each

It’s like two for the price of one.  The front and back have different patterns.  So my ADD self can switch it up when I get bored.  Soon.  .

I felt a little bad buying just ONE that I needed, as they were ALL neatly put together in groups of 4.  I didn’t want to tear a family apart…some family of four is going to come along and love this pattern and think, who’s not gonna have a place for their crumbs every night?  Not Jimmy.  He’s too messy.  Can’t be katie, she’s scared of bare tables…guess we’ll just have to leave these placemats here.

Sad story.

 But they were priced individually, so I was technically allowed to buy just one if I wanted…

so I settled on two.  At least I didn’t split the children up.

 The armoire has a big top, so I could easily use a second if I needed.  And for .99 a piece, why not?

IMG_3486 IMG_3485

Already in use.  I conveniently have two other Goodwill pieces of decor in the picture as well.  You may recognize them.

Not like it was that hard.  Pretty much all of the decor I have is Goodwill.

I ended up using the second placemat to put on one of my other dressers that also needed some love.  I’ll let them visit each other every now and then, don’t worry.

It was Sunday when I went dresser topping shopping; the day that the color of the previous week is going on last chance sale for .99  an item, before they go meet their fate at the Outlet store.

So I couldn’t help but look around.

And on one of the .99 racks in the center aisle of the store was this:


Black Beauty.  Cotton stretch dress by Charming Charlies, size M, for 0.99.

i had thought of charming charlies as only a jewelry store.  but then again i have never actually walked inside.  quite clearly, they sell clothes.  and now i own one of them.  for much cheaper than they would like I’m sure.

And it fits!


hugging my curves in all the right places! 

On the way from the dressing room to the register I happened upon this discarded item in the children’s section-

IMG_3481 IMG_3482

This low waisted flower covered black flowy skirt with pockets.  By No Strings Attached for $4.49. 

did you notice it has all my favorite adjectives?  Flowy.  Flower.  Low Waisted.  except one of course…black. <:/

Remember, black is only OK because it is COVERED IN FLOWERS.  🙂  Only time I will allow it.

All in all an hour well spent at Goodwill.  My armoire and my body will now be better dressed.

Thanks for stopping by and happy thrifting trails to you!!


Do you find you need an excuse to go thrifting or is the thrill of the hunt enough of an excuse for ya?