Time with Puppy, or Goodwill Hunting; a Five Year Old’s Decision

You’d think the answer to this an easy one, no?  Especially if you knew my animal LOVING (putting it mildly) five year old niece, Alex.  But you also know me, her 28 year old Goodwill loving (putting it mildly) aunt, Jaime.  Apparently, I have trained her well.  Five month old black lab puppy, recipient of her love and many affections, got a little QT in the car, as Goodwill hunting won out, and we went in to search for treasure. 

In her defense, one of her finds was a badly needed green retractable leash for the pup that he will grow into very nicely.  I have still been using the sad purple rope excuse for a leash that they gave me at the Nashville Humane Associaton the day that I took him home.  Now thanks to Alex,and of course Goodwill, Baker now has a proper leash for a mere $2, half off its original price of $4 because it was the color of the week.  Ask me what my favorite color is, and you may just get a different color week to week…one that possibly correspons to Goodwill’s current half off color…just maybe.

Now to get to the good stuff.  And are. they. good- my finds.  And my nieces’.  And my sister’s friend Tara’s.  All good.

Number 1:

Shirt/dress by ANGIE.  $3.99. 

I am wearing it in this picture with a black pair of leggings from NY&Co for $5 from the store.  Also notice the purse to my left, a yellow bag by Report, purchased at Goodwill in the past several months for under $15.  And I can’t not mention the Rose colored sunglasses crowning my head.  Not Goodwill, but very worthy of a shout out.  Betsey Johnson from T.J. Maxx for 14.99.  And all my sunny sights will be rose colored from now on.  Happy girl.  Anyway, I am at the new frozen yogurt place in my hometown, where you pour your own froyo, mix in your own toppings (from strawberries to coconut to crushed butterfinger, etc.) and pay for the whole creation by weight.  I hope that no one ever tries to pay for me by weight.  It just wouldn’t feel right. 

I met my sister there with her three young ones after the oldest two tumbled around in gymnastics class for 3 hours.  And they still had energy to sprint race up and down the sidewalk afterwards.  It must have had something to do with the giant cup fulls of sugar we so willingly gave them. 

We also met my sister’s friend Tara there, whose daughter had on these:

Brand new imitation Tom’s for $6 from her local Goodwill.


And here is the happy owner herself.  I do think that picture says it all.

Another happy pair of feet, decked out in shiny pink birkenstocks just purchased that morning at Goodwill, and put on on the car ride home. 

And the other happy owner, my second niece, face covered in chocolate froyo. 

And lastly, my other niece’s new shorts, Hello Kitty.  I am fairly positive their could have been a pile of poop with hello kitty’s image emblazoned on top, and she would have taken it home.  Something about that little feline really gets those girls’ motors running.  She wore these shorts immediately after buying them to gymnastics that afternoon.  Making all the other little gymnasts jealous, I’m sure.  And don’t ask about the pose.  This was clearly the best way to get her whole body in the shot. 

Now no more documentation, but I did have a few more finds, including a miniature mannequin used to hold necklaces and earrings for $3, two books for $1.50 total, and a wall art plaque that reads:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

A lot of wisdom to hang on my wall for just $2.  The older I get, the more those seemingly cliche phrases start to mean to me.  Dancing in the rain.  We really knew what we were doing when we were four and five.  I’m gonna be full of em by the time I’m…well, older.

Picture from a storm I got caught in while driving across the east coast from CT to TN.

So go, dance in the rain, and try to find some enjoyment from those storms you may be in.  And if you’re not, go find someone who is and help them dance.  And oh yeah, do some shopping at Goodwill while you’re at it, cause that is just good for everyone involved.