Trash to Treasure- Frame Style Wall Display- San Francisco!


Clockwise- Lombardy St, Golden Gate, Pacific, Volkswagen on San Fran Street


I started with these:


Five un-matching, but otherwise in good condition, frames from Goodwill.

At .99 a piece!

How can you beat that….

if only they were somewhat coordinated…


Enter handy can of gray spraypaint that I got at a yard sale for .25 last Spring, or for about $3 at your local dollar store.

And voila- matching frame display for my wall.

I couldn’t bring myself to spray the white one- it was just so pretty, and white goes with anything anyway….

Now before I had graduated all the way to a full frame display set, I began with just one:


Weeds on the Pacific Ocean at Night, Northern California- September 2013

This lovely number.

The detail is so pretty, but the color- to me- was not so much.

It was that gold that you find a lot at thrift stores that just isn’t so up to date looking any more.

I love the way this turned out so much, that I went and found some more, which are all the ones displayed in the first few pictures.

Now just to prove this frame thing is my new obsession- I made my third trip for cheap frames, as well as a spray paint reinforcement, last night.  The frames turned out to be duds (the glass wouldn’t fit back in after removing it), but I got a frame that I have been looking for for a certain set of prints I took in San Francisco last year:


My “Feet on Streets” grouping.

I’ve been searching for a set of four frame like this to put my fun pictures of my feet with the street names.

In San Francisco, the street names are carved into the sidewalk all fun like this, and I fancied taking pictures of my feet whenever I found myself stopped at one.  And I thought a framed grouping might be a nice memory of my walks around San Fran.  I have several more to fill that last empty slot, I just need to get em printed!

And lo and behold, a year later, for 1.50 at Goodwill, I found just the one.

I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out.  And I immediately texted the girlfriend I made the trip with my results, and she happens to be in San Fran again right now visiting her sweet seester.

Frames, frames, frames!  So pictorally happy right now, thanks to Goodwill.

Do you shop the home section at Goodwill too?

Happy thrifting and living,

Jaime ❤

A Touch of Paris For Ya

A Touch of Paris For Ya

Paris themed wall art, 1.99

Yes, 1.99. The lady at the register even made a comment when checking me out. Maybe a price tag got mixed somewhere, who knows, but that’s what it said. And that’s what I paid.

I’ve always loved European/Paris themed art to hang on my walls. Can’t ever have enough of that relaxed and easy way of life influence that they seem to foster over there. And we have some big bare spaces to fill in my living room, so I knew this would work, at least for the time being.

When thrifting, people usually think of and go straight to clothing, but it’s good to remember not to underestimate the home goods section. Many practical and/or just decorative items can be found there for, of course, great prices.

I have gotten dishes, glasses, tupperware pots and pans, lamps, a toaster…you name it I have probably gotten it there. For a fraction of the cost I would pay at a first hand retail store. I love saving money.

Now, if I wasn’t posting this post from my phone and could share more than one picture, I would show you the wonderful chili I made the other night, in a large skillet I purchased a year ago at Goodwill for 1.99. It has served me and my stomach very well. Many a wonderful food creation it has aided into being:)

So remember home goods next time you make a trip or stop!

Happy thrifting, living, and eating:)