Excuses excuses…another use for a placemat!

IMG_3485 IMG_3486


Sometimes one Goodwill purchase begets another.

Am I right?

Not that I ever ever ever need an excuse to go to a Goodwill and look around, but I had an excuse the other day when I decided that I am actually not going to be painting the armoire I found just yet (soon, I swear), and so am in need of a cloth type thing to cover the top with.

So I walked in the store, not sure where I would look for said cloth type thing first, but smartly walked back to the linen section.

sometimes that thing taking up space in my head comes up with some pretty good ideas.


Some cool patterns…but may be kinda weird.

Place mat?

Yes!  Ding ding!


 A place mat would be the perfect size for the center of the top of the bureau.  And look at these place mats galore!  All ready to beautify my somewhat in need of love armoire at home.

I narrowed it to a few patterns, and then I thought about gathering a crowd and maybe turning it into an American Idol vote type situation on which would be the winner.  People could pick favorites and each week we could narrow it down by one.  And some of the placemats would get to visit Hollywood….fun,

But then I just decided to pick one, and this made the final cut:

IMG_3467 IMG_3466

0.99 each

It’s like two for the price of one.  The front and back have different patterns.  So my ADD self can switch it up when I get bored.  Soon.  .

I felt a little bad buying just ONE that I needed, as they were ALL neatly put together in groups of 4.  I didn’t want to tear a family apart…some family of four is going to come along and love this pattern and think, who’s not gonna have a place for their crumbs every night?  Not Jimmy.  He’s too messy.  Can’t be katie, she’s scared of bare tables…guess we’ll just have to leave these placemats here.

Sad story.

 But they were priced individually, so I was technically allowed to buy just one if I wanted…

so I settled on two.  At least I didn’t split the children up.

 The armoire has a big top, so I could easily use a second if I needed.  And for .99 a piece, why not?

IMG_3486 IMG_3485

Already in use.  I conveniently have two other Goodwill pieces of decor in the picture as well.  You may recognize them.

Not like it was that hard.  Pretty much all of the decor I have is Goodwill.

I ended up using the second placemat to put on one of my other dressers that also needed some love.  I’ll let them visit each other every now and then, don’t worry.

It was Sunday when I went dresser topping shopping; the day that the color of the previous week is going on last chance sale for .99  an item, before they go meet their fate at the Outlet store.

So I couldn’t help but look around.

And on one of the .99 racks in the center aisle of the store was this:


Black Beauty.  Cotton stretch dress by Charming Charlies, size M, for 0.99.

i had thought of charming charlies as only a jewelry store.  but then again i have never actually walked inside.  quite clearly, they sell clothes.  and now i own one of them.  for much cheaper than they would like I’m sure.

And it fits!


hugging my curves in all the right places! 

On the way from the dressing room to the register I happened upon this discarded item in the children’s section-

IMG_3481 IMG_3482

This low waisted flower covered black flowy skirt with pockets.  By No Strings Attached for $4.49. 

did you notice it has all my favorite adjectives?  Flowy.  Flower.  Low Waisted.  except one of course…black. <:/

Remember, black is only OK because it is COVERED IN FLOWERS.  🙂  Only time I will allow it.

All in all an hour well spent at Goodwill.  My armoire and my body will now be better dressed.

Thanks for stopping by and happy thrifting trails to you!!


Do you find you need an excuse to go thrifting or is the thrill of the hunt enough of an excuse for ya?


Goodwill Goes to Preschool

Ms. Jaime.  Teacher extraordinairre.

(It’s my blog- I can say whatever I want:)

Dress:  I can’t remember how much:)  It was about 6 months ago that I found this one, so its foggy.  But I dont think it was more than 4.99.  It is the brand xhilaration from Target.  And I remember seeing it at the store for around 19.99.  That’s a discount of 75% my friends.

And now you know, THIS is what teachers do during naptime- take pictures.

And write notes saying how lovely the little kiddlings were….slash ‘rowdy’.  That is a new word Ms. Helen and I came up with to describe when the children are hitting and pushing and not being the lovely little beings they should be.  We thought ‘aggressive’ was a little too negative, so we just say rowdy.

“So and so was very rowdy today, Ms. Smith.”  Read: So and so can’t seem to stop pushing his friends and we get really frustrated with him!!:)  Just kidding… we are always just hugs and kisses all the time!!!! 😉  K, maybe that’s a little white lie.

I love this dress though.  You can’t see it, but its got a high waist, and then kind of A lines out.  Very fun, and kind of made me feel like a preschooler with the tights and what not.  Speaking of- have you ever noticed kids can pull off so much fashion wise.  Just once, I want to go out of the house wearing some of the things they do and just see how it works out for me…

Back to the outfit- the shoes, not from Goodwill, but I have to mention them.  Another Old Navy Christmas deal, $13.  My friend’s friend from Charleston calls them ‘Orphan shoes’ and says that if you wear them, your parents must be dead.  My parents are both still alive (thank goodness:), but I still love these shoes, so I wear them anyway and hope I have not done them any undue harm.  I’ll call them tonight just to make sure…

I’ll leave you with this close-up of the dress pattern:

P.S.  I would like to include in each post from now on a count of how many compliments I get on my turquoise emille m. purse I recently got at Goodwill for 14.99.  There have been two since the LAST two that I mentioned.  Although one of the compliments was from a grocery store clerk who was wearing a turquoise sweatshirt, so I’m thinking she may have been biased.  HOWEVER, this is balanced out, as the other compliment (and may I say this one used the word FIERCE, thank you very much) was from a gay man.  Doesn’t get much more official than that.

P.P.S. The fact that I started using a new purse may put a halt on these compliments, just a hunch.  But when you get a brand new island bloom Vera Bradley hipster for $25, you don’t let it sit in your room.  Sorry emille.