Happy nieces, happy dog.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of babysitting my sister’s three absolutely crazy delightfully imaginative, fun and silly children, who I love with all my heart, and more.  It went great.

Afterwards, the eldest and I decided to have her first piano lesson from me.  That she can remember at least.  There are pictures of her and I when she was 6 months at the piano, but its safe to say any of that knowledge is long gone now.  Hopefully this time will be different.  Six is a little young in my opinion, but it all depends how much the child puts into it.  I started at 5 with my Dad, but it did help that we had a piano in our house.  My niece doesn’t, yet.

Anyway, if the girls are in the car with auntie, a trip to Goodwill is bound to ensue- it is close by, and they love it as much as I do.  The younger sister/niece found a pink hat and glove set she could not live without, for $6.


Look at her.  So happy and pink.  Milk mustache and everything.

The glove is there floating on her left shoulder if you couldn’t see:)  It’s the best I could do…

$6 is higher than I would have probably paid if it were for myself…but the rules don’t really apply for those faces…

…especially when they start to shed the tears…

Game over at that point.  There is no saying no.

The eldest niece got a ‘laptop’…i.e. a Discovery Kids spelling aid laptop shaped toy that she fell in love with.  I would have too at that age.  It would have made me feel very important.  It didn’t, and still doesn’t, take much.

I also got a little something for my black lab mix, Baker.

A toy? No.

A bed? No.


Surprising, yes.  But they had a sealed bag of Boots & Barkley dog biscuits from Target for $3.00.  Couldn’t pass that up.

He didn’t cry for it.  But with this face, he doesn’t really have to.


ALWAYS the concerned one.  I don’t really know why.

But now he can treat his life away on these…until they run out at least:)

179 178 177

I try and be nice, and put a couple in his crate with him when I have to leave him in there when the house is empty, but he is so resentful of having to be in there, that he will not touch them the whole time he is in there.  He lets them sit there as a statement to how horrible I am.  Or at least that’s probably what he thinks he is doing.

As soon as the door is opened, they are in his mouth being happily chewed away.  It’s like he wants me to know a couple treats couldn’t possibly make up for the injustice I have seemingly just bestowed upon him.

Bitter, resentful one he is.  But oh so beyond happy the rest of the time, it really doesn’t matter.

I love him like my baby.

Well, happy nieces, happy puppy.  A successful day at Goodwill.

Until next time, happy thrifting and bargain hunting!  Please share with me what you find, I always love getting hearing and getting inspired by others’ finds 🙂

Peace always,


Pillowcase Gifts…and other fun things

041     048038047046 033051 059


Gap navy blue skinny capri khakis, stitching down the front leg, just my size (and taste)! $5.99

Vintage Couture wall art, just my taste! $gifted from my Mom, the original goodwill-aholic {and role model}.

New from Target black Champion fleece jacket, $12

Purple and orange Avia workout pullover hoodie, $3

New from Target brown faux leather boots, just my size, $15

I wore the top outfit to work today, and thought I’d share it with y’all!  The pants and boots were purchased within the past two months at my local Goodwill boutique.

The wall art was sitting on my bed waiting for me when I got home as a gift from my dear Mom.  She knows of my love for all things Vintage and Couture, and so found it hard not to snap these up for me.  Not much better than coming home to gifts sitting on your pillowcase, am I right?

The black fleece has served me very well in my homecoming in September to CT and to a very harsh winter.  I came home from warm TN with not much winter wear to speak of, and Goodwill (plus some great Christmas sales at Old Navy) have helped stock me back up.

Lastly, the Avia workout top was another of my purchases I bought with the grouping I blogged about last night, in “A Smattering of Things”.  I knew there was something missing in that post!  The morning I found and purchased this top, I said to  myself, “I need a workout pullover for when I go to the gym or want to run outside with my dog…”


(I just happen to have an adorable picture of him.  Baker Jones.  Black lab/Shepherd extraordinairre.  Look, I can spell extraordinairre:)

and in true Goodwill fashion, I found one.  I love when that happens.

Lastly, I will share with you some action shots of my new Forever XXI cropped knitted sweater:


(You see?  Way in the corner….:)  Watching my adorable and crazy nephew Luke,


and after a wonderful last minute potluck dinner with friends in the second.  It’s versatile enough for both events.  The mark of a great sweater.

The gal on the left is my thrifting compatriot:)  Her pants (which you can’t see…because I smartly deleted the picture in which you could…) are White House Black Market from Goodwill, for less than $10.  You’ll have to take my word that they look great.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please share with me your finds and thoughts and go out and support shopping second hand, good causes, and saving money!  Experience the thrill of the hunt:)


Time with Puppy, or Goodwill Hunting; a Five Year Old’s Decision

You’d think the answer to this an easy one, no?  Especially if you knew my animal LOVING (putting it mildly) five year old niece, Alex.  But you also know me, her 28 year old Goodwill loving (putting it mildly) aunt, Jaime.  Apparently, I have trained her well.  Five month old black lab puppy, recipient of her love and many affections, got a little QT in the car, as Goodwill hunting won out, and we went in to search for treasure. 

In her defense, one of her finds was a badly needed green retractable leash for the pup that he will grow into very nicely.  I have still been using the sad purple rope excuse for a leash that they gave me at the Nashville Humane Associaton the day that I took him home.  Now thanks to Alex,and of course Goodwill, Baker now has a proper leash for a mere $2, half off its original price of $4 because it was the color of the week.  Ask me what my favorite color is, and you may just get a different color week to week…one that possibly correspons to Goodwill’s current half off color…just maybe.

Now to get to the good stuff.  And are. they. good- my finds.  And my nieces’.  And my sister’s friend Tara’s.  All good.

Number 1:

Shirt/dress by ANGIE.  $3.99. 

I am wearing it in this picture with a black pair of leggings from NY&Co for $5 from the store.  Also notice the purse to my left, a yellow bag by Report, purchased at Goodwill in the past several months for under $15.  And I can’t not mention the Rose colored sunglasses crowning my head.  Not Goodwill, but very worthy of a shout out.  Betsey Johnson from T.J. Maxx for 14.99.  And all my sunny sights will be rose colored from now on.  Happy girl.  Anyway, I am at the new frozen yogurt place in my hometown, where you pour your own froyo, mix in your own toppings (from strawberries to coconut to crushed butterfinger, etc.) and pay for the whole creation by weight.  I hope that no one ever tries to pay for me by weight.  It just wouldn’t feel right. 

I met my sister there with her three young ones after the oldest two tumbled around in gymnastics class for 3 hours.  And they still had energy to sprint race up and down the sidewalk afterwards.  It must have had something to do with the giant cup fulls of sugar we so willingly gave them. 

We also met my sister’s friend Tara there, whose daughter had on these:

Brand new imitation Tom’s for $6 from her local Goodwill.


And here is the happy owner herself.  I do think that picture says it all.

Another happy pair of feet, decked out in shiny pink birkenstocks just purchased that morning at Goodwill, and put on on the car ride home. 

And the other happy owner, my second niece, face covered in chocolate froyo. 

And lastly, my other niece’s new shorts, Hello Kitty.  I am fairly positive their could have been a pile of poop with hello kitty’s image emblazoned on top, and she would have taken it home.  Something about that little feline really gets those girls’ motors running.  She wore these shorts immediately after buying them to gymnastics that afternoon.  Making all the other little gymnasts jealous, I’m sure.  And don’t ask about the pose.  This was clearly the best way to get her whole body in the shot. 

Now no more documentation, but I did have a few more finds, including a miniature mannequin used to hold necklaces and earrings for $3, two books for $1.50 total, and a wall art plaque that reads:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

A lot of wisdom to hang on my wall for just $2.  The older I get, the more those seemingly cliche phrases start to mean to me.  Dancing in the rain.  We really knew what we were doing when we were four and five.  I’m gonna be full of em by the time I’m…well, older.

Picture from a storm I got caught in while driving across the east coast from CT to TN.

So go, dance in the rain, and try to find some enjoyment from those storms you may be in.  And if you’re not, go find someone who is and help them dance.  And oh yeah, do some shopping at Goodwill while you’re at it, cause that is just good for everyone involved. 

Flowers for Spring, and Other Fun Things

I bought some flowers the other day because I have some very important people, VIP’s if you will (I’m pretty sure I just came up with that), coming to visit in twooo days!!! I can hardly believe its already here!  Well, I kind of can, I’ve been counting down the days since I went to go visit them in CT for Easter.  Its been 15.  Two more.  For all you math majors out there that adds up to…17!  On the edge of your seats wondering who??  I know you are.  It’s my family!  Well, not all of them, that would take a whole plane, almost.  It’s my wonderful, beautiful Mother, my wonderful, beautiful sister, who is also a mother to two wonderful, beautiful little girls who are also coming along.  Secret is, they don’t know it yet.  My smart sis didn’t want to hear them ask for a month straight when they were leaving to go see the greatest aunt on earth to visit Nashville, so she is going to tell them on the WAY to the airport.  Love it!  On the way.  You dont’ know them, but they’re gonna flip!  Well, you don’t have to know them, they’re 5 and 4:)  I only wish I was there to see their faces when they find out.  The oldest niece kind of figured it out when I was home, but we did our best to thwart her smartness, what with us being 20 plus years older than her, I think we did okay. 

Long story short, trying to make the place look fresh and purty, I thought a lovely bouquet from my favorite store of groceries, Trader Joe’s, would do the trick.  And guess what I had at home to put them in?  An awesome green glass milk jug I bought at Goodwill two years ago when I moved into my first apartment of my own.  Here it is:

The books also from Goodwill, the top one I got just the other day hiding out in the drawer of my coffee table, also from Goodwill.   

That entire picture’s content is Goodwill.  Thought that should be mentioed.  Cause I kinda like it.  Well, more than kinda.  Really.

Ok, so I have a couple newer finds as well, as in within the past month that I’d love to share:

A bright yellow purse.  I dont’ think you can ever really go wrong with this.  And now I finally have one.  I can’t remember how much!  Forgive me for I have sinned.  I know it was under $10. 

In case you can’t read it, the brand is axcess.  Also, not real leather, but that is fine with me.  That way I can’t rub ink from my shirt all over it.  (In case you didn’t read that post, that happened with the last real leather purse I got at goodwill.  Don’t worry, I removed it with hairspray.  Good as new.)

Oops!  How did that one sneak on there??  Not from Goodwill:)  He’s from the Nashville Humane Association.  And he is 3 months old.  That’s my new pup, Baker Jones.  I’m a new mom.  Kind of.  He feels like a baby would at least.  Waking me up in the middle of the night and what not, but then breaking my heart with how adorable and helpless he is!  Can’t wait til he’s grown and I can take him on many an adventure.  Dog parks and what not.  Kidding, it will be MUCH more exciting that that:) 

Anyway, I do have a dog collar for HIM that I bought from Goodwill when I thought I was getting a girl dog….so its pink leopard print…I feel kind of bad using it on him, that’s not okay, he doesn’t have any older sisters to make it okay, so I’m gonna buy a new one to replace the one he got at Humane.  When I find one at Goodwill, of course. 

Happy Goodwilling everyone!  Make some finds and wear/use them well, and support a great cause in the mean time.  All good things.


Are you an animal lover?  Enough to have your own, or just adore others’ passing by?

Enough to have my own…and I very much have enjoyed the awes and attention Baker has garnered while out.  Gotta admit.

Do you always have fresh flowers out, or just for ‘special’ occasions and visits?

I wish the former, but definitely more the latter…