I know it’s Fall, but…

I couldn’t resist these three delicious, two of them flowery and $2.00 a piece!!! tank tops at Goodwill yesterday, on my post church Sunday Goodwill trip. I’ll be ready for next summer I say:) Also, throw a nice cardigan on top and I can wear them year round. Versatility is key.

Sometimes while shopping at G-dub, you just get lucky. And as I am currently hobbling arround on crutches, I don’t have time to spare while shopping. That good leg gets tired fast. And it didn’t take me long to find these gems.

This is a fun, flirty tank by Helium, half off of 3.99 because it was the ‘color of the week’, for a mere 2.00. 2.00 for fabulous? I say why not!


This, also half off and the color of the week for 2.00, less than the cost of my cherished starbucks iced coffees, which I can not wear…is by Kyra. And becaue I am an avid T.J. Maxx shopper…I won’t give the price this would be at the department store (because who really pays those prices anyway??) I’ll say what I’m pretty sure good ol’ T.J.’s or Marshall’s would ask for it, probably 12.99-16.99, that is a minimum discount of….


Find me an 85% off sale at a store near you, and I’ll stop drinking Iced Coffees for ONE week.

Ok, now to prove I am capable of buying clothing WITHOUT flowers on them….



This night out shirt, I found on my way out of the store (the best kind of finds) for $3.99. I splurged and paid full price:) I love the tuxedo ruffles cascading down the front. I can’t wait for my next evening out to show this number off. And no cardigan needed, because we all know, females can wear next to nothing in winter, and walk around as if that biting 35 degrees doesn’t bother us, right??? I wish :/ However, I do have a cute cropped brown learther jacket that will layer perfectly over it, with some skinny jeans (that I will be able to wear again in five weeks when I get this boot of a cast off my left foot) and heels, and I’ve got myself my next night out outfit.

These three pieces put me back a whopping $7.99. Is your mouth open yet? I thought so.

I actually found about seven other items I wanted to buy- one that I did and I will share at a later time, but had to pass up the other six as I can’t currently work because of a broken ankle; so I need to cut back somewhere. No income = me not buying out Goodwill every week. Sad face. I still managed to do okay.

But that doesn’t mean you should have to lose out! Let me fill you in. Two of the finds I didn’t buy were J. Crew cardigans, 9.99 a piece! J would be appalled. (You know, J, the person who started J. Crew …) One was shorter and a nice bright yellowish green, and one was a longer white cardigan with ruffles along the chest. I also found an Ann Taylor Loft short sleeve yellow blouse with eyelets for 5.99, and an H&M peasant top, with flowers on it, for 3.99. All these prices are amazing, and would have made me a very happy girl, but they do add up.

Well, thanks for stopping by and Happy Thrifting y’all!

(I may have moved back to CT, but I can still say y’all!:)