Best Khaki Blazer!! Bookkeeper Wear Color Pop

Best Khaki Blazer!!  Bookkeeper Wear Color Pop

I know, it’s as exciting as it sounds- bookkeeping. Except! Except I get to do it at a music venue in Nashville so I get to deal with and hear some pretty cool people and subjects while working away at numbers. It helps.

Now, I don’t want to lead you into believing I actually put a nice outfit on like this everyday…I’d actually been getting pretty sloppy since I don’t really see anyone but my two main coworkers when I go in. But I was having a little meeting with both my bosses so I thought I’d at least put some effort into my ensemble (and then document the Goodwill goodness for you of course).

It worked. One of my bosses even said, “You look nice, all bookeeper-y.” Yes, yes I do. To which the other guy said, “What are you talking about?” To which I gave the first guy a knowing nod. We get it. Blazer. Necklace. Music venue bookkeeper-y.

Not polka dot pants and old burnt orange t-shirt (outfit prior day) no makeup and no jewelry. Not so bookkeeper-y.

Hey, I watched my fair share of What Not to Wear (more than my fair share to be honest- I love me some Stacey and Clinton), and I know the difference an outfit can make. In your confidence, in how others perceive you, the list goes on. So when in doubt, dress it up, appropriately. Cleavage is generally never appropriate. That does not equal dressing it up, to be clear.

Underneath this great mossimo blazer, which I got at Goodwill for $5.99, is one of my other absolute favorite fashion deal finds,, my peplum top tank, that I got for around $5 last year at Burlington coat factory. The necklace was 4.99 at platos closet, and the jeans were $22.99 (splurge:) also at Burlington. Quilted tan flats are wal-mart. Gasp. Yes I do occasionally shop there :/

All in all, a GREAT outfit, for cheap, and for bookkeeping.

Hey, after all, does it surprise you I like to work with numbers and bottom lines? I am a fashionista on a budget.



How to do a color pop- Teal Felted Flats from Urban

How to do a color pop- Teal Felted Flats from Urban

Teal Felt Pointed Flats- $3, BDG from Urban Outfitters. $18-20 at the store.

Well, it’s pretty simple, wear all neutrals and then ONE nice POP of color somewhere on your body. Scarf, earrings, bracelets, pants, etc. just one piece of a nice bold color. I like to do it in a nice flat, which is why I scooped these up immediately for $3 when I saw them at Goodwill on a half price Saturday. It was a ‘be still my beating heart moment’, for sure.

They are size 8, I am size 7 (or a child’s size 4/5 if the occasion and/or child’s shoe department calls for it), but thanks to some wide feet, sometimes I need bigger or at least can fit into a bigger size flat or heel because of my width. Flats and heels tend to run a little tight. So this is one of the times I am thankful for a little foot girth.

Thanks to it, I can have a fun teal color pop when I want.

Here I paired it with an all off white (key word ‘all’- no other color in the shirt to make a color pop work) and pair of skinny dark blue jeans, that have seen better days, if you ask me. But I loved these so much when I got them, it’s hard to accept they’re fading. (Jeans are neutral and not considered a ‘color’ for this method).

So…the only color on my body is a nice teal shoe. The eye is drawn there, and they are showcased, as they should be. They’re lovely, AND comfortable. And $3.

I don’t have earrings in, but if I did they would be a neutral. Possibly shiny, but no color.

I would also do this outfit with a black top as opposed to tan or off white, still a neutral/color-less technically.

So glad it’s becoming spring (at least here in TN) and I can start wearing my lovely flats again!!

Happy thrifting and popping,

-Jaime ❤


Best Yellow Pumps. Trust Me.




Yellow pumps by Yoki, half off of $5.99 for $3.00.



In case you didn’t catch it the first time.  Or second.

The jeggings in this picture are also Goodwill originally by NY&Co., and I got them for $5.99, I think.  You can read about that great find and trip here!

I was so excited when I found these.  As soon as I did, I knew that they were the reason I was meant to go to Goodwill that day.

I really love all of my goodwillfinds, that it would be very hard to choose a favorite.

But if I had to, I may just pick these.

How cute are they??

From the curved stitching on the front and down the sides, to the great half wedge half heel structure, and obviously the awesome burnt yellow.  They are classy and cute.

They were the perfect pop of color to add to this white shirt, blue jean outfit last night meeting friends for drinks, dinner, and a show.  All at the same place.  The Listening Room.  Where I work.

Two of the girls I was out with had shoe envy over these, success 😉

Made me feel even better that I could tell them I got them for $3 at Goodwill.

One of the girls lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and since she is my size 7, we may have decided we will do a shoe share and mail these back and forth, one month on one month off…gotta stay in touch somehow 😉

The last picture of me is taken at Pour House in Nashville, a newer addition to the restaurant scene here, on 8th avenue.  We ended the night there with one last drink, because us girls, we just can never stop talking right?

In the end, Goodwill never ceases to amaze me with what you can find there, for so cheap, and while supporting a GREAT cause of helping handicapped people find work and rejoin the work force.


Orange Beaded Color Pop

Orange Beaded Color Pop

I love a good color pop necklace. This orange beaded necklace that I got years ago from Goodwill was the perfect complement to my new navy blue and white collared sleeveless blouse from Burlington Coat Factory made by Antilla Femme (what a great brand name) for $14.99. I bought an off-white and gold statement necklace for $9.99 to wear with the blouse, and then saw this orange necklace hanging on my wall and knew that was the one.

The white and gold necklace was much better suited to adorn my black tank and trouser jean skirt (which can be seen in the vintage plaid blouse post) that I wore later that night.

I wore this to get some laptop work done at my local coffee shop.