Happy Feet and Happy Birthday to Me!

For the first half of my Saturday, I sported these Goodwill finds…

014 013 010

You may remember me getting these sweet little things a week or two back, but I got to finally wear them for the first time yesterday.  The frigid temperatures in CT climbed up into the 40’s on Saturday for a pleasant yet short reprieve.  So I was able to slip my feet into these bright spots.

When I wear a bright piece such as those shoes, I like to try and keep the rest of my outfit prety neutral, yet still fun.  So I paired it with dark blue jeans and an off white lacy loose sweater.  It really let the shoes shine.  And it worked.  When I met with my future roommate that morning to look at an apt, I got a quick “I like your shoes!”  Mission accomplished.

I didn’t tell her just yet that they are Goodwill…she’ll find out about my obsession…soon enough.  I don’t think she shares it, but she is still a pretty cool girl.  Actually more than a cool girl, we get along pretty well.

For the second half of the day I have this Goodwill gem for you…

021 023 040

Awesome wine markers for $1.00.  Each strip wraps snuggly around the stem of the glass and has descriptive terms on each that can be used both for wine…and people.  Always makes for some fun while drinking and gathering.

How would you describe your friends in wine terms??:)  And for just $1.00

What was the reason to celebrate you ask?  My birthday!  29th:)  It was actually on Thursday, but I celebrated it last night by having a little gathering at my house where I made the best flat breads (no pictures, sorry! :-/) ever.  One was gorgonzola cheese with spinach and  cremini mushrooms, and the other was good ol fashioned fresh mozzarella and pepperoni!  Then we went to a local comedy club, Brew Haha, that is attached to a brewery- two of my favorite things!  Laughs and microbrewed beer!  It was a great night.  The comics were absolutely hilarious and yet still respectful in their jokes, for the most part.  The main guy was Rodney Laney, you should definitely check him out if you want a laugh.


No flashes allowed!  Hence, picture by candlelight.  My friend may have told them I was turning 30 instead of 29 to get them to do something for me or she just wanted me to be embarrassed on stage…and I don’t know if that’s why I got this cake or not, but it was amazing.  I would say the best ice cream cake ever, if my Mom hadn’t just made an equally amazing one the night before with strawberry cake crust and oreo ice cream and hot fudge on top.

After the comedy club we stopped by one of my new favorite restaurants in downtown Hartford, Max Downtown, to have some of the best calamari ever and a rosemary lemontini.  I’d been dreaming about that lemontini since my friend had one a few weeks earlier.  She made the better choice getting that drink that night, and I couldn’t wait to make it as well!


These are most of the participants that night, fresh from laughing our faces off.

Oh look at that, those earrings I am wearing are from Goodwill!  Phew, I was afraid that nothing in my outfit was from Goodwill.  Its rare, but that does happen.  They were $2.00.  From Target.  Silver hoops with light orange small balls hanging from the bottom.

The lady on the right is my thrifting friend Rachel.  Her beautiful blazer is from the Goodwill as well.  I can’t remember how much she said it was though.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy thrifting!


Do you get scared by birthdays or accept them happily, thankful you made it another year?

Do you enjoy a good comedy club as much as I do?

Life Should be Sugar-Rimmed

Mmmmm lemon drop martini. 

Me and a friend got tickets to go see Chris Kattan at Zanies comedy club in Nashville last Friday night.  One would assume that means you are going to see Chris Kattan do some standup, correct?  Well he never did!!!  He was the MC, and not even a very funny one at that, for two OTHER comics, who weren’t bad, but they were not Chris Kattan.  I should have assumed $20 was a little cheap for such a ‘big’ name, but it made me feel bad for the two other comics, its like setting them up for failure.   They could be great, but when everyone is just waiting for someone else to come on, and they never do, they’re gonna be disappointed no matter what.  If I were them, I would write a letter, or two. 

So my friend came over and I made some lemon drop martinis before the show, using my lovely martini shaker that I got at Goodwill for $0.99. 

Don’t you love the criss cross pattern?

It however, is missing the top that encloses for when you shake shake shake it, so I use this cup:

Works just fine. 

And in case you want to make some of your own, here’s how:

Use about 2 oz. citrus vodka (can use plain, but I feel like the citron just makes it that much better since lemons are citrusy:), and about 1/2 oz. each of the mixers- triple sec and lemon sour.  The lemon sour is make with half fresh squeezed lemon juice and half sour mix.   Add all ingredients to the mixer with ice and shake shake shake like a polaroid picture!!! Got it? Good. 

Its especially good garnished with a sugar rim (I mean, what in life isn’t better when garnished with a sugar rim?  They should make sugar rimmed tires….and sugar rimmed shirts, sugar rimmed wallets…and many other things…) and also a lemon twist.  I did neither of these things.  We were short on time and got right down to business- and by business I mean talking.  We’re girls. 

I should say, the reason I wanted to make these was because I bartended lunch that day at the restaurant I work at.  My first table was a mother and a daughter, and her daughter.  One got a cosmo, and one got a ….. lemon drop martini!  A little strange with her 1 year old sitting right there, but hey, who am I to judge…  Actually, it was a rasberry lemon drop martini, which was delicious.  I just used one more mixer, chambord, to make it.  I would have loved to have made them, but I wasn’t about to spring for the chambord, its a little ‘spensive.  I’ll wait for my first hit song for that:)

In case the shaker wasn’t enough Goodwill goodness, its was unfortunately raining on Friday night.  Sad, but it gave me a chance to wear my new hooded coat I got last week at Goodwill- here’s some shots of me in the jacket WITH the martini, its almost too much Goodwill for one picture:


I’m only upset I didn’t get a my shoes in the picture:(  Not Goodwill, but still cute fake suede booties I got from Old Navy before Christmas for like $15.  My bargain hunting is clearly not limited to Goodwill.  It knows no bounds.  I bargain shopped for ice cream at an amusement park once.  No joke.  I looked at like 3 stands before I bought one.  My then boyfriend said he had never seen anything like that.  I’m a rare breed, what can I say. 

That is also funny, because it proves one of the comics’ bits that night right.  It was about girls and their shoes, He made it seem like no matter what was happening, they would eventually just say “Look at my shoes”…and he imitated a girl walking cutely around and made a clicking noise.  It was pretty funny.  Darn Chris Kattan for ruining it for him. 😉

Martini’s finished and off we went to the comedy club, laughs ensued and a good time was had by all. 

Courtney and I.  Ain’t she a cutie?  Well, normally anyway.  She doesn’t usually smile like that…not sure what that’s about.  But she has two kids, and is a great mom, and when she gets out, she likes to let loose. 

Do you like to go to comedy clubs?

What is your favorite martini/drink of choice?

Do you think its ok for parents to have a drink, or two, when out at a restaurant with a little one?