staycation and Goodwill to the rescue

I had a little staycation/vacation or what have you this past weekend, it was so nice.

I have to agree with the joy of baking that there is something so nice about just being away.  even if it isn’t that far.  even if it is just 25 minutes.

Ben was house and dog sitting for his friend only 25 minutes outside of Nashville in a suburb called hermitage, and I went and stayed there saturday night after work through to Sunday.

either of us could have very easily gone home early in the day Sunday as his friends would be home that night, and the dog would be fine.  but we decided to stay.  my dog was there.  they could have some quality dog play time.  and we could have some quality ben jaime time.

we started our staycation (that word just really never gets old) by shopping at the local grocery store (something you totally do on vacation) for stuff for our pancake breakfast extravaganza.  strawberries, blueberries, snickers, peaches, bananas….i know, we’re pretty impressive eaters.



peaches n’ cream with blueberries and strawberries baked in.

(don’t worry….you can follow me on instagram @jaimen84! do it!)

our inspiration for this pancake breakfast was this restaurant we love called the Pfunky Griddle in the Berry Hill area of Nashville.  there is a griddle in the middle. of the table.  kind of like a do it yourself breakfast hibachi, and you get to pick your own toppings and make your own pancakes!  They entrust you with a big spatula of your own and everything!

they shouldn’t entrust Ben.  he flops it everytime.  luckily he has me to come to the rescue.  he and i have found i am a great flopper.

I have pictures!


my spatula, his spatula.  our griddle.  now we don’t have to fight.


Ben finding out this is a ‘make your own food’ restaurant.  give him a second to let it sink in.  apparently when i said its a ‘make your own pancake’ place, he thought i meant ‘its a restaurant just like any other, don’t be excited about this.’


me, fresh out of bed and ready to play.  oh look at that, that little number i have on is one of my favorite floor length maxi dresses from goodwill.  those stripes all the way down.  go ahead and picture it.  $7.99 last year on charlotte pike.


one of our yummy concoctions.  banana m&m.  we are never going to be the same.


and that, my friends, is the Pfunky Griddle.

i know.

  after we finished our version of Pfunky Griddle, i happily remembered that I have my friend’s key for her hotel room and outdoor poooooool (vacation!!!) about ten minutes away.  perfect next move as it was sunny and beautiful out.

problem- I had no bathing suit with me on this unplanned staycation 😦

Luckily, this is the same house I mentioned in my last post that happens to be just 5 glorious minutes away from a huge area Goodwill.

problem solved.

any excuse, right?  Ben knows.

So I said I’d be right back and hopped in the car to go find a bathing suit for CHEAP!

I knew on Sundays they had the prior color of the week on sale for just .99, as well as the new color of the week at half off.  Between the two colors I should be able to get out wtih a crazy cheap suit in hand.  On Sunday that was green and orange, so I kept my eyes glued for those hues and those hues only, and steered clear of any impostors. I wasn’t out to make a fashion statement, just not to spend a lot of money and to not be wearing a bra and underwear at a hotel pool.

Who am I kidding? I’m always out to make a fashion statement:).

I think I did alright.

This is what I found for my day of fun in the sun:

IMG_3205 IMG_3204 IMG_3203

Tommy Hilfiger bikini top, $2.13 at half off.

Target bikini bottom, rouched sides, .99.

$3.14 total for my emergency swim wear for the day.  Who’s a Goodwill pro?  I’m a Goodwill pro.

I almost got this very first suit I picked up, for .99:


cute wrap enclosure on the side.

to make the quickest goodwill trip on record, but I couldn’t have that.

i couldn’t get the very first suit.  i needed to be gone and make ben wait for at least a little bit longer, and it’s hard to go back to a one piece after all those years of tummy freedom in a bikini.  i felt so emprisioned.  i do love that pattern though… :/

This is me putting it to use with a Cayman Jack margarita drink of choice in hand.


the bottom half of my raft is covered in cup holders.  pretty cool.  i would love to see the day I put all twelve of them to use at once- one, maybe two is all I can really see needing, but i won’t rule it out.


i’ll agree with that.


token drink leg pool picture.  gotta love em.

hand crafted and delicious.  i know, i need a pedicure.  it’s on the list.  but with so much pool sitting to do…i don’t really see how it’s gonna get done.

When buying this drink on the way to the pool at the gas station, I had it in mind to get a Bud Light Strawberrita.  but when I saw this can sporting a “no artificial ingredients, pure agave syrup, fresh lime juice and cane sugar” label on it, i had to change my story.  it may have as well have had an arrow pointing to it with a neon sign saying,

“Jaime, anything you could ever want in a drink for sitting by the pool is right here———->”

Cayman Jack knows the way to my heart.

Then I looked at the Bud Light version and saw in the same spot on the can, “contains artificial ingredients.”  bud light, you really know how to say the wrong thing sometimes.

I’m pretty sure we both passed out in the sun for at least a little bit by the pool that day.  Me while in the pool and on my raft island, him in his chaise lounge on the deck.  Success.  Staycation.

Until next time!  Happy thrifting and living!

love you all,


Have you all had any succcesful staycations this year?  Aren’t they sometimes so much more relaxing than traveling far and wide?

Has Goodwill saved you in an emergency clothing or other situation and gotten you out for cheap?


Purses, Pillows and Parmesan, Oh My!

Yesterday, I went to my friend Crystal’s house for some yummy homemade eggplant parmesan.  I maypick my friends based on how good or how many homemade meals they will make me…not a bad idea- y’all should try it:)

Isn’t she lovely? 

It was amaaaazing.  Spinach, mozzarella, veggie pasta sauce, and breaded eggplant, all layered and combined and baked at 375 (she said she wanted it bubbly) for about 35 minutes.  Long enough for me to run home and grab the wine my friend had given me for my birthday. 

Cheers!!  We are ready to manja!!

So, dinner/lunch, some would call it Linner, or dunch (it’s gonna catch on…), ended right around 5, and then she had to get ready for her date that night.  So I helped with that.  Mostly by chatting and distracting her as much as I could.  Hey, I didn’t say I was good at it.  And when she was ready to go have a life, I thought, “What could I do until I have a life when I go to my friend’s show later that night?  Well….Goodwill was only a couple blocks away, and it had been at least a week…a quick stop wouldn’t hurt anyone:)  And anyway, I had coveted Crystal’s cute antique recipe box she had taken her eggplant parmesan recipe out of, and I thought maybe that could be the reason for my trip.  Not that you always need one, but sometimes its nice to pretend like you are going in there ACTUALLY looking for something:)

I knew the trip was meant to be when I walked in and immediately saw this:

Just sitting there.  Saying, Hi, jaime, I was waiting for you, so glad you made it. 

Why, you’re welcome lovely yellow clutch.  So nice of you to wait for me.  I will put you in my cart, and later on stuff you full of cards, cash, receipts and who knows what else.  It will be fun.

It was Nine West, 1.99. 

And to the right of that one, I found this- I hadn’t even made two steps inside the store!  As far as Goodwill luck goes, this was so far at the top of my list. 

A leapord print wallet.  The hard kind.  Also 1.99. 

And then immediately after, to the right a little more…

A off white classic looking purse that needs to be mine.  It had zippers, and all sorts of little pockets and everything.  Who needs those luggage type purses with one big pocket, that, yes, you can fit your entire LIFE in, but you also can’t ever find it:)  And for 3.99, theres no reason it shouldn’t be mine.  So classic and cute.  And I used it that night when I went to my friend’s show, who had actually canceled and didn’t tell anyone, but I still got to use my purse:

Thats me and my crafty cool friend Rion.  I ALSO pick my friends based on whether or not their names, like mine, are androgynous and can be both a guy’s or girl’s name.  Its kind of strange, but you have to have some criteria, right? 😉

So you may be wondering what happened with the aforementioned recipe box search….well, I found this:

$0.99.  Soo excited!  Until I turned it over and found that it was just the triangle top to what WAS a recipe box.  The search will continue.  Oh well.  It still caused the trip that got me the purses, and…..these great pillows:

1.99 each.  Its like they were always on my bed, they’re so at home.  So colorful!  Couldn’t be more perfect.  If it were up to me, black would be outlawed.  But God and I haven’t come to an agreement on that yet. 

All in all, a great goodwill trip!  I spent $14, on a purse, 2 wallets, and 2 throw pillows.  I will come again!

I’d like to leave you with this:

A picture from my birthday.  I dont think much really needs to be said about this. 

Except that that s’more was DELICIOUS.  If you can’t already tell. 

Are you a colorful crazy person?  Or do you like to stick to black and basics? 

What are your latest goodwill finds?


Thanks for looking! 

Talk to you again soon,