Healthy Eating Makes Me Happy


Not exactly gourmet food photography…I’ll admit…but it is my lunch and that counts for something right?  I thought so.  So clearly it has been awhile since this blog has seen a post…my apologies.  And the longer it goes without one, the more amazing I feel the next post needs to be, and then anxiety gets the best of me and nothing proceeds to be posted.  For awhile.  Then I decided, you know what, every post is amazing, so I will proceed with sharing this most amazing lunch container that has changed my life in every way possible.

Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it has made bringing dipping and spreading sauces, such as peanut butter, hummus, guacamole, you name it, along with me to work for lunch/snacks much easier.  All for .99.  Goodwill is amazing.


As you can see here, I have a lovely assortment of homemade albacore tuna (so worth the extra .30-.50 over just regular non albacore tuna- who knows what albacore even means anyway?? I don’t at all, but it does taste good), moving on, which I mixed with about a T. of olive oil mayonnaise (much less fat and calories for those health food eaters), a little Dijon mustard, and some pepper.  Does the trick.  The trick being feeding me.  I also made some guacamole- a little extra ripe avocado, garlic salt and lime juice mashed up together in a happy conglomeration, and then filled the rest with these amazing pretzel chip things to use for dipping.  How cute and healthy and fun.  I like to be able to describe my food and myself using the same words- I think I succeeded here.

Eating healthy makes me very happy.  And anything that makes it easier for me to eat healthy, like this container, does the very same.

I got this container several months ago, and have never looked back.  Except to praise the Goodwill gods responsible that day for bringing us together and it into my lunch eating sauce dipping life.

Goodwill is so much more than great clothes and accessories!  Make sure to check out the kitchen ware on your next visit!

Happy thrifting and living,

❤ Jaime


More than just home decor and vintage tops…

More than just home decor and vintage tops...

I have been known to acquire workout/activewear at the Goodwills as well from time to time.

A list for you of my winnings:

2 long sleeve workout tops, one with a hood
1 pair running shorts
Danskin zip up hooded jacket
And now…

A new with tags fitted sportswear jacket by Lucy.


If this means nothing to you at the moment, no worries, that’s about as much as it meant to me. The original $89 price tag still attached (and the great fit and make of course) however, meant quite a bit. So for $5.99, I scooped it up.

My size, and I workout regularly, why wouldn’t I?

When I mentioned it to my mother when I came home for Christmas, she had a little different reaction:


K, maybe she MIGHT know a little who Lucy is.

And like maybe she wished it had been in her stocking that Christmas….(The thought had fleetingly crossed my mind) Well she can just get over it, because she still made out pretty with two great Goodwill tops- a burnt yellow one and a maroon sweater (I just realized I imposed my favorite colors on her) by Mossimo.

Anyway, I now have two wonderful workout jackets, because in my stocking was a wonderful purple one with all kinda of fun patterns and textures all over it, perfect for my ADD fashion personality.

She also gave me a ring that she had thought hard about keeping, so clearly, she comes out as the better person in both these situations. K, got it.

Well, now y’all know, I am the proud owner of a Lucy jacket, for just $5.99.

How bout them apples?

Happy thrifting!

Do y’all buy workout wear at thrift stores?

-Jaime ❤