Keeps me looking good…

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I found this awesome burnt yellow tuxedo shirt from Forever 21 for $3.99 this past Saturday at my local Goodwill.  My friend had friend’s in town and they came to my side of town because she likes my Goodwill better, and I met them there and walked away with this.

Couldn’t be happier.

I paired it with a necklace from Goodwill from years back:

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I love this necklace as well.  I think it was around $2.99, and looks pretty vintage to me.  It is a long necklace and can be worn as I have it, or just hung around the neck once.

On second thought, a pop of color may have been nice to have in my necklace instead of staying with the same color palate, but overall I still think it is a very nice look.  You can wear with this shirt with heels to dress it up, or boots for a casual Sunday evening drink with a friend.

Number two.

The week before I left for my not so mini week long spontaneous vacation to Nashville I found this great scarf and sweater combination (found separately, combined by yours truly):

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The sweater is Mossimo, and new from Target and bought by Goodwill for $4.99.

The scarf is Calvin Klein and was the standard scarf price of $3.00.  I love all the colors in this scarf and how they work together so well.  All my scarves are pretty ‘heavy’ cotton and a lot of material, so it is nice to have a lighter feeling one that is more for looks.

For my last look of this post, I give you what I will call my “day in the studio” outfit.  I wore this to go record my newest song (up on called “Before You”


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A nice light cotton tank top from the Gap for $3.99,

paired with a Forever 21 (purchased at the store) coral cardigan.

That’s how hot I look with headphones on when taking the picture myself from a bad angle.  You’re welcome.

I was accused of looking like a J.Crew model/mom later that evening when sitting at a bar next to a very alternative young man.  Mostly because I was wearing a cardigan.

I’ve been called worse.

I may have been away from Nashville too long.

So those are all my finds, and now you see how Goodwill keeps me looking good!!

I am still amazed at the stuff I find there and for how cheap I get it.  All the time.

Happy thrifting!




Successful Research…Jackpot

After writing my blog post yesterday, I decided I needed to go do a little ‘research’ for the next post, and…

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All of this, pictured above, plus a pair of black strappy sandals.

Well, I should be clear, I got all the tops and the flats pictured by themselves above.

In order from top left, clockwise:

-Maroon knitted cropped Forver 21 sweater, 3.00

-Coral canvas flats (that appear brand new, for those nervous about buying shoes 2nd hand), 4.00

(Same Forver 21 sweater)

-Yellow flowery ruffly tank top, THX, 3.99

-Xhilaration plaid chiffon babydoll top, 4.99

-Ann Taylor Coral Cardigan, 2.00

-Black strappy flat sandals (not pictured) Kelly & Kate, 2.00

I should explain how all of the above was ONLY $24.  That is cheap, even for me.  All of the items, except for the flats and the yellow tank, were the color of the week, and therefore half off.  This means if they hadn’t been half off, my total would have been about $45.  Still good, but not quite as amazing.

It pays to look for that color red…or green…or yellow…or blue…just check the sign when you walk in the door:)

If interested, the necklace worn with the Coral cardigan, I bought at a store in a casino mall in Niagara falls, ON for $5.

The necklace pictured with the maroon sweater I got at MUSE boutique in Nashville, TN, USA with a groupon I had purchased to that boutique.

The bracelet seen in all the pictures is Alex and Ani charm bracelet, gifted from my mother, sold at many different retailers.

I also found out on this trip, being my birthday month, that I have a 25% off over any 20$ purchase that I can use any time this month.  So that is something to look forward to and maybe save for a bigger purchase.  Goodwill always has good surprises for me:).

Happy thrifting and come again soon!


Wine, dresses, and marathons

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, or just know me as a person, you should know I. love. wine.  I love learning about it, drinking it, selling it, making things with wine products, you name it.  I don’t make it yet, maybe someone out there can help me get started with that.  I don’t own a wine rack however, because I don’t like the run of the mill ones I usually find, including at Goodwill.  That is until a couple weeks ago in Harrisburg, PA.  I tagged along when my sister went to run a marathon there.  Oh yeah, and she totally won it:)  Go Katie (you can see her at, she’s got a few things to say about running.  If you could run 26.2 miles as fast as she could, you would too!).

Luckily, my mom and my niece have the same obsession love  for Goodwill as I, and so Alexandra the three of us didn’t have trouble convincing my sister to stop there the night before she was going to run 26.2 miles (you can’t forget about that .2 I have heard) to see what treasures we could find.  Luckily its her 6th one, so she has become a little bit more lax in her night before preparations.  Andin reality we probably have to give the most credit to her 6 year old daughter’s pleading to stop.  We just can’t get away with the threat of throwing a tantrum quite like she can:)

I was not disappointed.

The wine rack to end all wine racks for $3.99.  Not only is it not plain with the pretty pink beading down each side, it stands one bottle on top of the other.  So many wine racks I see just spread them out, which doesn’t really save you any space.  Lastly, it naturally points the bottle down so that the cork stays moist with wine and doesn’t dry out and break.  Nobody likes cork in their wine.  That I know of.  I’m sure there’s someone out there that enjoys that sort of thing.

It is now proudly holding its first bottle of wine (under my owndership at least).  This wine was what I chose for my Thanksgiving day drinking.  A bottle of Pinot Noir.  A $35 bottle the salesperson told me that they were selling for $15.99.  “How so?” I asked.  “We buy the grapes from the expensive wine place and then make the wine ourselves and sell it under a different name for cheap.”  “Oh”.  I’ll bite.  Or drink I should say.  And I did.

I have to admit, I have so many finds it would take me quite a bit of time to include them all, and I am very excited about all of them.  But here a just a couple more that were easiest to photograph to share with you:)

Forever 21 bohemian Black and White printed top.  Loosefitting style.  Half off for $2.00.

Xhilaration dress, $5.99.  I have worn this once to work at school.  I paired it with some brown tights, and brown knee high boots, that I also got at Goodwill the same day I got this dress, that were originally from Target, for $15, and a tan sweater cardigan.  The Math specialist teacher absolutley loved my outfit and she is now telling everyone about Goodwill :o)  Gotta love being a walking witness!

And speaking of easy to photograph, this picture was already on my camera, so how could I not include it??  It also happens to be taken on the way to Harrisburg where I found the amazing wine rack.  Oh how I love when things come full cirlce:)  I’ll apologize ahead of time about the quality.

You’re probably trying to figure out what is from, not our faces:)  Clearly this picture isn’t meant to showcase the item, but it’s the lovely green down vest I am wearing!  I purchased this Gap down vest for $9.99 a couple weeks earlier, and it has served me well in my recent move to cooler temperatures and more family in CT.  The little lady is my Goodwill loving niece Alexandra.  She got a good math study tool at Goodwill that weekend.  She wasn’t a huge fan until I showed her how to use it and then it provided a good distraction on the 5 hour trip home.

I’ll end with some pretty pictures of Harrisburg….a beautiful, quaint city…

My sister there with the pink socks.  Coincidence that she happens to be covering over every number on her bib except the number one?  Maybe.

Obsessed with this bridge.  I happened to be volunteering directing the runners right in front of this bridge, so I got a few goood pictures of it.

Happy thrifting/Goodwilling!  Please share your finds and stories with me!  I’d love to hear them.  And I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving full of love and warmth:)

Workout Wear and Dresses for Spring!


I apologize, I have been to Goodwill a couple times since I last posted, but haven’t shared the wealth!  I would like to change that.

Today, I found this lovely workout top by Champion, I am assuming from Target, for $4.29:

Price at the store, probably just under $20.  Do I really need to point out the average 75% discount anymore I get off of retail?  I didn’t think so. 

Do I think people were judging me because I was taking a picture of myself in the mirror instead of working out?  Maybe, but they were also probably admiring my cute top.  So, it’s a win really.  I also may bank on this fact for any weird thing that I do….you can do whatever you want as long as you look cute doing it, right?  Right.  That’s what I thought.

Here is a view of the back:

And now you know I have a super flowery and girly quilt.  I love it. 

Pre-sprint workout pic.  Not sure about the sly little grin, I guess I felt pretty good about how this workout was gonna go.  I was right.

Post-sprints.  Not as attractive, slightly redder, definitely happier:)  And if you can’t tell, the shirt held up just fine.  Score one….million for Goodwill finds!

I also have to share some pics of the wonderful downtown Nashville YMCA that I go to.  I love it because it has huge windows on each side so you get great views of downtown while you work out.  There is also a rooftop pool in the summer and rooftop track open year round.  It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

View from downstairs.

View from the upstairs indoor track that I sometimes run on.  It has wall to wall windows on two sides.  So its almost like you’re outside, kinda, but with controlled air conditioned weather and no rain.   

So that is where I workout.  Now ya know.  You’re welcome. 

Not done yet!  I still have to show you my wonderful dresses that I found a couple weeks ago for Spring.  There are three to be exact.

Number One:

Ya Los Angeles green military inspired zipper dress, $7.99. 

I have already gotten at least two compliments on this dress, while wearing it.  I felt the need to point that out for some reason, as if I regularly have people trolling my closets and complimenting my clothes.  Not the case, not the case.

Warning: Do not hang out around friends who like to unzip this dress when you are not looking.  It can end badly.  I’m not saying this did or did not happen to me, but it did.  And it ended somewhat badly. 

Number Two:

Navy Blue Forever XXI Wrap Dress with frilly chest, $7.99

I mean, really?  $7.99.  You don’t dresses like this for $7.99.  Doesn’t it just knock your socks off?  It did mine.  Literally, I kicked them off so that I could see what this dress looked like without them:)  And it is Forever 21.  Show me a girl who doesn’t shop at Forever 21…No, really, and then I can take her there and rock her world.  She may be overwhelmed at first, but then she will find something for under $20 that she will use ALL the time and just love, and she too will understand. 

Warning:  Do not walk over blowing air vents downtown for the high probability of having a non-desired Marylin Monroe induced dress incident where your dress blows up to showcase areas not meant to be showcased to those around you.  I’m not saying this did or did not happen to me, but it also did.  And thanks to my amazingly quick reflexes, it didn’t end too badly.  The family that was walking behind me MAY disagree.   :-/

You live, you learn.  My favorite motto.

Number Three:

Green flowy dress.  No label.  $7.99

It looks a little shapeless on the hanger, but very nice on.  And the waist can be worn at your natural waist, or around your hips, which gives a couple options, and I love options!!  And I’m sure the light weightedness of this will come in handy on those 100 degree humid Tennessee summer days….just a hunch. 

I have no warning yet for this one, but I do foresee the tie straps across the shoulders being a problem.  Let’s hope I am not right.  I clearly did not think the riskiness of these dress purchases through!  🙂

That’s it for now. 

What finds have you found lately? 

Are you ready for spring with some new spring wardrobe purchases?

Do you love your gym as much as me? 

I hope so!