Which one are you?

Which one are you?

Leather chair- $20 at half off Saturday
Fabric Vintage Chair- $10 at half off Saturday

I’m gonna hope by now, that if you have been reading this blog for a bit, then you know which chair, both great in their own rights, that I chose.

If you picked correctly right away, then you know me better than I know me.

Because clearly, I’m the one that’s been loved and that has character and quirks and is really comfy- but sometimes I think I should be wanting the shiny and new and leather and impressive one (the one on the left). So that’s what I did. I picked that one first. I took the tag off and was gonna buy it, and then did a little soul searching. Did I really want that one? Or was I trying to be impressive to God knows who? It maybe impressive with its stateliness, but I like a little more ‘come sit on me and everything will be alright, I’ve been doing this for awhile’ kinda chair. A chair with experience.

So I put the tag happily back, and with a peace in my soul, removed the tag from the other chair (coincidentally saving me $10), and bought that one.

Obviously, I’m not just talking about the chair, I’m talking about life. The goal doesn’t always have to be the shiny new item, and ‘making it’ doesn’t mean possessing these things. If you like old and used and comfy, then go with it, and be happy.

So I did, and now she sits with two throw pillows purchased in past years sitting stop her, making her even more comfy, and pretty, the best combination.

I’m sure that leather one will find a happy home somewhere, but not with me.

And if its with you- that’s fine. If that’s what you want ūüôā

Happy thrifting and living…
-Jaime ‚̧


Repurposed old drawers,, the definition of being thrifty

Repurposed old drawers,, the definition of being thrifty

Ok so this isn’t exactly reusing paper towels, but it still saves some money and looks cute.

I don’t know how I stumbled upon this idea, or if I searched it out, but I indeed had two extra drawers hanging around I didn’t need, and guess what, it turns out they’re are bountiful ways to repurpose drawers (just check Pinterest!). One of these ways being stacking them- after removing the knobs on the lower drawer of course (optional to remove them on the top) and turning them into a shelf. Voila. What was two old drawers, is now a useful, chic, repurposed, environmentally friendly book, picture and snack holder.

K, you caught me. There was a snack on the top shelf where the cross stands in the picture.

I took the snack out for the picture, trying to act proper and like I don’t snack I’m bed. It was chex mix if you must know. The generic kind. Does the trick still.

I had one of the drawers hanging on my wall as a hanging shadow box type shelf, very cute, but I have since rearranged my room, for the fourth and hopefully last time since arriving in this abode, and this works better now than the shelf. And I hated to have the drawers separated like that.

Right now I don’t have them attached with glue or anything, but it’s pretty secure just sitting pretty on top of each other like that.

Happy being thrifty, what have you repurposed lately? Could be clothes, furniture…your children…

-Jaime ūüôā


Lotsa stuff this week and last…Coca-Cola Lady, Anthropologie, J. Crew, Home Decor and more and a Giveaway!!

Where to start.  Me and Goodwill have been busy the last week and a half.  I guess I will just start with the homegoods, and then move on to the good stuff.  The clothing.



Vintage coca-cola tray, 1.99

Who doesn’t want this lady sitting on their coffee table, drink in hand, ready to hang out.


dresser for a troll.  Or jewelry, $4.99

No, I don’t have a troll moving in.¬† It will be interesting to see what¬†a mini dresser will look like sitting on an exact same version of a larger dresser.¬† ‘Twill be nteresting.


brooms for witches.  Or to sit in my hallway or hang in my kitchen and be decorative, 1.99 for a set of 3.

Apparently I have a fairy tale theme going on so far.  Trolls and witches galore.


Ceramic flower vase, 4.99

This is just pretty.¬† that’s all I have to say about that.

IMG_4814 IMG_4813

Light brown pillar candle holder, 4.99

IMG_4827 IMG_4824

toy chest/future DIY project/Window seat, 5.99

A little paint, maybe some stencils, and some¬†pillows thrown on top, and this will be sitting¬†in front of¬†my front window.¬† Hopefully to be my dog’s new resting place, instead of the couch that me and my friends hang out on.

Last, but certainly not least,

IMG_4822 IMG_4821

large brown box, 19.99


Manhattan desk, new in box from target.com, 19.99

List price online, 129.99

I like 19.99.

Sometimes Goodwill scares me.¬† It’s like someone (God…?) puts exactly what I am looking for and what I need there when I come in.¬† It’s weird.

I was looking for a desk today, and knew I probably couldn’t fit an already put together one in my Civic, but I went in hoping anyway.¬† Is that what faith is?? ūüôā¬† And lo and behold, here is one all boxed up and ready to be taken away in my Civic.


I see productivity in my future.¬† Can’t wait.¬† Many good things will go down at this desk.

And now, on to the good stuff.





Chelsea & Violet shirt, sold at Anthropologie, half off for 2.25!

I love the drapey style of this shirt.¬† It’s a size small, so I bought it with the intent of maybe reselling it beacause it is a great brand.¬† But after getting home,¬†I couldn’t help trying it on, and voila!¬† It fits.¬† It’s not going anywhere now.¬† Except out into the world on MY back.

Warm weather wear was not forgotten…Fall IS my favorite season…

IMG_4805 IMG_4804

J. Crew light weight off-white sweater, 3 buttons on each shoulder, 5.99

IMG_4811 IMG_4810

Annalee + Hope chunky burnt yellow sweater, 5.99

I’m not sure who annalee and hope are, but I think I would like them and want them to be my friend.¬† This sweater is great.

My favorite part of it, other than the burnt yellow amazingness (that is pretty much my favorite clothing color of the moment) and the fact that it apparently likes to say the plege of allegiance, is the shorter in front than the back style.  It makes what could be a shapeless unstyled chunky sweater somewhat stylish and fun.  And still warm.  Stylish and warm.  Golden!




Brown Old Navy wrap sweater/cardigan, 5.99

I love the fitted ribbed sleeves and the way you can leave it open or wrap yourself up in it nice and warm and cozy.¬† ‘Twill come in handy.¬† ‘Twill is definitely one of my new favorite words.¬† Using it ALL the time.¬† ‘Twill.

Definitely paid full price (at Goodwill) for fabulous for all these sweaters, but at a full price of 5.99¬†it’s still pretty darn randy.


Lastly, I had some luck last Wednesday on .99 day in my area.  Meaning the half-off color of the week is sold for just .99!  Some pretty good stuff falls through the cracks and makes it to these racks somehow.

For example….

the items below:

IMG_4767 IMG_4768IMG_4766 IMG_4765  IMG_4763 IMG_4762 IMG_4761IMG_4764

Old Navy striped top, ruffle tuxedo detailing

РXhilaration polka dot top puffed sleeve tee

– Forever XXI plaid babydoll tank shirt/dress

-Xhilaration spaghetti strap flower dress, cupped bra top

As I said, pretty good week for Goodwill and me.

One of these items is an XS.

The polka dot Xhilaration top to be particular.  I am not an XS.  Small at best.

But it was .99 for a whole lot of cuteness and I couldn’t say no.


I will be doing a giveaway.

If you would like this shirt and will fit in it, or just want to have it to stare at, whatever floats your boat, simply comment by next Friday,October 4!  l will count the number of comments and pick that number out of a hat, and that number commenter is the lucky winner of this great t-shirt!

Happy thrifting and living!  Have you been having as much luck lately as I have???  I hope so!


Those Who Can’t Buy, DIY





 IMG_4687 IMG_4684

original bureau, $14.99, Goodwill

stencil, Michael’s, $10.99

Get it?¬† It’s cool cause it rhymes…


I have history of buying fixer uppers at Goodwill….and not fixer uppering them…

cough, cough

but times have changed.

And I have fixed up.

The above bureau to be exact.

Whatcha think?

I like it quite a bit.

I started with the white paint.

And then was at Michael’s getting supplies to make something for my new niece Summer Jane, and saw the stencil I used above¬†and knew I had to get it.

The example the stencil packaging had on it was of¬†a bureau just like mine, same exact doors and everything, so I can’t take too much credit for seeing the stencil and thinking of my bureau.

It was pretty much laid out for me by Martha.

Martha Stewart.

I then tossed the idea up of either doing one in the center of each panel door, or two on each, like I have above, kinda.

I went with doing two, and then decided that was ‘two’ much¬†ūüôā and did not do any on the bottom panels.¬† I think it works.

I’m in love with the stencil.

Adds just the right amount of elegance and whimsy.

And competely recreates the bureau.

I had wanted to do a nice refinishing of the wood, but that was much more work!  Apparently.

Baby steps.

My friend said the wood on top was not a quality wood like the doors to be refinished and would be very difficult.  And I had paint on hand, and then a stencil appeared in my life, so this is what happened.

Happy thrifting and DIY’ing,


My Sanctuary- with $4.49 Tiled Garden Table








tiled garden table, Half-off for $4.49

This is my front porch.

Lovely place, wouldn’t you say?

I agree.

However, I haven’t hung out here much since I moved here July 1.¬† I don’t know why.

But I was at Goodwill this past Saturday- I¬†stopped in for half-off day (which takes place the first Saturday of every month in my area- make sure you check your local Goodwill specials as everywhere is different!!)¬† It’s usually pretty crazy, but they staff it well so that it doesn’t take too long once you get in line, and I found this awesome tiled garden table.

It was priced at $8.99, so I got it for half at $4.49.  Not bad at all.

I love the bright, fun tile pattern.

As soon as I got home, I put it on my porch, and immediately sat out there with a glass of wine and a homemade harvest salad (bleu cheese, apples, almonds and mushrooms and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing)  It was as good as it sounds, yes.

And I sat out there again yesterday.

I guess all my porch needed was a table.

And I am loving it.  Somehow theres just enought shade, that even in 90+ degree hotness, I still feel okay out there for a little bit.  Maybe the table is a little magical too.  Maybe.

That’s Goodwill for ya.¬† Showing ya things you never knew you always needed.¬† For less.


Live the life you’ve always dreamed.¬† Go ahead

IKEA meets Goodwill


I have come to bring you my long awaited furniture post (by who, I’m not sure, but I have promised it for a couple weeks now:-).

As you all may know, I recently moved across the country (ok, half way across, but really whats the difference??), and I like to keep it simple sweet always with furniture and moving- I buy cheap, sell cheap or give away or leave (thanks mom and old roommates¬†:-x) wherever I am coming from or going to.¬† Goodwill, Tag Sales (yard sales as apparently I’ve learned most people call them at least in the South) and Craigslist¬†play a big part in making this possible for me.¬† I have moved several times after selling all and buying completely new stuff, for either a minor financial loss, or sometimes even making a profit.¬† And this way I am able to move only in my civic and not have to pay movers or rent one of those UHaul thingies I’ve heard so much about.¬† I wouldn’t trust myself to drive that anyway.

So this time was no different, as I gave away my dresser, bookshelf, sold my bed last time I moved from here, I couldn’t just take all that stuff back.¬† And I left all my newish furniture at my Mother’s in CT, so I got here with nada.

No worries.

Goodwill to the rescue.

My first purchase was an awesome condition black full size futon that folds in two different ways (up into a couch, and also into a chaise lounge style- I have yet to use it that way as it is my bed), for $40.  A steal in my opinion.  It is one where the cushion is attached, making it even better to use as a bed.  And in my four weeks on it so far, I have slept well each night.

Sorry, no pictures of that piece ūüė¶

Secondly, a couple weeks later, and the same day I found my lovely concert shirt at Goodwill, I was also hoping to find a nightstand and/or a coffee table set.

I found a coffee table set.

I love when I go into Goodwill looking specifically for certain things, and find them.¬† Both of them.¬† In the same day.¬† Blows my mind.¬† And makes me happy.¬† It proves that it is not just a place for strolling casually to see what treasures you come upon that you never knew you could never again live without.¬† Get it? ūüôā¬† Although I like when that happens too.¬† Most people feel that way when they meet me…:)

Just saying.  Haha.

You have already seen the geometric shirt perfect for the Awolnation concert I didn’t get to go to:( and now I will show you my coffee and end table set in perfect condition from IKEA- aka furniture heaven and/or headache heaven, whichever you prefer.

IMG_2346 IMG_2349


There they are.

IKEA Coffee and End Table set, $40 total

I guess $40 was the magic number from the Universe for my furniture purchases this time around, becasue this WHOLE set was a mere $40 as well.  That makes $80 total for a bed, effectively, and a living room set.  I got my couch free from my awesome friend who just moved to Austin, TX two days after I arrived in Nashville.  Thank you, Universe.

Also, I’m sure it has been shared in a past post becuase it is from Goodwill for $4, but the awesome yellow patch quilt is from the Charlotte Pike Goodwill in Nashville, TN within the past year and a half.¬† I also found the same quilt in black that same day:)¬† Who knew Goodwill had color selection?

And I couldn’t leave without sharing my dresser with you.¬† It’s not from Goodwill, but its just too cool of a story not to share.

I was out one saturday morning perusing local thrifts for a dresser or five to house my more than is ever appropriate collection of clothing (partly due to my Goodwill addiction), and was on my way home empty handed when I saw this on the side of the road:

(–> image uncompatible, can’t upload.¬† ūüė¶¬† I don’t know why, it is the same format as all my other pictures, but I am not going to argue with such a bold statement.)

So I will describe it:¬† It is a turqoise shabby chic (read: messily) painted approximately 4′ tall 5 drawer dresser that puts a storage¬†dent in my clothing¬†collection and makes my room very happy.

Above it I have hanging my small wall art canvas of a green tree I purchased at Goodwill about two years ago and still love.  It and the dresser go very well together.

You may have heard me mention before of my love of bright colors.¬† I think turquoise falls nicely into this love.¬† So who better to pick this up than me?¬† Well, it turns out technically¬†the guy giving it away was better to pick it up and¬†lift it in into my car than measly old me…but I did a pretty good job of a driving away with it sticking out of my trunk and driving over the railroad tracks to my casa.

Happy car, happy Jaime.

Addendum: You can see a picture of the dresser in this later post, Lady in White.¬† ūüôā¬† You’re welcome.

I Guess Eyelet You See My Skirt…

093 092 018020

I love a good eyelet covered piece of clothing.

I love it even more when it’s a skirt paired with tights and boots.

I got this skirt at my local Goodwill for $4.99.¬† It is a boutique Target brand, and was bought new from Target by Goodwill and then purchased and worn by me.¬† For those of you that don’t read regularly, the boots are also from Goodwill and bought by them from Target.¬† I bought them new at Goodwill for $15 and wear them regularly.

While wearing this skirt at a coffee shop (you may have heard of it- Starbucks?), I wrote¬†the lyrics to a¬†lovely new song, inspired by an older gentleman sitting by himself and wearing an FDNY cap on his head.¬† Here is a picture of the lyrics on my lap, read if you’d like:


I would have snapped a picture of him, believe me I wish I had, but didn’t really find an appropriate time or reason to do so.

You can hear a couple more of my songs…a little self promotion if you will…at www.reverbnation.com/jaimenelson.¬† Click away!!!:)¬† I hope to have some more originals, maybe this one? up soon!¬† I love recording, its one of my favorite things.

I don’t have many new recent purchases in addition to this, so I thought I’d snap a picture of what I see from my desk as I write this to show some of my Goodwill purchases in action making my room look pretty:

This is the view from my desk:



The picture board and the flower wall art are both from Goodwill.¬† I can’t remember the price of the flower art, but I’m sure it was around $2-$3, and the picture board was $4.

And you should all remember, my productivity increasing wonder…my $13 computer desk, sitting below it all:


Oh, I’m not done….

When I turn around, I find…


My excellent condition vintage (circa 70’s?) end table, $10, last October.

It is holding my pink iPhone dock which charges, plays music from my iPhone, and also has a radio, that I got for $8 last Fall.  Pretty sweet.

In case you all didn’t believe I was really truly completely in mind, body and spirit, obsessed, with Goodwill, now hopefully you do.

The finds there are endless, as I hope you all have or will someday soon realize!

Happy thrifting and may the thrifting force be with you:)