Two different era’s…Downton Abbey meets present day

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Vintage green dress, $6.99

White Anne Klein heels, $8

Vintage knit sweater, $Can’t remember! $5?

Target Mossimo plaid shirt, $4.99

“One Love” Dark Trouser jeans, $6.99

Green Purse, no brand, $8

I have a love for all things vintage (mostly circa 1920-60’s more or less) and scoop up vintage finds whenever I can at the right price!  I finally got a chance to put one to real use at the advanced season premiere I attended at a theater last night of Downton Abbey, a Masterpiece classics production on CPTV in CT.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you must check it out!  It takes place on a beautiful estate, Downton Abbey in England, and showcases the different lives of the upstairs family of the house, and the downstairs servants, and shows how their lives intertwine and are a part of each others.  The show has great character development and story line and has been a huge hit.  Season 3 starts tonight 1/6/13 on CPTV at 9:00 ET.  You can find season 1 and 2 on Hulu/Netflix like I did and get yourself caught up!  Anyway, it said on the website for the premiere I went to that period dressing was encouraged…I was one of about 3 people to actually heed that note :/  But I didn’t care!  I may have been much more comfortable in boots and jeans, but it is a great dress and needs to be seen:)  And what better of an occasion?!

The first and second outfits are entirely Goodwill- the purse, pants and shirt in the second.  I love it when that happens, and wanted to share it with you even though the shirt was already in a post.

I hope you all had a great first weekend of the new year!  Mine was pretty good and full of relaxation and fun!  Go out and support your local Goodwill/thrift stores, and if you have just one New Years resolution, let more thrifting be it!

Peace and Love…