.99 Wednesday For Me…Do You Know The Specials In Your Area?

.99 Wednesday For Me...Do You Know The Specials In Your Area?

Thrift stores are cheap. Looking for discounts at them seems silly, right?


And you call yourself a thrifter??

It may seem silly to check for daily/weekly specials at thrift stores since they usually are already such a deal. But why not, right? If they offer, we shall partake. We are thrifters.

So this is a friendly reminder to make sure you know about your local specials, Goodwill and non Goodwill.

Something to note is that Goodwills are different from region to region, so deals are not the same throughout the country.

Sidenote- neither are gift cards. I found this out the hard way one Christmas.

I am however fairly certain that all Goodwills rotate and manage their inventory using their wonderful color system. New inventory coming in gets a certain color each week, out of about 5 colors. Each week there is a different color that is half off, and it is the color that came in the longest time ago, get it?

However some Goodwills, like mine, take it a step further and offer the color of the week for .99 on certain days.

If you must.

In my case, this is Wednesday and Sunday, so these are particularly good days to go. The chance of snatching something amazing up for .99 is just too hard to pass up. And believe me it happens.

(See above picture and other posts)

However, if Goodwill really isn’t your favorite cup of tea (I don’t know anyone who it isn’t at least ONE of their cups of tea), rest assured, they are not the only places that do specials.

For example, another thrift store in my area, 12th Ave Thrift, which supports veterans, has 25-35% off every Saturday. Yeah. Seems crazy to have discounts on already cheap prices, but hey, I’ll take it and I’ll like it. Ain’t no problem here.


You have this type of discount, my most favoritest kind:

Me, at the register purchasing my wares, “I’m sorry, what cost 3.99?” (Thinking the item was supposed to be 4.99)

Sweet older veteran cashier, “This shirt, I’m giving you a dollar off, do you still want it?”

Me, “Yes, yes I still want. And I’m sorry I spoke out of turn.”


Nice man. Nice man. After my own heart.

And since I haven’t been to Goodwill in over a week (I just got back from an amazing San Francisco/Northern California getaway. Amazing. In case you missed that the first time) and it is Wednesday, it seems an appropriate time for me to check it out.

The picture above are some great brown khaki shorts I found a few months ago on .99 Wednesday at the east Nashville Goodwill on Gallatin Pike.

They have become my hiking shorts.

Cause they’re brown?

I don’t know. But they’re comfortable, and apparently get me in an earthy mood. Done.

Above, I am wearing them inside a tree.

Oh you need some more explanation?

A redwood tree in Muir Woods Monument in Northern California. I just like the way that sounds. Northern Califooornia. They’re huuuuge.

That park was awesome, really felt a little like a midget for the day. Also fun.



Happy July! Pictureless Post…

Hi!¬† Happy July!¬† What is it about a new month that is so exciting?¬† Especially July…right in the heart of summer, one of the best seasons.¬† Such a good season, in my opinion, that¬†I just wrote a song about it a week or two ago, and the tag line is “It’s summertime, let life begin again.”¬† Life is good in the summer.

What¬†I did for July so far is move.¬† Again.¬† This time only 20 min. across town¬†instead of¬†17 hours across the country.¬† Potato, potato.¬† K, that saying doesn’t really work quite as well when you are typing it.¬†¬†But you get my drift.¬† It was much easier though, and I didn’t have to sell all my furniture.

I moved in with this girl who I work with at the preschool.¬† So far I’m pretty happy with the new place.¬† First day here, and I run into Keith Urban at the local Starbucks.¬† I’ll take it.¬† Put me into shock for a good half hour, but it was worth it.

My Goodwill futon came with me, it has done a good job for the past 3 months, so I’ll keep it.¬† Not firing it or reassigning it to couch position¬†just yet.

A house move means a Goodwill move as well.¬† Luckily, my love, Nashville, has tons of Goodwills, so there really is one for every area.¬† I have lived close to the Charlotte Pike one and have used that one, I just lived near the East Nashville/Gallatin Goodwill and got to get to know that pretty well, and now I live near the third and final one in Berry Hill.¬† This location is particularly exciting because it also has¬†a Goodwill outlet attached!¬† This is where all things to go to die, or to finally be sold.¬†¬†Half empty or half full? ¬†Anything that doesn’t sell at a regular¬†Goodwill is taken here and put in bins and sold by weight.¬† My new roommate got her straw purse there that I wrote about it this post.¬† I have gotten a few things there in the past as well.¬† And now I will get to go there more often!

This particular Goodwill also has a bountiful furniture section, something the East Nashville location actually didn’t have at all.¬† Strange really. ¬†Sometimes a piece or two would be thrown in the corner near the childrens’ clothing (makes sense?? they do a lot of furniture buying those kids I have found…).¬† Hardly constituting a furniture section.

I can’t wait to find out what new things I will need for my new place and see if I can find it at Goodwill.

Also (I think this is my first pictureless post???) I don’t have a picture, but I am wearing out in public for the first time my anna ‘winged’ shirt I like to call it because it is of the style that has the ‘wings’ attached to the sides.¬† I could add the picture again here, but I’m kind of excited about having a post with no pictures.¬† For some reason.¬† Y’all might not be.

Happy July everyone!¬† Make the most of these Summer days, they’ll be gone before we know it.¬† Go for a swim, a hike, or have a cookout.¬† Just a few ideas.¬† Using stuff from Goodwill whilst, of course:)

Lastly, I want to shout out to urbanwallart.wordpress.com for being my 50th follower:)¬† Its a special number.¬† He makes GREAT art and y’all should check him out.¬† I love and appreciate all of you, so much!, but he was numero 50, so I wanted to give him some¬†props.¬† Can’t wait to get to 100 and more…


“What fun would it be if we lived forever?¬† Where is the¬†challenge in that?”

What would you do if you knew you were gonna live forever?

NPG Sample (118)

View from Chimney Rock, near Asheville, NC. 

Ok, you caught me, I couldn’t do it.¬† I added a picture.

But that quote just really needed this, dontcha think? ūüėČ