Pillows, Lamps, Pillows, Pillows

Wonderful awesome throw pillow- Goodwill- $2.99

Original store- unknown- Price- $30 +

Most likely guess- Heaven

Brown Lamp, Goodwill- $7.99.  Normally- $35 +

Savings- 75-90% 🙂


It may be a clue to how house decorating obsessed I am when my boyfriend’s response to me asking him what I could maybe buy on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, is, “I don’t know, throw pillows?”.


That obsessed.

A few weeks ago I found 4 GREAT pillows (one of them being the green one holding up my newest love in the picture above) at Ross Dress for Less (don’t know where I’d be without that store- or what I or my home would be wearing, other than Goodwill) a few weeks ago.  And I swear they changed my entire apartment.

Well, technically, they kind of did.  I live in a studio, so my living room is my apartment 🙂  Anywho, I don’t really need more than those 4- two pillows per couch seems to be enough, but that doesn’t stop me from looking at the throw pillow section when perusing the aisles of Goodwill.

And hence finding the above treasure.

For $2.99.

Unheard of.  Pillows like this at boutique shops here in Nashville- exactly like this one- re easily $30-$40.


No one will know the difference between my Goodwill one, and those boutique ones.

Unless I tell them.

Which I will.

You know, just basing on history and how I act on a daily basis.

I’m a proud Goodwill bargain shopper and I want EVERYONE to know it.

And be jealous.

maybe not the second part, not that, but that does seem to be a by product when I get something for about 90% less than what most people pay.

human nature.

Happy thrifting, living and decorating,

jaime ❤

Coordinated Throw Pillows- 3/$9

Coordinated Throw Pillows- 3/$9

How cute are all three of these?

The two obviously match, but the third purple one is separate I think, but it went so well!

It was a struggle, but I had to pass.

I will be hopefully getting my own place soon, I have a roommate now, and can’t wait to decorate, but if I got these, then I’m kind of stuck to that color scheme. I think I want to do a more bright/funky/fun feel. We’ll see. But I’m gonna try and wait til I have a decorating plan and look for stuff to match that, rather than the other way around. Which I’m sure ill have no problem finding what I need when I come up with a scheme.

Would you have bought these lovelinesses?

Happy thrifting and decorating,

Jaime ❤


Dance, Love, Sing, Live- Blank Journal

Dance, Love, Sing, Live- Blank Journal

Blank Thick Quotable Journal, $1.00 (half off of 1.99) from quotablecards.com.

I may argue about the order of those events, but all in all, good advice. I would say I’m good at two out of the three at the moment- singing and living. Dancing may be a list cause, but I and we all can be better at loving.

When I first saw this I assumed it was a book of some sorts, and was excited to get it as a coffee table book (I have been obsessed with coffee table books asking as I can remember). So when I opened it to see it was a blank journal, I was a little disappointed. It’s kind of big for me to use a journal in my everyday writing life, and also kind of strange to have a blank journal on your coffee table. But I decided it was too cute to pass up, and now it sits on my coffee table, still blank inside, but with such a good message on the outside, it really doesn’t matter.

Hey, maybe I’ll use it as a guest book or something and people that stop by can leave a kind word or memory for me to look through in the future. I kinda like that idea.

Dance, sing, love, and live,

Jaime ❤


Of course it’s his…

Of course it's his...

Chair- $10
Throw Pillow- $1.99
Dog- $110 and lots of headaches

As the subtitle of this blog says, “the LIFE of a fashionable goodwill-aholic”…and not much more can sum up my life than my dog/puppy :-), Baker Jones (he has two names, mostly for something else to yell at him when I am mad- also it makes him sound like a jazz musician- it happens and he knows his middle name well). I love him more than I probably should or is healthy, but you would too if you had a run in with him, I promise. He has that puppy dog face down to a science. It helps that he is still kind of the size of a puppy too, he never quite made it to the full grown I was expecting, but I still love him anyway, clearly.

So it is/was really no surprise to me when I brought this chair home (you may recognize it from a few posts ago) that it quicly became his. Helped in part by the fact that I immediately directed him to climb up on it and find it very comfortable. Why beat around the bush here.

You see, I have a roommate, and the very pretty off white couch (a color I stay very clear away from…and one pillow may have been flipped the week I moved in due to a clumsy glass of red wine that could just not sit still in my hand- it’s always the glass’s fault) is hers, and she doesn’t want him on it. Understandable. Black fur. White couch. Not the look she’s going for. Then I will buy a chair, (brown, a much more Jaime friendly color) and let him…tell him, to rest on it as much as he wants. Heck, at $10 that chair was cheaper than any dog bed I could buy or have bought for him anywhere.

So he has had no problem making it his own, and can be found on any given njght curled up in the center into the impossibly tiny little ball he forms when sleeping, right next to the also impossibly adorable little double sided of cuteness throw pillow I got from Goodwill sometime ago (months…years…I honestly can’t remember). It’s all a blur at this age.

Side note, I really do love this pillow, and you should make sure you can see what little of it is in this picture. If I had my chose/designing skills/money, my whole apartment would embody the spirit of this pillow. I think you get the picture. I have no idea where it originally hails from, but it came into my life at Goodwill.

Happy thrifting~
-Jaime ❤

Do you have pets that you treat as children too?


3-in-1: Such a Handi-Woman Am I

3-in-1: Such a Handi-Woman Am I

Ok, maybe not really.

This 3 in 1 tool is the only tool I own, since losing the nice tool kit my stepdad (at goodwill coincidentally) got me a few years ago when I moved out of state.

The handle of the hammer unscrews into a flathead and a Phillips head screwdriver, for 1.99 at Goodwill.

And, it’s pink 🙂

I have used it for many a unscrewing lightbulb fixtures to change…the light, so far. I’m sure it has more adventures to come, but it’s nice to not feel so completely helpless and tool-less since losing my first tool box.

And it’s pink 🙂

Happy thrifting,

Jaime ❤


Vintage Suitcase Side Table/Nightstand

Vintage Suitcase Side Table/Nightstand

You know what Goodwill has a lot of. . .that I have always wanted to buy, but in practicality just really wouldn’t work for me- old suitcases. (Imagine lugging them around the airport?? I’ll take mine with wheels, thanks)

So when I saw this photo on pinterest the other day (yes I am learning to love it!) I was happy to discover another use for them and therefore excuse to now go perusing the endless suitcase thrift supply.

These are very pretty indeed, but I will not put it last Goodwill to have some very pretty ones waiting for me one of the next few times I stop in. Never doubt the Goodwill gods. I may just check one of the other several thrift stores very close to me as well, for such an item(s) as this.

What a cute bedside table idea? Did you also notice the mirror tray on top?

Do you love pinterest? Used any particularly great ideas from it?

-Jaime ❤


Which one are you?

Which one are you?

Leather chair- $20 at half off Saturday
Fabric Vintage Chair- $10 at half off Saturday

I’m gonna hope by now, that if you have been reading this blog for a bit, then you know which chair, both great in their own rights, that I chose.

If you picked correctly right away, then you know me better than I know me.

Because clearly, I’m the one that’s been loved and that has character and quirks and is really comfy- but sometimes I think I should be wanting the shiny and new and leather and impressive one (the one on the left). So that’s what I did. I picked that one first. I took the tag off and was gonna buy it, and then did a little soul searching. Did I really want that one? Or was I trying to be impressive to God knows who? It maybe impressive with its stateliness, but I like a little more ‘come sit on me and everything will be alright, I’ve been doing this for awhile’ kinda chair. A chair with experience.

So I put the tag happily back, and with a peace in my soul, removed the tag from the other chair (coincidentally saving me $10), and bought that one.

Obviously, I’m not just talking about the chair, I’m talking about life. The goal doesn’t always have to be the shiny new item, and ‘making it’ doesn’t mean possessing these things. If you like old and used and comfy, then go with it, and be happy.

So I did, and now she sits with two throw pillows purchased in past years sitting stop her, making her even more comfy, and pretty, the best combination.

I’m sure that leather one will find a happy home somewhere, but not with me.

And if its with you- that’s fine. If that’s what you want 🙂

Happy thrifting and living…
-Jaime ❤


Candle holder? Or junk holder?

Candle holder?  Or junk holder?


I got this this past Friday when I was at my local goodwill searching for fun photo booth props. (An idea I learned about from a DIY goodwill blog I get in my email.). Their idea was to buy a cool sheet or something, use it as a backdrop, and get some empty big frames to pose behind, add some cheap scarves, hats and sunglasses and voila! Fun photo booth evening ensues.

But while in the home goods section, this gem of a homegood caught my eye and then came home with me, after the following conversation in my head:

My initial reaction, as it is a container of sorts, was to use it as a junk holder, classy I know, but, I dont really need more junk on display in the house. So my brain pushed on outside of its comfort zone and actually had a nice decorative idea- put a candle in the center!

Which, lucky me, I had this lovely brown candle lying around, most likely from a past goodwill trip.

Candle with no holder, possible holder with no candle; it was a match made in Goodwill :-).

Not to mention, now our bare dining room table has a nice centerpiece of sorts.

Happy thrifting! Thanks for stopping by!

What are your favorite home finds lately?

-Jaime xoxo


A Touch of Paris For Ya

A Touch of Paris For Ya

Paris themed wall art, 1.99

Yes, 1.99. The lady at the register even made a comment when checking me out. Maybe a price tag got mixed somewhere, who knows, but that’s what it said. And that’s what I paid.

I’ve always loved European/Paris themed art to hang on my walls. Can’t ever have enough of that relaxed and easy way of life influence that they seem to foster over there. And we have some big bare spaces to fill in my living room, so I knew this would work, at least for the time being.

When thrifting, people usually think of and go straight to clothing, but it’s good to remember not to underestimate the home goods section. Many practical and/or just decorative items can be found there for, of course, great prices.

I have gotten dishes, glasses, tupperware pots and pans, lamps, a toaster…you name it I have probably gotten it there. For a fraction of the cost I would pay at a first hand retail store. I love saving money.

Now, if I wasn’t posting this post from my phone and could share more than one picture, I would show you the wonderful chili I made the other night, in a large skillet I purchased a year ago at Goodwill for 1.99. It has served me and my stomach very well. Many a wonderful food creation it has aided into being:)

So remember home goods next time you make a trip or stop!

Happy thrifting, living, and eating:)


Paisley Coasters Anyone?

Paisley Coasters Anyone?

These were my bonus item this morning.

I went specifically to get some low cost polos for a new job I am starting tomorrow (yay!) teaching lovely (I hope) 4 year old pre-kindergartners in a suburb south of Nashville.

We have a uniform. Cue tears.

I’ll be fine…really….really….I’ll be fine…

but anywho, I need to bring polo t-shirts in to get the logo printed on, and so of course, I went to Goodwill. I did attempt another thrift store first that was closer, and found nothing.

Why do I stray?

But I found 3 excellent condition in perfect preschool colors- white, navy, and light brown polo shirts at Goodwill.

I also got just my size city fit khaki trousers, second part of said uniform, for $4.49.

$15 total new uniform expenditure.

Could be worse. Much worse to be honest.

Add on $4 to that for 2 lovely paisley covered ceramic coasters (at .49 each) and a maroon wrap knit sweater ($3!!!). Casualties of going into Goodwill. You’re just gonna find SOMETHING for yourself.

That you MUST buy.

Lastly, not as exciting, but I got a ziplock brand plastic container with lid, the perfect size for a large salad, which I plan on bringing for lunch day 1, for .99. Gotta inspire healthy eating in those kidlings :).

I can’t wait to set my first drink down on one of these babies, which will be soda and/or juice for my mom’s reading purposes, and most likely a glass of red wine for the rest of y’all. One less water ring in the world.

Goodwill once again did not disappoint.

Happy thrifting and living.



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